Tickled Pink

This is an outfit I have already worn a couple of times in Spring, and it has only just begun! It is super casual but colourful too and allows me to feel comfortable.

I have been wearing this super soft, fluffy pink top from Miss Selfridge, which I think you would call a top, although, if it had long sleeves it would probably be a jumper. What I like about this is that the fluff on it doesn't come off, which can be SUPER annoying when you're wearing a nice outfit and the rest of your clothes end up covered in bits. I also own this top in a light blue colour, which I would also wear with these jeans and shoes.
Speaking of jeans, I recently bought these new ones from New Look as, although I love wearing my ripped jeans, I don't want my knees out every day haha. New Look jeans are always super soft and comfortable and they have such a wide variety of jeans that, each time I have purchased jeans from there, I have always been able to find the exact ones I want. These ones are high-waisted too, which is something I always look for in a pair of jeans.
Finally, I wore my Converse trainers, which I will be wearing lots during Spring time (as I mentioned in my previous post) and accessorised with my Pandora bracelet, which I think matches well as it has pink beads on it.

I hope you like the photos! What outfits are you loving so far this Spring? <3

Top: Miss Selfridge
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Converse
Bracelet: Pandora

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. converse are such a simple spring/summer staple for me- they just look good with everything! X


    1. Yes I totally agree! They are super easy to wear!! :) xx