My Weekly Obsession: Quay Australia

You may not know this, but I have been unable to wear sunglasses for about 8 years now, due to my extremely poor eyesight, however, that could be about to change!
Soon, I am going to the opticians to try some contact lenses! I will do a full blog post about them if/once I have gotten used to them but I will say that I am excited, although, slightly scared!

One thing I can't wait for once I get contact lenses, apart from the fact that I won't have to wear glasses all of the time, is being able to wear sunglasses.
One brand that I have been aware of for a while now is Quay Australia. I have seen them popping up non-stop on my Instagram feed for ages and, honestly, their sunglasses are TO DIE FOR!! *insert heart eyes emojis here*
I am only just featuring them in my 'My Weekly Obsession' series this week because, since finding out I will be getting contacts, I find it so much more exciting looking at sunglasses online as it makes me think "yay I'll be able to wear those soon!" rather than "urgh this is depressing, I can't even wear those *sob*"
Quay Australia do some really quirky styles of sunglasses, it really is impossible for me to choose just one fave. They just look so awesome and I'm certain your rating on the cool scale increases by 1,000 once you put them on!
I also absolutely adore their collaboration glasses with PLL star Shay Mitchell! Below are a few of my favourite pairs of sunglasses from their website, which just all happen to be from their Shay collection.

Their glasses can be slightly pricey as they range between $40-$60, however, they definitely seem worth the money and I have heard so many good thing about them! If you are from the UK like me, they also work out much cheaper once converted into pounds. Quay are an Australian brand so shipping overseas would take a while but, again, it would be worth the wait!
I'm going to go now and cry over their website again haha, be sure to check it out HERE

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. They look so cool! I'm loving your blog at the moment!
    Peace xo

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