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I love trying new products and so have decided to start featuring 'wish list' style posts on my blog. Every so often, I will write about products that I would love to try from specific brands, which may be either beauty or fashion based! I hope you like this idea! Let me know if there's any brands in particular you'd like me to write about!

My first 'wish list' style blog post is going to be about Benefit. I have never owned anything from Benefit before, mainly because it is usually out of my budget, however, I have seen a million and one bloggers and YouTubers use a million and one benefit products and they always look AMAZING! This post features 5 Benefit items that I would love to try! Click the titles of the products to go straight to the Benefit website to buy them!

1) Roller Lash

Roller Lash is a new Benefit mascara that everyone and their Mum seems to be talking about and definitely top of my list for products I want to try. I have seen so many photos of people wearing it and it really does seem to give your lashes amazing volume and the best curl! Apparently, it is also easy to remove, which is such a bonus! Its rare to find a mascara that sounds as amazing as this AND that is easy to take off!

2) Ooh La Lift

Being a victim of dark under eye circles, I definitely need to conceal them, however, if I can conceal them AND brighten underneath my eyes at the same time, I definitely want to! This product helps to boost your under eyes to make you look more awake and perk them up a bit which, if you're a school stress-head like me, you will definitely want to do!

3) Posiebalm

I love the sound of the Benefit lip balms as they seem so hydrating and like they just feel nice on your lips. This is my favourite shade out of them all as I love pink lips and I love that its colour is buildable so you can make it as strong as you like. A product that gives you both amazing looking lips AND hydrates them is surely a winner, right!?

4) Longwear powder shadow

This is another new Benefit product! I love powder eyeshadows and the fact that this is longwear makes it even more attractive! It looks super easy to just sweep all over your lid on its own to give you an effortless look and, plus, it comes in 12 different shades so there is something for everyone! My personal favourite shade is 'Call My Bluff.'

5) Rockateur 

This is a rather famous Benefit product which you may have heard of! I've seen so many YouTubers use it in tutorials and it honestly looks amazing! This blush, first of all, looks gorgeous in the packaging and, on camera, looks as though it gives your cheeks an amazing glow! I can definitely see why it is so popular!

What Benefit products do you like? Also, what brands should I make a wish list post for next?

Love, Emily :) xx

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