3 Little Changes

We all know how much I adore my pizza and can't endure a week without spending at least 90% of it in my pyjamas, and that won't change, however, recently, I have made a few little changes to my everyday lifestyle.

These aren't big scary changes and certainly won't change my outlook on how I believe people should live their lives, as how you choose to go about every day is entirely up to you! However, they have gradually just crept into my daily routine recently and are definitely making me feel better about myself.

1) Fruity frenzy

I am rather fussy when it comes to fruit. I do wish I ate a lot more of it, however, there is just so much that I don't like! Bananas, pears, oranges, watermelon, kiwi, tomato....the list goes on. It annoys me also because amazing fruit salads would look fabulous on Instagram, which is surely a good enough reason as any to eat them, right!? Definitely a good form of motivation for healthy eating haha! However, amongst the many fruits that my taste buds aren't compatible with, there are some I can stomach. My favourite is certainly strawberries, which I have been eating lots and lots of recently! Its always good when you enjoy eating something healthy, as it makes it feel less like a chore! I also love apples, grapes and raspberries and have been choosing to snack on such  foods recently rather than other things. They taste amazing so I don't feel as though I'm forcing myself to eat them. If you feel like you HAVE to eat a certain healthy food then, the chances are, you won't enjoy it.

TIP: If you aren't the biggest fruit fan like moi, try eating them in different ways. Blend fruits into smoothies or even freeze them in iced lolly moulds with juice to make lollies! I would also recommend gradually introducing fruits that you aren't a big fan of gradually into you diet to help your taste buds slowly adapt!

2) H 2 the O

Something else I have been doing lots of recently is drinking lots more water. I wouldn't say I was terrible at drinking water previously, as I didn't mind it, however, lately, I have substituted it for juice (as I don't like fizzy or sugary drinks anyways, which is probably a bonus!) and have noticed a big difference, particularly when it comes to my skin. Filling my body with more H2O, not only keeps me hydrated, but has definitely played a big part in clearing up blemishes from my face. I struggle with acne and scarring afterwards so, if you do too like me, then try water! Its the most simple thing and can sometimes do so much more good than the millions of tablets and creams that you can be prescribed by any Doctor!

TIP: Although, if water isn't your thing, try flavoured water! This isn't something I'm a fan of,  personally, but it can add more taste if you find normal water a big bland. I'd also recommend adding fruit to your water. For example, slice up some strawberries and put them it! You're then killing two birds with one stone as you can eat them once you're done! Personally, I like my water super cold with ice!

3) OH NO! NOT THE 'E' WORD!?!?!?

Okay, I'm going to say it....exercise. Now, exercise and I definitely don't have a good relationship. I am in now way physically fit nor do I make any effort to go to the gym. Do I even own workout clothes? What are workout clothes again? (Does that answer your question?) Although, recently I have been really enjoying doing some activities that require me getting out of bed to get my heart beating a little faster - which I think is a much better and less scary name than 'exercise!' I have taken inspiration from YouTube and Blogs which have introduced me into some little things I can do!
One of my favourite YouTube channels, which is fairly new, is IconUK. They have amazing dance-style workouts which are led by the ever so lovely Danielle Peazer from idlelane.com. I find their workouts super fun and, although they are tiring, give great results and help you feel much better about yourself afterwards! The fact that they are based around dance definitely helps them feel less like torture and I have done them so much I think I know them off by heart!
I also love Blogilates on YouTube, Cassey is someone who I have followed for such a long time and would certainly recommend. There is so much variety on her channel that there is absolutely something for everyone!

TIP: Finally, something else I have been doing is 20 sit-ups and 20 squats twice a day, every day, one set being just before bed. These are so quick and easy to slot into your daily routine and, if you stick with it, can definitely give you results!

Soo those are the things I have been doing and loving recently! Let me know if you try any of these things out! If you don't, of course, that's totally fine! Everyone has the right to live their life the way they want to :)

What do you guys like to do to make yourself more active/healthy? <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. Loveeee this post gurl!! The pictures are all GORGEOUS! and I love how positive and healthy it all is!

    Great great tips! Have an amazing day lovely xoxo

    1. Hehe thank you very much! Have a lovely day too! Xx

    2. Don't worry about it!! And thankyou so much xox