How I Cheer Myself Up

We all have those moments when we have just generally had a bad day or we feel a bit down in the dumps for no particular reason. This post contains 15 things which I like to do when I'm just in a poopy mood and want cheering up!

These are really small things which can be easily done and may not work for those really dark periods but I certainly enjoy doing them during the slightly grey times when you just need to have a sad day!
I think it would be so awesome if just one of these things worked for just one of you! That would make me happy, for sure! :)

1) Draw a picture

Drawing DEFINITELY isn't my forte, like, at ALL, (as shown above) however, the process of drawing a pretty picture and colouring it in can be quite calming! It gives you something else to focus your mind on and drawing a happy image I find can improve my mood!

2) Online shop
Shopping never fails to make me happy, whatever mood I am in, and so browsing my favourite websites, whether I intend to actually buy anything or not, is a great distraction. Even if you come across something you really love but can't afford to buy it just yet, bookmark the page and then you'll have something to look forward to getting once you're able to!

3) Take a bath

Taking a bath can be really calming and just lying there for a while can relax your muscles and take your mind off things. I love putting bath bombs in my bath and find it certainly makes the experience more fun. Simply watching all the pretty colours explode into the water makes me happy and excited! Having a bath can also make you a bit tired meaning you will be ready for a good sleep once you get out!

4) Have a dance party for one
This is something I do DAILY, whether I'm in a bad mood or not. Blasting my music on full volume and going completely crazy around my house (I find that the kitchen is a great dancefloor in particular) seriously helps to shake off any bad thoughts and basically counts as exercise at the same time, right!? Its also great when you're home alone so you can sing and shout at the top of your lungs, pretending that you're in a concert, too! One of my favourite dance party albums is by far 1989 by Taylor Swift!

5) Organise something fun
I find that planning ahead when in a bad mood and organising an event such as a sleepover with friends, going out for lunch or even a weekend away or holiday gives me something to look forward to. It also means your mind will no longer focus on the nasty thoughts and will instantly start thinking about what you have to do to prepare yourself for the occasion. You will start thinking about what to do when you go on holiday, what snacks to take to your sleepover...and it definitely gives me that excited, fuzzy feeling inside my tummy!

6) Go for a walk/run

I always wish there was more space to just go on a walk around where I live. You know when you see people in America going on massive hikes around rocks and in the woods? Yeah, I wish I could do that! However, little walk appropriate areas around me will have to do for now! Walking or jogging is a great way to switch off. Maybe put your earphones in whilst you're at it! Getting outside instead of being cooped up in your bedroom can perhaps help to make you feel a little calmer, plus, you can take amazing Instagram photos on your travels! #AlwaysThinkingOfTheInstagrams

7) Do my makeup
This may not be one for all of you, however, I love doing my makeup. I also find it is a great way to pass the time when I am bored. Doing your makeup when in a bad mood allows you to be creative and let your emotions out. Draw all over your face if you have to! Let your imagination run wild! Your face is a canvas and you can create upon it!

8) Dress up!
I love trying on old clothes that I haven't worn for a while and styling them in different ways, especially with newer pieces in my wardrobe. This is a great thing to do when you're feeling a little down as it makes you a bit excited to go out and wear your freshly styled outfits!

9) Take a nap
If you're not feeling your best, there is a chance that you could be exhausted, especially if you've done some hardcore crying! Take some time to switch off your phone. Stop trying to distract yourself from your sadness by doing other things and go back to basics - take a nap! A good sleep may be just what you need and, of course, if you're asleep, its impossible to be thinking about the bad things!

10) Tidy up
Cleaning isn't my friend at the best of times, however, when I'm in a bad mood, having a good clear out of things that you either no longer need or things that give you bad memories can be so therapeutic! Throw it all into rubbish bags and get rid of it! It can really help clear your mind and, of course, you'll have a nice tidy area to enjoy afterwards! Woop woop!

11) Write it all down
You don't have to keep a diary every single day but writing down your emotions, if you don't really fancy talking about them, is a good way of getting them out of your head. Scribble them all down onto a piece of paper and, if you like, screw it up, tear it, shred it, bin it, afterwards! Get rid of it! Throw away those feelings and, hopefully, you may feel better after getting them off of your chest!

12) Eat fast food
If you can't indulge when you're upset, when can you, eh!? Especially if you've been crying, you are probably going to feel rather hungry after all that moping so treat yourself! Whether its pizza, burgers or another high calorie, greasy takeaway, order it and enjoy! It should help to relieve the pain for at least a short while!

13) Do something for somebody else
Doing things for other people always makes me happy, even when I'm already happy so, if you're sad, try putting your attention onto somebody else other than yourself! Whether its doing something from the comfort of your own home like buying them an online present or sending them a nice email or leaving the house and holding the door open for a stranger or helping an elderly person with their heavy shopping, knowing you have done something to make a difference to somebody else's day can certainly help to make a difference to yours!

14) Bake bake bake!

I loveeee baking and doing such a thing when you are sad can help to let your creative juices flow and also gives you a tasty treat to enjoy at the end of it! You could bake something healthy or something that is totally bad for you, whatever it is, have fun with it! You can also incorporate the dance party into this activity whilst you're waiting for your goodies to cook! Even doing it with a friend or family member can be such a laugh!

15) Have a good old cry!
Sometimes, when you aren't in the best of moods and you really have had enough, you don't want to be cheered up and just want to be left alone to sob it all out, and that's totally fine! Always remember that it is okay not to be okay! Having a good cry sometimes and not holding back the tears can be exactly what you need! Plus, knowing you can just let it all out without having to worry about what state your hair is in or how much mascara is running down your face is a great feeling in itself! You will probably feel tired afterwards too so then you can take a nap and THEN eat some fast food, see, I'm an expert ;)

I hope at least one of those things sounded as though it may help! Be sure to let me know if it did!

What do you do when you're sad? <3 

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. Defo going to try drawing a picture! Loves this post xx

    1. Well, I mean, you can try but I don't think you'll be as amazing as me ;) haha thank you for reading! Have a lovely day! Xx

  2. baking always helps!
    p.s. I just started my blog, if you could visit it I would be very thankful!

    1. I love baking!! :)
      Your blog looks fab, lovely! Keep it up! <3 xx

  3. I definitely do a lot of these to cheer myself up. I find either having a bath, listening to music or just going to bed helps me the most :)

    1. Yay we are twins then hehe! :D Thank you so much for reading! Xx