Meeting My Internet Best Friend!

Have you ever met someone and thought "wow this person is literally a clone of me?" Because that is what happened to me. After speaking to the lovely Lydia (@FairytalePezza on Twitter & Instagram) through Tweets, Instgram comments, DMs, letters and text messages for quite some time, we decided to finally meet up on Sunday 18th October.

I think it is safe to say I got about 10 seconds worth of sleep the night before as I honestly felt like it was Christmas Eve, knowing that, the next day, I was going to meet someone I had only previously dreamed of meeting.
We met at 12pm and didn't even have to think about running up to hug one another! We then spent our day walking around, looking in shops, eating and having good old chats! We had so much to talk about, especially about One Direction and Little Mix!

Lydia and I are so similar it honestly scares me! We love the same music, fangirl over the same people and even want to have the same career in the future! I have decided that she is my long lost twin and I want to put her in my pocket and take her home with me forever. :D
I had the most amazing day and I cannot even begin to explain how happy I was with her. Thank you to Lydia for giving me the most fabulous time and making me laugh, particularly when you tripped over 3 times after we hadn't even been together for half an hour and when you pulled some interesting faces in the photobooth!

I shall now treat you all to some of our many glorious selfies and a lovely lil' video!

The internet is a magical place and I am so glad it exists and allowed me to meet such an amazing, lovely person. Also, a huge thank you must go to the lovely girls of Little Mix and the boys of One Direction as, without them, we most definitely would not have found each other! I cannot wait to see Lydia again soon!

Let me know if you've ever met your internet friends! <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. I love reading stories about internet friends because every one always thinks about how negative it can be but it can also be a really positive place with great people. I've met two Internet friends and there's many more I'd like to meet, it's such a great thing! x

    1. I love reading stories about them too! I think the Internet is such a magical, amazing place! I am so happy you have met your internet friends too! :D xxx