A Red Dress & A Blue Coat

I definitely want to start posting more fashion-related posts on my blog in the future, especially as outfit posts are some of my favourites to look at on other blogs.

I guess you have got to start somewhere so this is my first! It is an outfit that I have been wearing quite frequently recently (I actually wore it on Boxing Day!) which I think is perfect for Autumn/Winter time. I think the colour of the dress especially is very Autumnal. I teamed the coat and dress with a pair of black, lace up, patent leather shoes which definitely make me think of school shoes when I look at them (the coat too is actually very school-girly now I come to think about it) but they're really comfortable and can be dressed formally or casually.
I wore some plain black tights to keep me warm and accessorised with a statement black and gold necklace.
I hope you like this blog post and please do bare with me as this is my first outfit post and I know it is far from perfect or professional, however, I do intend to get better at this blogging malarkey! I also understand that not everything I wear will be everyone's cup of tea and that is totally okay! I am definitely all about embracing other people's style and I love stealing tips from others when it comes to fashion! Anyways, thanks for reading, now on to the photos...

Dress: Primark
Coat: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: New Look

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