Caramel Cupcake & Rimmel Nail Polish Faves

I have never written about nail polishes before, making this is my first post! I love painting my nails, unfortunately, my school does not allow us to wear nail polish, meaning that, as soon as the holidays start, one of the first things I think about (other than how much time I will be able to spend in bed) is painting my nails! I think nail polish can make any outfit a bit more interesting and it can be really fun to create fun designs on your nails, especially during festive seasons!

One nail polish I have been loving recently is by Rimmel and it is called 'Caramel Cupcake,' which I love the name of - its so cute!

This nail polish is a beigey, nudey (another 2 new words for you there!) shade that is really natural and easy to wear. It goes with any outfit because it is so plain but looks really sophisticated on your nails.
This is also a 60 Second nail polish, which Rimmel do a lot of and, believe it or not, it does actually pretty much dry in 60 seconds, unlike many nail polishes which claim to do this. You can also get away with only wearing one coat, which is good if you're in a rush, although, you can add a second if you fancy, which is what I do, along with a clear top coat.
Finally, as this nail polish is such a natural colour, its really easy to paint on and, even if you aren't the best at doing your own nails or if you can only do one hand, you can still do a pretty decent job! Its also super cheap as I'm pretty sure, if I remember rightly, mine was only £2.99!

Below are 4 Rimmel 60 Second nail polishes which I really like the colour of and would recommend. I have included links on the names so you can click through to the Superdrug (a highstreet/drugstore beauty store) website if you wish to purchase any from there! Rita Ora, who I love, has also collaborated with Rimmel so I'd check out her nail polishes too! A couple are featured below.

1) Too Cool To Tango

 2) Raw As Night

 3) Ora Oragasm

4) Yellow

Love, Emily :) xx