My First Eyeshadow Palette

Today, I took a trip to Superdrug, which is a store that sells health and beauty products if you don't live in the UK! They sell tonnes of drugstore/high street make up items and I felt like picking some up.

I have never owned an eyeshadow palette before, well, unless you count the ones that you have when you're 6 years old with a tonne of crazy colours in, so, I picked one up. After a bit of browsing, I chose this one from MUA. MUA is a brand which sells really good quality makeup for ridiculously good prices and, get this, this eyeshadow palette was just £4! You would definitely pay way more than that if you purchased a palette in somewhere such as MAC, and the eyeshadows really are no different when it comes to quality.

I like wearing natural makeup, so, I chose the 'Heaven & Earth' palette, which contains a mixture of neutral colours like brown and beige. There are 12 shadows and they are all really pigmented and I'm excited to create different looks with them.
I chose MUA after hearing such great things about them on social media and I thought, for my first palette, I don't want to break the bank, but I think I made such a good choice! I would certainly recommend MUA, especially if you're at school like me and are looking for cheaper items at cheap-as-chips prices! Finally, I'd say MUA is a great brand to go for if you're only just starting to wear makeup. I own one of their mascaras too which is great. <3

Top row (left to right) : Aurora, Amazonian Bronze, Babylon, Myan Dust, Valley, Golden Sand

Bottom row (left to right) : Rift, Amber Dune, Cartacomb, Tectonite, Canyon, Bedrock

I've just realised, this is my first beauty blog post! I am by now means a '"beauty guru" or remotely intelligent when it comes to knowing what products work for what, but if you like them, I could do more beauty posts in the future! :)

Love, Emily :) xx

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