My Weekly Obsession: Instagram

I have always been obsessed with Instagram, I mean, lets be honest here, who hasn't!? However, I have been loving it this week especially for some reason. I think it is because I really like the way my feed looks at the moment, how sad is that haha!

Having an Instagram theme really makes me feel like I have my life together, you know?! The freak in me enjoys scrolling down my feed and gazing at how nice and organised my photos look. Although, I do have white borders around my photos so I'm sorry if that annoys you haha!

I guess the main thing that I love about Instagram is that its a way to, not only share your photos with the world, but also a way of storing them and creating, almost like a virtual photo album. You can scroll though it at any time to look back on all of your memories, plus, its the best place to post selfies, right!?
One thing I like doing is scrolling through my favourite accounts' Instagrams right down to the beginning and looking through all of their old photos and seeing how they used to edit their photos with the old Instagram filters and frames haha...just me...okayyyyyy....
Plus, this may sound weird, but I really like the whole process of posting an Instagram photo. If you're 'Team No Theme' or are a #NoFilter kinda person, this may not apply to you, however, I love adding the border to my photos and adjusting the saturation/brightness to make them more lively and colourful!

Instagram has now changed and is becoming something that people work really hard on. It used to be a place where people would just take a photo and upload it straight away, sometimes not even with a caption, but now, people put lots of effort into their posts so they look the best they can possibly look and, sometimes, accounts are paid to do sponsored posts. Although, that is the way the world works. It develops every day and changes constantly, but Instagram is still a great place to share your adventures and maybe even meet new friends, I know that is something I have done, particularly through the fun Direct Message feature!

Finally, I think Instagram is a great place to go to if you're on the hunt for inspiration. Whether you're looking for outfit ideas or a motivational quote to start off your day, you'll be sure to find it on there. We mainly joke around with hashtags now and don't take them too seriously, although, I think we forget how useful they really are! I often find myself scrolling through the hashtags of things like '#happyquotes' to put me in a good mood!
Instagram really is a place where you can get lost. You go on there with the intention of liking a few photos and within all of five minutes you're stalking the account of someone who lives on the other side of the world. Its a magical way to communicate and I think its really fun to share your photos with everyone!

Now for some shameless social media self promo ;)

P.S : For anybody who is wondering, the app I use to edit my photos if Afterlight

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. I am a white border girl all the way! I love what it looks like as you scroll through my feed.

    1. Yay! Haha :) some people probably find them annoying but I love how it looks too! <3 xx