My Weekly Obsession: Time For Myself

This week was half term for me and many other schools, meaning we had the week off. Of course, your initial reaction to this statement ought to be 'YAY!' however, as I am still trapped in the middle of exam season, I wasn't as pleased as I may have been if I was told I would have a week off this time last year. This is only because I was aware of all of the long revision days that were ahead of me and of the days when I was going into school for revision sessions with my teachers, (which I am very grateful for though as is it incredibly selfless of them to offer up their free time to help us) although, I was excited to have a few days off, as I could not physically revise every single day of the holidays!

I was determined to have a few days off for myself this week, where I could allow myself to forget about school and feel less like a revision robot for a bit! I am so happy I allowed myself to do that as it helped my clear my mind and made me so much more relaxed. It also made me happy knowing I could do normal things and relax after being so exhausted from school recently. If I feel like this just after a few days off, imagine what I will be like once I leave school completely haha!

So I may as well tell you what I've actually been up to this week! It isn't much, well, for me it is as my life is pretty uneventful haha!
Last weekend I stayed with my Granny and Grandad and had a lovely time with, as usual, lots of laughs! We chilled on Saturday and, on Sunday, did probably the wildest thing I have ever done! We drove all the way to the cinema just to buy pick 'n' mix and popcorn to bring home to watch a movie at home rather than at the actual cinema. I think the fact that this is the most rebellious thing I 've ever done speaks volumes to be honest. Well, I did tell you that my life is uneventful haha!

I came home late Sunday evening and I can't actually remember what I did on Monday, meaning it clearly can't have been that exciting! I'm pretty sure I had a pyjama day (which, you will see in a second, I have a lot of) and chilled on the Internet. Yeah, that sounds about right haha!

Tuesday wasn't as fun as Monday, sadly, as I went into school for History revision from 9am and stayed there all day, attending Science revision from 1pm-3pm in the afternoon. I work hard with my revision, which is probably why I don't fuss about attending extra classes, plus, I love History so it was't all bad! I also got to see my friends and we laughed lots throughout the day, meaning it was still a happy day!

I also attended an extra Maths revision session early Wednesday morning, which wasn't that pleasant, however, we did get cookies and I got to laugh with one of my friends again, so it certainly could've been worse!

Oh, and when I arrived home from school on both Tuesday and Wednesday, naturally, the first thing I did was put my pyjamas on and make food, because, yanno, priorities and all that. If I don't need to go anywhere, the jim jams are going on and, if I do need to go anywhere, once the jim jams are on, I ain't going! ;)

Thursday was when I went shopping with my Nan and we had a wonderful day together. I bought a few clothes, however, the main reason behind our shopping spree was to buy everything I needed for when I take part in NCS this Summer. I actually got lots of the things I need (buying half of Primark in the process) which is good as I don't need to worry about that now! We had lunch out together and both definitely almost fell asleep on the train home as we were so tired - oops! Once again, as soon as I got home I jumped straight into my PJ's.

Friday was a fabulous day. I stayed in my pyjamas all day and spent most of it on the Internet, I'm not going to lie. I did have a quick read through my History revision booklets though, which I didn't mind doing. I stayed at home with my Mum and had a lovely relax!

Saturday (yesterday) was a much more productive day as I did a tonne of History revision in preparation for my exam tomorrow and I actually have no problem revising for History, I think I may even enjoy it! I did stay in my pyjamas to do so though as, lets be honest, who gets dressed to revise?

Soooo yeah, that was my week in a blog post! It was pretty good I would say! I spent 90% of it in my pyjamas, ate pizza 3 times and didn't really make much contact with the outside world - yay for me haha!
Be sure to let me know if you like these sort of blog posts where I tell you about things I've been up to! It was rather therapeutic to write hehe :)

If you yourself are in the middle of exams right now and have been working your little bottom off revising, please, remember to give yourself a break. Revising 24/7 just isn't possible and, I know you may feel as though you can't have a break because you will forget everything, but that certainly isn't true. Breaks help your brain reflect on what you have just been revising and allow it to absorb the information properly. If you don't take breaks, your brain is much more likely to explode like a volcano and we wouldn't want that now, would we? ;)

Whether you take breaks for 5 days or 5 hours, do it. Take some time out to transform back into a human from a revision robot. Go outside for a walk, listen to music, watch some YouTube videos, hang out with your friends, do whatever you need to do to take your mind off exams. Then, when you go back to your work, you will feel much calmer and are less likely to stress out. You will be in a much more positive mood and are more likely to continue remember things.

Exams are exams at the end of the day and, as important as they may seem, they are certainly not as important as you and your health. Be sure to get some sleep, eat properly, chill out sometimes and don't stress. Nothing is worth working yourself up so much that your head becomes frazzled and you feel as though you're living in the middle of a thunderstorm. Take time out to breathe deeply and remind yourself that you are doing GREAT and IT WILL ALL BE OVER WITH SOON!

If you are still doing exams, by the way, KEEP GOING! You're almost there! Good luck and I hope any upcoming exams or tests are kind to you. I'm always here on Twitter or in the comments to chat if you want to rant or let your stress out! :D

We all need time for ourselves sometimes.

What do you like to do when having a break from revision? <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. My teacher told me if you get stuck on a question ask your self what do I know about let say your stuck on a maths question about fraction what do i know about fraction i hope this advice help you and I hope you do good in your exam good luck!!!!

    1. That's what I do when I get stuck - it really helps and saves you from having a blank exam paper haha :) Thank you so much and thank you for reading! <3 xx

  2. It's definitely good to give your self a few days break from revision at times, so you don't crash and burn. Also, now I want to drive to the cinema just to get sweets and popcorn aha - definitely going to have to do that one day! Good luck with your exams!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It was definitely the most rebellious thing I have ever done, which clearly shows how much of a rebel I actually am haha but it is something I would recommend ;) Thank you so so much! Thank you for reading too <3 xx

  3. Great post! I totally agree with needing time for yourself. I can get so nervous and anxious about exams. Taking time to relax really helps. :D

    1. I get really nervous too, you're not alone haha :') Thank you so much for reading xx