3 Important Things To Remember When Sitting Exams

My last revision blog post proved really popular and it was something I felt I was able to write easily and the words just rolled off of my tongue, or in this case, the words just flew off of my keyboard and onto my laptop screen. I got so many lovely comments from people telling me that my tips helped them and, after saying I would do another revision post on how to deal with exams, I decided to write one containing 3 important things you should remember whilst doing your exams!

I hope these are helpful and maybe lift a little bit of pressure off your shoulders. Please let me know of any tips you have for me about exams!

*Just going to throw this out there, that this is a very hypocritical blog post as I am terrible at doing all of these things, however, I still see them as good pieces of advice and things I WISH I remembered haha*

1) Remember you can only do your best
This is something I am constantly told by my family. Of course, it is important to push yourself if you want to achieve good grades and it is important to revise, however, no matter how much revision you do or how many nights you stay awake reading textbooks when you should be sleeping, you can only ever do your best. All you can do is try and as long as YOU know YOU have done YOUR best, then that is all anybody should ask of you. You can revise until you have steam coming out of your ears but, at the end of the day, as long as you try your hardest, that's all that matters, I think this applies to everything in life really, as long as you try your best and know you can't do any more, that's totally okay!

2) Remember it is not the end of the world
Not everyone, although we would like to be, is a grade A student, its just a fact of life, however, although you should aim to push yourself to achieve the best grades possible, please remember it is not the end of the world if you don't either get top grades or the grades you wanted to/were predicted to get. I can guarantee that not everybody in the working world today got the best grades in their exams. Getting an E doesn't mean you're going to be unemployed and lonely for the rest of your life, it simply means you got an E, that's all. Its what you do after those exams that matters and how hard you work in order to get where you want to be. What is the worst that can happen when you sit an exam? You get bad grades. That's it. Nobody dies, nobody gets hurt, getting bad grades isn't the end of the world. As they say "as one door closes, another one opens..."

3) Remember that exams do not define you
An exam is an exam. At the end of the day, they're really unfair and force you to remember everything you have supposedly "learnt" over the past however many years and write it all down in an hour or so. Until this changes, we will just have to put up with it, however, you must remember that these exams do not define you as a person. For example, getting a grade F doesn't mean you are a failure, just like getting a grade A doesn't mean you are amazing (sadly). They simply mean you have either passed or failed a test. Your grades do not decide who you are as they simply reflect how well you were able to remember certain points and write them down. The results you get in a test do not define your intelligence, they simply show how well you have completed a test. What even does it mean to be intelligent? The word is extremely ambiguous and is one I try to steer clear from using. If you fail one exam, it does not make you a bad person. At the end of the day, who is going to care what results you got in your exams in 10 years time and when are you going to need to regurgitate the information again, unless using it for a profession? Exactly! ....just don't tell anybody I said that ;)

So, I guess all of these points link in nicely together. When entering an exam, simply try your best, remember, if you get a bad grade, it isn't a terrible thing, there are plenty of other options and I promise you, you are not stupid.

Love, Emily :) xx


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    Thank you for publishing it in blog!)

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    Diana Cloudlet

  2. just found your blog - thank you for the advice! got my first proper exams this summer (eel) i'll keep your tips in mind hehe x


    1. Awh thank you for taking a look at my blog!! I have mine this summer too - GOOD LUCK!! You'll be fine!! :) xx

    2. i don't know why that said eel? it was meant to say eek ahah stupid auto correct ahh! haha and you girl!! xxx

    3. Haha it's okay, I understood youuuu! Thanks lovely! Xx