Confessions Of A Blogger Tag

I'm currently sitting in my bed, in my pyjamas and its quite late at night, however, I was in the mood to do a tag blog post. I love doing these and think they're really fun. I'm going to do the 'Confessions Of A Blogger Tag' so feel free as well to do this if you fancy! I always think tags are lots of fun to do when you're bored :)

1) When did you start your blog?
I started my blog on Friday 2nd January whilst sitting home alone in my pyjamas. I was super nervous about it and remember spending ages playing around with templates and fonts, however, I am glad I decided to bite the bullet and give it a whirl. I am still fairly new to the whole thing but I am definitely enjoying it!

2) Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog as I didn't really have a hobby. I'm not into sports, drama or anything like that so I wanted something that I could spend my spare time on (which I have lots of haha) and really put my everything into. I wanted something that was just mine and that I could work hard on and be proud of. Also, I had wanted to start a blog for ages after reading so many and following lots of bloggers religiously for quite a while. I just thought it looked super fun and like an amazing place to express your creativity in whatever way you wanted, as well a make new friends!

3) Have you had any past presence online?
If I remember rightly, I had attempted to start a blog before using Blogger. I can't remember much about it, meaning that I probably didn't post on it. However, I have had Twitter and Instagram for a while now and have always been obsessed with the Internet. I have always loved YouTube too, although I don't upload onto my channel and simply use it to subscribe to my favourites!

4) When did you become serious about your blog?
It depends what the question means by 'serious' to be honest. I have always been 'serious' about my blog in the sense that I worked hard on it and didn't just post rubbish, however, I don't make money from my blog or anything like that. It is nothing more than a hobby at the moment, meaning I don't have to take it too seriously and there aren't really any restrictions. I can post whatever I like (obviously within reason haha) and it is just something that I can have fun and be creative with!

5) What was your first post?
My first ever post was titled 'Oh hi there..' and you can read it HERE. I thought it would be nice to do a little introduction to my blog and allow people to know a little more about me before a suddenly started bombarding them with posts. It made my blog feel more personal to me and I thought it was only polite to introduce myself properly before I shoved all my views on fashion, beauty and everything else inbetween down people's throats haha (not literally).

6) What is the biggest challenge you have faced whilst blogging?
I haven't faced any challenges as such, especially as I am relatively new and still learning the ropes, well, I guess that could be one of the challenges I have faced, trying to figure out how the heck to work Blogger and how to design a blog, I know you all felt the same and wanted to have a meltdown when you first made your blogs haha! Although, one challenge I have faced is, because I am still at school, is trying to put blog posts up more than once a week whilst balancing revision too. I do write posts and save them as drafts though so I can still upload easily whilst studying so it isn't too much of a big deal. I am also really lucky that I don't get negative comments :)

7) Where do you see your blog in one year?
Wow, a year is such an incredibly long time and I honestly have no idea how to answer this question as it scares me having to think that far ahead into the future as you never know what could happen. This time next year, I will have, thankfully, left high school and will, hopefully, be enjoying college life, which should mean I have more time to spend on my blog. I hope to have reached out to more people by this time next year and maybe expanded my followers. Other than that, I have no clue but I just hope to still be enjoying blogging and maybe have made more new friends!

8) What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
This would definitely have to be the fact that I have, somehow, managed to help people! I have had so many lovely comments about my posts and lots of people have said that my posts have helped them. For example, my revision tips blog post proved really popular and I received lots of tweets of people who are currently studying for exams and needed some new ways to revise. It also amazes me that people all over the world in counties I have never even been to read my posts. Its amazing to know that people actually take the time to even click on my blog and its just rewarding to know that just one person enjoys what I write. Its also really rewarding that I have managed to make friends who I share common interests with through my blog!

9) What's the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
Nothing really discourages me when it comes to blogging. I am just really enjoying it and it is just a hobby for me and I try not to beat myself up too much when it comes to how I feel about my posts. Of course, I compare myself to other bloggers. We all do it and it is a totally natural thing to do, however, I try not to let comparing myself to others get me down and I use it to inspire and motivate myself instead!

10) What's your lasting inspiration or motivation?
I don't really need a motivation to blog as it just a hobby and something that I am really loving doing. Plus, if I'm having a down day and don't feel like writing a blog post, then I don't need to and I don't have to feel the need to pressure myself into putting one up, which I really like. As for inspiration, this comes from other bloggers. Of course, I am not aiming to be a carbon copy of anybody else, however, I see so many amazing bloggers with content that they are really happy with and they are doing amazing things and have made amazing friends. This pushes me to keep blogging for sure. I also feel motivated by simple tweets or comments from people who read my blog. Just a small DM, for example, from somebody saying "I really like that new post you just uploaded" means so much to me and makes me happy!

I hope you enjoyed this rambly, chatty blog post! Now you can enjoy a random photo of moi blogging whilst wearing one's Emoji tshirt and spotty pyjama bottoms!

What made you decide to start your blog?

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. Hehe awh thank you for reading it, Katie! :) xx

  2. Loved this, do you know any other blogging tags as I want to do one soon but I want to have a look and which tag I like best.

    1. Thank you for reading it! :) I'm not too sure of any others however it was simple enough for me to find this on Google. I think I searched something like 'blog post tags' or something along those lines. If you're interested in fashion search 'fashion blog post tags' or anything else depending on what you want to write about if that makes any sense haha :') You could even make one up! Xx