'No Make-Up' Make-Up Look

I have never done a blog post like this but it was an idea that popped into my head yesterday and I really wanted to write about it.

Yesterday, I had to pop out a couple of times to the shop and, being the insecure person I am, I didn't feel comfortable going out completely barefaced and so decided to put a tiny bit of makeup on. I only had a few minutes to get ready and didn't want to wear a full face of makeup anyways so I pretty much threw 3 things onto my face to make me look half alive.
I thought I would share with you what I wore as it basically looked like I had no makeup on (especially in my front camera when I was taking selfies haha) but still made me feel confident. I think this look would be perfect for you to wear to school, especially if you aren't really allowed to wear makeup and don't want to get caught haha ;)

1) Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Lots of people rave about this, and rightly so, as it does such a good job of covering up spots and blemishes. Even if you have terrible skin like I do, this concealer is fab at giving you more self confidence and can totally be worn without foundation. Its really quick and easy to apply and is ridiculously cheap too. I'm pretty sure it was only around the £4 mark.

2) MUA Black Mascara
Despite loving the Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, I don't always want big eyelashes so the MUA mascara is a great choice. I sometimes use this on my bottom lashes along with the Maybelline mascara on my top lashes however, when I use it on both sets of eyelashes, it looks really natural but still adds a bit of something. This is also super duper cheap as it was only around the £1 mark and still does a great job!

3) Vaseline - Rosy Lips
You may not have expected to see this product in this blog post. I wear Vaseline all of the time and I'm constantly reapplying it throughout the day and also put it underneath lipgloss/lipstick. I like using the Rosy Lips one rather than the original as it adds a very subtle pink tint to your lips, meaning it looks really natural. Also, if you wear this look to school, you could quite easily get away with reapplying Vaseline without worrying about getting caught, because, technically, its just a lip balm haha!

What products do you like to use to give you a natural look?

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. What's the reason you aren't aloud to where make-up in school? I'm from the netherlands and the moste girls here start putting on make-up when they go to highschool :)

    1. I'm not really sure, my school is just strict about things like that & we can't wear makeup or nail polish. Some girls still try to get away with it but I wouldn't wear it anyways :) xx

  2. I always look like I have no makeup on and then I am always sad because it looks like I don't give a lot of effort on it. I normally just use a concealer, powder and a mascara. I occasionally add a bright lipstick to make it more interesting. Great post.


    1. Awh please don't feel sad!! As long as you know you've put effort in and you feel good in yourself, that's all that matters! I bet you still look amazing with only those few products on your face & if you don't need tonnes of makeup I wouldn't bother with it :) I love bright lipsticks too as they make your outfit more fun! Thank you so much <3 xx

  3. I think these are the top 3 things needed for any make up collection =)


    1. They definitely help me when I need to get ready quickly & look awake haha :) thank you for reading! Xx