10 Of My Favourite Feelings

I have many experiences of when something happens that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I love it when something happens that makes me feel even happier than I already do! Sometimes, it can be the tiniest things that make you feel as though rainbows and sunshines are radiating out of you. Here is a rather random list consisting of 10 of my favourite feelings!

1) Hugging a friend
I am the biggest hugger. I love hugs. I spend my life hugging. And I love it! A hug is a great way of showing affection, appreciation or to comfort someone. Or, to be honest, hugs are great for any occasion! I have friends who give pretty damn good hugs (or does that just mean I'm a good hugger? Very confusing when you think about it haha!) and receiving them is, although its such a simple thing, a really fuzzy feeling!! <3

2) Eating pizza
This may not come as a surprise to some of you, however, pizza is one of my favourite foods. No, that's a total lie. It IS my favourite food (along with biscuits!) and eating it makes me very happy. Whenever I eat it, though, I do find myself gobbling it all up in 0.5 seconds because the whole experience is so exciting. Pizza aka bae.

3) Sleeping in past 10am
This may seem like a strange one, however, I am one of those people who, even at the weekends and on days when I'm not doing anything, I still wake up at 7am - its soo annoying! Therefore, those days when I wake up and look at my phone to check the time and realise it is past 10am are a real bonus! I'd say its an achievement if I manage to stay asleep past 8am haha! Is anyone else like that? I'm also one of those people who, once they're awake, can't go back to sleep, making the whole experience of always waking up early even less joyful.

4) Making somebody smile
I am often told, and I like to think, that I am a very nice person. Being nice costs nothing and is something that can change the way someone feels about their day. Whether its something tiny like holding a door open for someone or something bigger, knowing you have done something to put a smile on someone else's face, for me, is one of life's most rewarding feelings. Making a person laugh also comes under this umbrella. I find it so special to see someone doubled over, unable to breathe whilst tears are streaming down their face (okay that sounds very disturbing haha!) laughing and knowing that it is because of you. Making other people happy makes me happy. :)

5) Seeing my favourites in concert
I'm sure this is something many of you can relate to but, personally, I think nothing will ever be able to compete with the butterflies that take over your tummy or the shakiness that overcomes you when you see your favourite artists walk onto stage at a concert. Concerts are magical things that bring people together. They help you forget for an hour or two about everything else that is wrong in your life and its like you become a whole different person. You sing, scream, jump and dance without a care in the world and you don't have to worry about anyone laughing at you because you know the rest of the crowd are doing exactly the same. Also, hearing the audience sing along to songs super loudly at shows is another feeling that will always give me goosebumps. Concerts = happiness.

6) Getting new pyjamas
I am such a jim jams person, its slightly insane. Believe me, if it was possible to spend the rest of my life wearing my pyjamas, eating pizza and surfing the Internet in bed, I would try my hardest to do it. Getting new pajamas is always an exciting thing for me, especially in Winter when they are cute, snuggly ones! New PJs definitely make me happier than they probably should!

7) Finding the perfect pair of jeans
I don't know about you, but shopping for jeans is one of my most hated tasks in life (along with changing my bed). I will drag myself through every single shop and I can assure you it will take me all day to find just that one pair of jeans that will do, They either fit on the waist but not on the legs, fit on the legs but not on the waist, fit on the legs and the waist but are too long or fit everywhere but are not high waisted. The struggle is so real. So, when I do finally manage to find a pair that are remotely acceptable to be worn in public and don't make me want to smash the mirror in the fitting room, I feel as though my prayers have been answered and want to scream "HALLELUJAH!" Please let me know if any of you feel my pain.

8) Having my own dance parties
I am one of those people who spends their life with their earphones in with the volume turned up to its highest, which will probably come back to bite me in the bottom sooner or later, however, having my own little dance parties and jamming to my favourite songs are some of my favourite things. Who needs to go out to clubs when you can just plug your earphones in and dance around like a plonker in your Living Room to Taylor Swift, worrying about whether your neighbours can see you through the blinds or not? Not me!

9) When everyone comes together
This probably needs a bit of explaining but I'm hoping you'll be able to understand what I mean. I absolutely love it when big events happen and everyone in a certain community comes together. It may be when its the final of The X Factor and all of Britain is watching it on the edge of their seats, when a Royal Baby is born and everyone on Twitter and in the news cannot handle their excitement or when a band announces a new album and the whole of a fanbase congregates to celebrate. I love it when something really special happens for a specific group of people and brings everyone together. It makes me so happy and I love just cherishing those moments as they may never happen again!

10) Laughing so hard until I can't breathe
I feel like I spend the vast majority of my life laughing and I have absolutely no regrets about it whatsoever. It isn't very often that a day goes by when I don't laugh so hard that my sides ache so I am still waiting for the day when I wake up with a 6-pack! Despite having one of the most unattractive laughs you will ever come across, I strongly believe that laughter really helps to make life a little better and you cannot beat those moments when you're practically on the floor and gasping for oxygen with your eyes filled with tears, especially when its the tiniest things that you find so hilarious! Plus, when things happen that, even 6 months later, you can think about and still almost pee yourself with laughter, I absolutely love it!

What are some of your favourite feelings? <3

Love, Emily :) xx



    Seriously it's so positive an upbeat,love it!!

    And,okay,first off,PIZZA. YES. JUST YES. ;P
    Also making people smile,and laugh,is the bestttt thing!! Love it so much,happiness is generally supa contagious so love it!
    And concerts are one of the greatest things in existence I feel ;)

    Have an awesome day beautiful xoxox

    1. Yay thank you so much for reading - I'm glad you liked it! :)
      We are practically twins then hehe <3
      Have a great week! Xxx

    2. Not a problem!! And yeah I loved it!!!! x

      We are practically yeah ;P xxx

      Thankyou so much! Ditto xx