My Weekly Obsession: Kim Kardashian West's Blonde Hair

The minute I saw Kim K had dyed her hair blonde, I fell in love with it! I know quite a few people seem to hate it and I have seen a ton of negative comments about it on social sites and in the media, particularly on Kim's Instagram, however, if having blonde hair makes Kim happy, I honestly don't see what's wrong with her having her hair that colour!
Of course, people have opinions and, in this day and age, it is getting easier by the second to express them to a wide variety of people across the globe, however, there can be a fine line between expressing your opinion and saying something hateful that no good will come from, for example "omg your hair is disgusting" isn't exactly the most pleasant thing I have ever seen in the comments section on Instagram. Of course, this isn't a blog post telling you to keep your mouth shut for the rest of your life but if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything (or change it so it sounds nice).

Although, one thing I love about Kim is that, the more hate she seems to get, the more she seems to do completely outrageous things, dying her hair blonde being one of them. It was such a shock and the world just woke up one day to no more brunette Kimmy but its a huge statement that got everyone talking. Good move Kim!

I loved her hair at first but I especially like it now she has dyed it a little lighter. Plus, I think Kim looks so confident with her new hair too. She radiates confidence 24/7 anyways, but she just seems to be walking a tiny bit taller lately (if its even possible to get any taller, I mean, her heels are about 5m high) and I can also see her style developing. Her hair also matches every outfit perfectly! Oh and, since she dyed her hair blonde, Kim has made my girl crush for her increase by a good 100%.

So, in a nutshell, not everyone loves Kim's new hair, maybe that's just because not everyone likes change and takes time to adjust to seeing things differently than they have been for such a long time, however, I FREAKING LOVE IT!

Love, Emily :) xx

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