What I bought in Paris

So 2 days ago, I returned home from a 5 day holiday to Paris with my Granny and Grandad. We had such an amazing time and Paris is such a gorgeous place that I definitely recommend you visit if you ever get the chance. I shall be doing blog posts split into separate parts which contain a TON of photos from my trip and shall explain everything we did on each day, however, firstly, I am going to show you everything I bought!

The shopping in Paris was INSANE! There were so many amazing shops that I was super excited about, especially as there were so many I had never been in, and as soon as I bought things, I couldn't wait to show them to you guys! I have already tried every make-up item that I bought too! Soo, here we gooooo....


Despite always wanting to, I have never actually bought anything from MAC, so when I saw a store in Paris, I knew I was going in there! I have wanted soo many things from their store for the longest time, especially after seeing lots of people online use them, and definitely want to buy more from there in the future!

Matte lipstick in 'Honey Love'

I thought it would be best to choose a nude as my first MAC lipstick as that is what I would get the most wear out of. 'Honey Love' is a matte finish and such a wearable colour. I spent a lifetime swatching lipsticks in the MAC store and definitely would like more!

MAC Skinfinish in 'Soft & Gentle'

This is a product which I have seen a ton of people online rave about and I can definitely see why! I use this as a highlighter and find that it gives me skin the prettiest glow, without it being too heavy. I can also see it lasting me a lifetime!

MAC Black Extreme Mascara

Trying new mascaras is one of my favourite things and I especially get excited when they turn out to be amazing, just like this one! It grabs every lash and I have found that, with a couple of coats, gives my lashes great length and volume.


After visiting Sephora, I have decided that I want one right outside my house in England. The brands in there are insane and, despite only purchasing one thing from there as it was super pricey, I could have easily cleared them out of their entire stock!

Naked 2 Palette

I have never owned a Naked Palette before but I have wanted one in my make-up collection for as long as they have been around! This is definitely my favourite purchase and I have already used it every day since buying it. Choosing the Naked 2 Over the other palettes wasn't a difficult decision for me as I knew I would use these shades the most. If you aren't really into dark, smoky eyes or heavy colours and prefer lighter and neutral shades, this palette is definitely for you, although, there is a black in there which will definitely come in handy. So far, my most used shades have been 'Verve,' 'Bootycall' and 'Foxy.'


Kiko make-up has always sounded amazing so, when I saw their store in Paris, I couldn't wait to go inside! I definitely walked with eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and highlighter swatches all up my arms and looking like a child had scribbled all over me haha! It was worth it though as I love what I chose!

Radiant Touch Creamy Highlight Stick in '100'

I swatched this in the store and as soon as I saw the pigmentation of it, I knew I was going to buy it! It is super pigmented and, after wanting a stick highlighter for a long time, I am so happy that I found this one! It is easy to apply and makes my skin look super glowy!

Soft Blush in '108'

I spent a lot of time contemplating which blush to get as they all looked so pretty, however, I am really happy with my choice! This blush gives my cheeks a nice, natural glow, without being too much.

Crystal Sheer Lipstick in '405'

This is another nude lipstick, which I am going to be wearing so often, especially as it is really low maintenance and easy to apply, not to mention it matches every make-up look perfectly! It gives a sheer finish, not matte, and gives a slight, subtle shimmer. I just love how it glides on and leaves a pretty colour!


Now onto clothes, YAY! 
Brandy Melville is another store I have always always wanted to visit, especially after seeing the cool girls on their Instagram rocking their clothes. Even though I am soo not hipster like them, I knew I was sure to find something I like in their store! I just so wish there was one closer to me (even though I could buy online) as I just want to buy my whole wardrobe from them!

Maroon skirt

This is a piece which I already know will go with so many items in my wardrobe. I have so many tops and sweaters which will match perfectly with this and I also think it will be great in the Autumn as, not only is it the perfect colour, but it will also look super cute with a pair of black tights and boots!

Grey sweater

I definitely think this is my favourite clothing item that I bought. The material is so soft and snuggly and I can see myself wrapping up in this so often on cooler days. It also goes really well with the skirt I bought!

Grey t-shirt

This t-shirt is so simple yet I am in love with it. The material is so light, yet soft, and I just love the cut of it and it doesn't feel like a regular t-shirt. Once again, it matches really well with my maroon skirt but I can also see myself reaching for this lots when deciding upon what to wear. Brandy Melville have some of the nicest t-shirts!

Black and white striped dress

This dress is slightly fitted and slightly above knee length. Once again, I can see it being styled with black tights and boots, along with a leather jacket, and it will be perfect for Autumn. Brandy Melville have some lovely dresses!

Zara isn't a shop I really shop in, however, I honestly have no idea as I love their clothes! The store in Paris was also especially pretty!

White top

This top is rather simple but I also think it looks rather classic and, even paired with some jeans, can make an outfit look much more put together. I especially really love the neckline and am loving high necks at the moment! It's also really nice material!


Previously, I have always struggled to find things I like in H&M stores, Despite seeing lovely pieces online, I can just never find them in the actually shops, however, the one in Paris was a different story! I saw so many things which I loved and could have easily bought a ton of outfits from there which would be perfect for every season!

White blouse

This blouse is super lightweight, making it perfect for hot days as it will keep you cool but also look chic at the same time. I definitely own too many white tops, but I just find them so easy to wear, and this will certainly be no exception! It could be thrown on with a skirt, shorts or pair of jeans and instantly make an outfit seem really pulled together. I will be wearing this so much!

So that is everything that I bought in Paris! I absolutely love everything and cannot wait to wear all of my clothes and continue using my make-up!

What is your favourite thing that I bought? <3


  1. Oh I love the shade of the mac lipstick and love love love the clothes <3

    1. Awh thank you! I love everything soo much hehe :') Thank you for reading!! You were so super speedy with commenting too, well done haha! Xx

    2. All those clothes are so nice, I especially like the skirt! There's a brandy Melville in London, if you live near, which you could go to!!x

    3. I love the skirt too hehe :) yes I know there is one in London, however, sadly I don't live near London & have never been! If I do get the chance to go, however, I will definitely be shopping in there! Thank you for reading! <3 xx