Who Inspires You?

We live in a world where people can quickly become 'idols' to the younger generation and it is very easy to become besotted with a certain celebrity.
What I want to know is, who inspires you? I'm going to talk about two extremely influential people in the world of celebrity who I look up to daily for different reasons.

1) Emma Watson

Emma Watson is has an incredible work ethic. She achieved amazing grades in her GCSEs and A-Levels and graduated from university with a degree in English Literature. She did all of this whilst filming the Harry Potter movies too, which involves, not only learning lines and spending hours on set, but endless promotion and interviews. She also launched the 'He For She' campaign and campaigned for gender equality. Not only did she speak out about this campaign, but she influenced thousands of people to take part. Word quickly spread and soon celebrities with large followings couldn't tweet about their support fast enough.
Emma Watson is one of the wealthiest people, yet is still so young. It actually scares me to think what other crazy things she could possibly achieve! What a woman.

2) Taylor Swift

This may be one that comes as no surprise to you as Taylor is somebody who I am forever rambling on about. Taylor is a lot of people's inspirations, and rightly so. Yes she is an amazing song-writer and is a great musical influence, however, she is much more than that and is an all round wonderful human being. Firstly, Taylor is a very strong lady who stands up for what she believes in. She campaigns for feminism and is all about girl power. You only have to watch her 'Bad Blood' music video to see how strongly she feels about women sticking together and bringing each other up instead of tearing one another down.
T Swizzle (because we are clearly on nickname terms) also works tirelessly to show her appreciation for the people who got her where she is today. Someone who spends hours talking to their supporters online, buys them surprise gifts to send to their houses, campaigns for musicians to be treated equally and does endless charity work is a true role model in my eyes. Taylor never forgets where she started and I think that is very important. She doesn't look down on the people who are in the position that she was once in but instead treats them as their equals. Somebody who uses their power in such a positive way and has become a catalyst to a chain of good deeds being carried out across the world is certainly deserving of the title 'inspiration.'

I'd love to hear which celebrities inspire you! I definitely have a lot of role models in my life, however, these are two great ones who, are not only ridiculously gorgeous on the outside but on the inside too and who I really feel as though I can relate to.

Who is your celebrity inspiration and why? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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