Grammy's Fashion 2015

I haven't written a blog post like this before, so I'm excited, but I hope you like it haha!
This weekend saw many famous faces grace the red carpet and get dolled up in their finest frocks for the 2015 Grammy Awards. Being from England and having to suffer from the dreaded time zones, I was sound asleep during the actual ceremony and, therefore, was unable to watch it, however, after events like this, the first thing I do when I wake up the next morning, is jump straight onto Twitter and usually the Daily Mail website, to see who wore what!
I adored SO many different outfits from the evening so thought I would compile just a few into a blog post! These are in no particular order and I'm sorry if you dislike any of my choices but, for the record, I think everyone looked fabulous. Events like this really allow you to express your sense of style and, if the media don't like what you're wearing, then more fool them!

Taylor Swift
Oh Tay Tay, where do I begin!? I'm a HUGE Taylor Swift fan and I admire her sense of style so much, she never gets an outfit wrong and her Grammy's outfit was no exception! This blue/teal colour really suited her and I love the fact that its longer at the back (plus she has the best legs ever!!) I also really like the straps. I think this dress is quite unusual but such a show-stopper! Finally, I normally wouldn't think of pairing fuchsia shoes with a dress of this colour, but in this case, it works unbelievably well! Slay them Taylor.

I have seen quite a few people critisising Rihanna's dress but, to be honest, I cannot understand why, I think she looks amazing! Once again, her dress is such a show-stopper and really unusual, plus, I think the colour is super cute! I also love the chest area of this dress too. I like how its material contrasts with that of the skirt of the dress and the jewel detail adds a special something. Finally, I like how Rihanna kept her hair back and her makeup nice and natural to allow the dress to do the talking. I know some people have said she looked like a cake, but I'll be the first to admit, that I LOVE me some cake!

Ariana Grande
Once again, I'm a massive Ariana fan and I think she always looks stunning! She could wear a plastic bag and still slay my entire existence, however, she looked like a total Angel in her Grammy's dress! I think white really suits her and, although this dress would look just as amazing if it was all plain white, I think the silver makes it look even more special. I also love the neckline on this dress and think Ariana suits one-shoulder dresses. Her clutch also matched the silver perfectly, along with her silver choker necklace. Oh, and to top it all off, her and Big Sean completely melted my heart on the red carpet!

Rita Ora
I've seen some comments that compared Rita to a disco ball but, if she ever was one, she'd be a stunning one at that! I love this glitzy dress on her and I can imagine she was shining all night! I love the detailing on it, especially around the neck area and, although this may sound a bit odd, I think the colour of the dress match the colour of her hair perfectly haha! I also love Rita's short hair and it really allows her to show off her amazing shape and not distract from the dress. I think she did the right think keeping her lips natural and I like how the dress has little transparent panels in it.

Kim Kardashian
Kimmy K can do no wrong in my eyes. She always looks amazing, and she knows it, which makes her shine even more because she just OOZES confidence! I know they say, either reveal your chest OR legs in an outfit, not both, but Kim totally rocks it. The colours of this dress are gorgeous and the detailing on it is exquisite! Her heels also match perfectly with the gown. Additionally, I must add that I am obsessed with Kim's new short hair! It seems many people have gone for natural makeup looks for this year's Grammy's, and Kim's looks gorg.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe is my Queen. I mean, just look at her! Although wearing black, she made sure it definitely wasn't boring and looked extra glamorous! The sequins on her dress catch the light really nicely and I think she sheer sleeves make it all the more interesting. Rather than opting for black heels, Khloe went for a nude pair, which I really like and I think it draws more attention to her fabulous legs! Finally, I am loving her red lipstick. I always think black, nude and red are a great combination and this lipstick really goes well with her look.

Kylie Jenner
Oh the amount of times that I cry over this girl's flawlessness on a daily basis! She never puts a foot wrong! This dress is incredible and looks even better on someone as beautiful as Kylie Jenner. I think it makes her look really mature and sophisticated. The lace detailing is really classy and the transparent material is in all the right places. I also think she really suits long, floor-length gowns and it shows off her fab figure. Kylie also wore her signature makeup look to the Grammy's, which I am also in love with. The nude lips match the dress perfectly and, once again, draw all the attention to the gown. Kylie is one of those girls who can dress all hipster and edgy one second and, the next, a princess going to a ball. What a beaut.

Kendall Jenner
As everyone in this blog post is, this girl is my Queen! Kendall went for a black, floor-length gown, which could be seen as 'playing it safe' but when you're wearing something as amazing as this I would definitely disagree! The lace detailing at the bottom of of the dress makes it look super classy and I think this dress makes Kendall look really grown up. I'm obsessed with her and spend most of my days liking catwalk photos of her on Instagram so when I saw her wearing this gown, I died. The plunging neckline really suits her, as does the neutral makeup, and I love this sort of halter neck neckline on her. Work it Kendall!

Iggy Azalea
Iggy has such an amazing figure even without this gown, however, I think this optical illusion-style dress made her body look even more fab, not that she needs it! She really suits bright colours and I think this electric blue was definitely a big fashion YES! The sheer panels (which seem to have been very popular at the Awards this year! Also add a little something extra and I think her minimal makeup and accessories finish the look of perfectly. I also like how her hair is up in a pretty braid to draw all of the attention to her outfit (which also seems to have been a very popular look!) Finally, I think Iggy's white nails match this dress so so well.

Jhene Aiko 
 I must admit that I wasn't at all familiar with Jhene Aiko before I saw her gracing the red carpet in this lovely dress, however, I'm glad I discovered her! How amazing does she look!? I love the colours of this dress and I think they really match her skin tone well! The skirt part especially is so pretty and elegant. The top part of her dress is also gorgeous and I love that it is strapless, (something that I didn't actually see a lot of this year!) Finally, I think her hair looks lovely slicked back and with half of it behind one ear and her makeup (especially lips) go so well with the colours of her outfit.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Queen B herself, who no Grammy's fashion blog post would be complete without! People criticised Beyonce for 'playing it too safe' but I think she looked amazing (as always!) Beyonce loves a good plunging neckline and I think it really flatters her. This dress also shows off her incredible shape really well by pulling her in at the waist. Oh, and black is definitely her colour! Her hair looks natural with slight beachy waves, which I love on her. Furthermore, Bey loves a good long train at the end of her dress and this one looked super classy! 

I hope you guys liked this blog post! Something a little different I suppose, however, whenever there is a huge event, such as an awards ceremony, I'm always so interested to see what outfits everyone, so if you would like me to do more posts like this in the future I definitely will as this was so fun! Let me know who you thought was best dressed at the 2015 Grammy's!

Love, Emily :) xx


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