Why I Didn't Go To Prom

I'm not sure what proms are like or when they are when it comes to the rest of the world, however, in England, a lot of proms were this week, my end of High School one being tonight in fact.
For many people, prom is an exciting time, one of the biggest events in their calendar. Its a chance to go all out. There is no better excuse to buy an insanely gorgeous, expensive dress, have your hair and make-up done by a professional and order a limousine to take you to your venue. However, this wasn't something I was prepared to get involved with.

I would say 98% of my school year attended prom tonight. Many have been planning their outfits and their transport for months and months and prom has been the hot topic of gossip, pretty much, since September.
I was adamant that I was not going since the start. Of course, at first, my family and friends were attempting to drum it into my head that I AM GOING. If I had a pound for every time I have heard "you will regret it if you don't go" since September, I would be a very rich girl.
They definitely thought I was being facetious at first and was just worried about the whole thing. Yes, I was worried about it, but worried enough to be certain that there was no way on Earth that I was attending.

So, let's run through the reasons why I didn't go.
Firstly, prom looks amazing if you love parties and dressing up. Sure, I love wearing make-up and it would have been lovely to wear a pretty dress, however, parties aren't my thing. I have never been to one and the thought of lots of people dancing around me whilst loud music is blasting quite honestly terrifies me. To be honest, I have never been to a prom and so have had no first hand experience on whether it really is as wild as I think it is, however, knowing there will be some sort of party doesn't entice me one bit.

Secondly, I didn't feel as though I COULD go. This is a strange one. Anyone can go to prom, right? Well, unless you are banned, however, I didn't feel like people would expect me to go, having the type of introverted personality that I do, even though, in reality, they wouldn't care whether I was there or not.
This leads me on to the fact that I would non-stop panic about what I was going to look like for prom for months on end before the actual date. Insecurities aren't just something you can switch off overnight and on a night when you are forced to dress glamorously and have your photo taken every 5 minutes, I feel like these would only be magnified. I spend a lot of my life despising the way I look and feel within myself (which I know comes under a completely different umbrella so I shall leave it there) so I can be 100% certain that there would plenty of tears whilst looking in the mirror before I went to prom. Another thing I spend my life doing is comparing myself to others (again, a whole new umbrella) so I would only spend the evening staring at how incredible everybody else looked, leading me to slowly feel worse about myself as the night continued.

Next, we have the biggest reason why I am currently at home and not at prom. If you saw my leaving High School blog post, then you will know how much I was unable to tolerate 90% of the people in my year. Not because they were just annoying, but because they weren't my kind of people and I did not fancy spending an evening longer than I had to in their presence. Being in a room full of judgemental people who were hardly cupcakes to me whilst already feeling poopy definitely didn't appeal to me.
Leaving school was one of my happiest moments and I definitely do not want to go back there unless it is necessary, like on Results Day.

Of course, I may have enjoyed myself tonight, who knows. I may have had lots of laughs with my friends (who all attended by the way) however, I know they were extremely anxious about the whole thing too, even though they did end up looking stunning! So much so that I actually cried at how beautiful they are!

If you are maybe currently in my position and seriously don't want to go to prom, despite your family and friends pressuring you, always remember who's prom it is. Its yours. You will be the one in the dress or the suit. It is very important to do things for you and never do something simply because somebody else wants you to. Your family won't be at prom. Sure, it will be lovely for them to take photos of you to put in the album as a keepsake, however, if you are certain that prom isn't your thing and know that you wouldn't enjoy yourself, why waste the time and money? Prom marks the end of a chapter in your life and so means you can start making your own decisions. Not going doesn't make you a 'loser,'
Although, if you do want to go to prom but are feeling insecure maybe about your dress, hair or make-up, don't. Worst advice ever but this is the one night that you can dress up like a princess or prince and you will definitely look like one! Don't you dare let anyone else spoil your evening. Be determined to have fun and you will. Stick with your friends as you don't need to talk to anybody you don't want to. Your dress or your suit will look amazing on you. Its inevitable.
Finally, if you're someone who is totally a party person and cannot wait for prom, then I am so excited for you! I wish you a fun-filled evening with lots of lols and smiles!

So, after the endless repetitions of "you'll be sorry if you don't go" I can confirm that I am currently sat in bed with my laptop and phone whilst wearing a Mickey Mouse tshirt and a black headband that says 'EMILY' on in sparkly letters, looking 5 years old, and I am happy as Larry! :)

What are your thoughts on prom? Have you had yours already or is it coming up? <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. Emily, I enjoyed reading this post because I can relate to you. Parties just aren't my thing and I also can barely tolerate the majority of people I go to school with. I think it's great you made a decision like this! :)


    1. Hiya Maria! Thank you so much for reading my post! We are practically twins then I think hehe :D
      Hope you have a lovely day! Xx

  2. I love your post and I understand you. In my school, in Germany, our Prom Day is also our Results Day so we need to come unless you want to go to school after Prom to get it by yourself. Also the Proms in Germany are not that big. You can even bring your family with you. My prom is on the 17th July.
    Have a nice day, Emily!x


    1. Thank you very much for reading the post! :) Wow its so interesting to hear about what proms are like in other countries, especially as yours are so different! People treat them as a rather big deal here, however, in America its even bigger!
      Are you looking forward to your prom?? I hope you have a wonderful time!!
      Have a great day too, lovely! <3 xx

  3. Good for you for making your own choice! Other people shouldn't have the power to determine whether or not you go to prom so props for not going solely because that was your decision xoxox

    1. Awh those are very kind words, thank you. :) xx

  4. Great post! I am not really a big fan of those big parties like prom either. Good for you! :)


    1. Thank you so much for reading! :) We are the same then hehe #twins <3 xx

  5. I did go to prom except in Australia we call it formal or a valedictory and to be honest, it was average at best and I didn't go out and get anything professionally done because I'm lazy like that. Glad you still had fun though! Prom is sooooo overrated x


  6. Proms here in Spain are not that luxurious (sure, you buy new clothes -a dress or a suit- and after the formal act, you go dinner and party with your classmates, but we don't rent limousines, haha!)
    Both for my high school and my university prom, I did my hair and make-up all on my own, and I bought not so expensive dresses, because I consider it a huge waste of money. On university prom day, I decided to go dinner with my parents instead of my classmates... and I don't regret it! I had a really good time and dad spoiled me with my favourite rosé wine.

    Nobody can force you to go to prom, and, if it's what you really want, you wouldn't regret your decision. I think your reasons are perfectly understandable and proms are overrated!

    Have a nice day <3!


  7. I went to prom but I wasn't very happy about it either :) here they do a ceremony in the church and after that a dinner with all the classes and at the very end they attend to a club. Just like you, I'm really not the kinda of person that likes to party and stuff, in fact if you give me a book, music or a serie to watch I'll be happier. I went to prom just because I didn't want to regret for not attending to it but to be honest it was a shitty night: drunk people, people criticizing others people outfits or hair or make-up, and all the kinda of thing that I really don't like to take.

    Glad you did what you felt you should do and you don't regret it. thats all that matters :)
    lots of love xx