My Weekly Obsession: The Trend Pear

This week's MWO is slightly different to usual as it is about a new blog that has launched. Despite the fact that it only launched tonight, I am already utterly besotted and I am certain that I will be for a very long time.

The ever so lovely Eleanor Calder and ever so fabulous Max Hurd launched on 14th June and the whole of Instagram and Twitter pretty much exploded as soon as they announced the news as a blog from them has been highly anticipated.
Their sneaky Instagram photoshoot photos and tweets about attending various events have had everyone on the edge of their seats and busy doing lots of research into what on Earth they could be working on. Finally, their secret project was exposed and you can tell they have put their everything into this website over the past couple of months as effort and dedication radiates from their posts.
So, what is thetrendpear you may ask....

Eleanor and Max are two best friends who, in their own words, created thetrendpear "to convey their mutual interest through style reports, street style posts and concise articles on various different elements within the fashion industry." On their site, you will also stumble across lifestyle and travel articles, meaning there is something for everyone.

One thing I particularly love about thetrendpear (other than their incredibly innovative name) is the fact that it is such a great place to find fashion inspiration for all the latest trends. Their outfits are styled to perfection and give you amazing ideas on how to style certain pieces. There may be items in your wardrobe that you have no idea what to pair (or should that be 'pear!?' - sorry....) with but Eleanor and Max's blog can really open your eyes to the world of fashion and show you how different prints can work well together and how that tshirt you have been saving for a rainy day doesn't just have to be worn with a pair of jeans.

Eleanor and Max's undeniable friendship beams out of their posts and it is clear that thetrendpear is something they have had the most fun collaborating together on. (If now isn't the correct time to use 'friendship goals,' I don't know when is!)

Additionally. Eleanor and Max clearly aim to cater for everyone on their site. Not only are they showcasing the latest trends for both guys and girls, but they also hook you up with links to buy items from their outfits for fractions of the price. I can already tell that my wishlist will be eternally growing as long as their blog exists!

Here are a few sneaky photos to give you a taster of what you can expect to find on (I still cannot get over how perfect that name is!) Be sure to head on over there and let me know what you think!
Although, do be warned! Once you click the link to their website, you will become trapped. There is no escape from that fashion infested hole and you will most definitely be sucked in by the perfection. I know that my fingers had a good old workout from all the scrolling I did when I first visited them over there! Sooo don't say I didn't warn you if you become addicted! - But its okay as I already am. We check into thetrendpear rehab together!

After following both Max and Eleanor for a while now, I am so happy about their decision to finally venture into the world of fashion as I am infatuated with their abilities to throw together outfits so effortlessly.

What do you guys think about thetrendpear? <3 *insert pear emoji here*

Love, Emily :) xx



    Looks like such a cool blog! I'll have to check it out!

    Awesomee post gurl,have a great day xoxo

    1. I would certainly recommend it - I think its amazing :) Thank you so much for reading, lovely <3
      -Emily xx

    2. Well thanks for the recommendation lovely!!! Not a problem gurl!! Have an amazing day beautiful! xoxo

    3. Ah any time! Hope you're having a wonderful day too! :) xx

    4. Thanks so much lovely! xxx

  2. I'm loving their Instagram so much at the moment. Thanks for sharing their new blog!

    Have a great day, xx ♥ mish

    1. Hehe me too! Their photos look fab! Any time, thank you for reading! <3 xx

  3. This sounds fab- I have to check them out. Great post xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I'd highly recommend it :) xx