One Direction.

One of the most beautiful things in life, I think, is that we all have different things which make us happy. Your happy thing may not be the same as mine, which is totally okay, however, my happy thing is a band. A band consisting of four boys who I have supported for over five years now. A band that I cannot imagine my life without. Oh and by the way just throwing it out there right now that I’m deeply sorry if this post is super CRINGE but these boys are my life okay good glad we got that out the way.
Obsessed is a big word. Yes it consists of eight letters but the meaning behind it is strong. To be obsessed with something, you have to be utterly devoted to that thing. Almost as if your life depends on it. And I have no shame in saying I am obsessed with One Direction. It’s a thing you’ll find many girls saying these days. It’s almost the norm and it would shock you if a 16 year old female was to say she didn’t like them. But no matter how many millions of girls and boys are ‘obsessed’ with One Direction, the band still mean something totally different to each and every one of us. Some may just like their music because it’s catchy, some may think they’re funny guys, some have much deeper reasons behind why this band control every waking moment of their days. Either way, we all feel happiness from being a One Direction fan in some way. And that makes me happy also.

I’m at the point now where I honestly cannot imagine my life without One Direction. I have them on the brain from the moment I wake till the moment I go to sleep. Every morning, my first thought is always to open Twitter and check what I’ve missed whilst sleeping. Are there any new photos? Interviews? Have they dropped 15 new music videos? We claim social media is addictive and no one will tell you that is true more so than a One Direction fan. It’s like a drug. One Direction is a drug. You become hooked. You have to know what is going on 24/7. You feel disconnected from the world if you don’t like one of Niall’s Instagrams or watch one of the ten second videos they uploaded to Snapchat. One Direction is no longer just a band; it’s a way of life.

You’ll often find people teasing teenage girls for their love of One Direction. “It’s just a band” they say whilst laughing at you fangirling over Louis’ outfits when they only know Harry’s name. 
FANGIRLING: the reaction a fan has to any mention or sighting of the object of her "affection." These reactions include shortness of breath, fainting, high-pitched noises, shaking, hardcore Tweeting, etc.

Well, let me tell you, One Direction is far from just a band. Personally, I see One Direction as my escape. Over the past few years when things haven’t been happy, I know that, at any moment, even when One Direction are maybe on a break or haven’t done anything or a while, I can go onto YouTube and watch a ton of their old videos. It’s like they are there for me (in virtual form). It takes seconds, if that, for me to have a smile on my face again, seeing them joking around and causing trouble in interviews or just being themselves whilst answering questions about their new album. It’s comforting. It takes your mind off everything for a while. It feels as though the only people who exist in the whole world are you and the members of One Direction. Nothing else matters.

Another thing which acts as my escape is the One Direction fanbase itself. (here comes the cheese so get ready) it’s my second family (can you hear the cringe bells yet?) and, despite not having any blood related brothers or sisters, I feel as though I have found millions of siblings through this band. 
Twitter is a magical thing, which, yes is nice to use to tell the world that you’ve just bought a coffee in Starbucks but is also an incredible platform which brings people together. Never did I think I could be sat in my bedroom at 2am, talking to someone online who lived on the other side of the world that I had never met yet felt so connected to. The One Direction fandom on Twitter honestly is one of my favourite things in life and being a part of it is something I treasure. There have been countless nights when we have stayed up to watch livestreams, we’ve live tweeted awards shows, freaked out over new music and I have adored every second of it. Being a fangirl is something which you can never explain how it feels to be one. It’s something which you just have to feel. It’s impossible to put into words how much joy it gives you and how much you would give anything to stay as one forever.

Another thing which I love about the One Direction fandom is their selflessness and dedication. This is something which is always addressed when fans are thanked at awards shows and the boys break records etc., but I don’t think people take enough time to contemplate what fans have actually done. It is very easy to sit there and call a girl crazy for spending her money on concert tickets, merchandise and music but do you ever think about why she does that? She spends hundreds, thousands of pounds on her band because she loves them. She buys ten copies of their album because she wants them to break that record. She goes to their concerts so they can say they have sold out the arena. She buys their t-shirts so she can promote them. We want to see our boys succeed so we invest incredible amounts of our time into them. It is hard to explain but I really want people to see how incredibly unselfish it is for the One Direction fanbase to do the things that they do. The members of One Direction are millionaires and live a life many could only dream of and that is down to their fans. The fact that we created that for them because we want them to have the best that there could ever be is an amazing thing.

Now onto individual members. Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall are four people I never imagined I could fall so in love with. But, as many will tell you, the One Direction fandom is a black hole. Before you know it, you’re sucked in and can’t get out…but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This fearless foursome have taught me so much. They may be a bunch of singers to you but, to me and many others have helped them look at the world a little differently and given them the skills to get through life. ‘Life savers’ may seem a little hyperbolic but that truly is how I see them. Without going into too much detail, the boys of One Direction put a little more reason behind my existence and I can never thank them enough for what they have done for me.

Let us start with Louis. Louis has taught me not to take life to seriously. It’s incredibly refreshing to see someone in the public eye genuinely not give two hoots about anything anyone says. He lives his life the way he wants to and is always in control, even if he makes mistakes sometimes. If Louis isn’t happy, he will speak up and make changes. He isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Louis has taught me that, yes, there will always be obstacles in life but if you put a smile on your face and keep laughing, you can overcome them. Louis makes me laugh on a daily basis (wow how I wish I was as funny as him) and seeing him make other people happy is a special thing. Nothing compares to the smile he puts on the other boys’ and fans’ faces. He receives tons of negative press but doesn’t let it affect him. Even if, deep down, it’s bothering him, he uses it to motivate him to do better, although, he also isn’t shy about talking about his feelings and showing his emotions. Louis is always very quick to defend the fandom, which I will always admire, and never hesitates to involve himself with charities. He is a true ball of sunshine.

Now onto Niall. I am a strong believer in the fact that Niall James Horan is a rainbow in human form. There isn’t one bad thing you could say about him, no matter how hard you try. He encourages us to love life, because that’s what he does. He smiles every day and you only have to hear his infectious laugh from a mile away before you’re doubled over too. He’s always quick to clear up rumours, showing he takes no nonsense and only wants his fans to know the truth. He also encourages us to love ourselves and to change things if we don’t like them, just like he got braces on his teeth. He sees the positives in every situation and is incredibly understanding when it comes to other people’s situations. Niall doesn’t care about impressing others and doesn’t think twice about popping out an Irish jig or two with his guitar on stage in front of thousands of people. The only ones he cares about impressing are those closest to him, which I think is a true talent.

Liam Payne. The boy who inspires me to never give up. If Liam didn’t go back to The X Factor in 2010, who knows what would’ve happened. He is proof that it is always worth giving things a second chance. Just like he tried things for a second time with his girlfriend and, although things didn’t work out in the end, he shows that it’s okay for things to go wrong because they will lead you on to better things in the future. He shows there is always happiness ahead no matter how badly you think things are going. Liam also spends his life going out of his way to make other people happy, whether that be on Twitter or in person. He shows us we should always look after others and be grateful for what we have in life. Additionally, Liam shows us its okay to experiment, whether that be with your style, your hair, anything. It’s good to try new things and Liam is a prime example that you don’t always have to have things 100% figured out. It’s okay to get things wrong and keep trying different things until you are happy. Liam Payne, you’re a teddy bear.

Last but not least, we have Mr. Styles. Harry sees the best in everything and everyone, never judging and always seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. He shows us we should take time to get to know people and hear their stories and it’s important to cherish the time we have with those around us. Although, he also shows how it’s important to take time for yourself to. We need alone time to work on ourselves and look after us. Harry has gone from someone who was very quiet and bothered about the opinions of others to someone who does whatever the hell he wants, which I love. He encourages us to be whoever we want to be, go to the places we want to go to, wear what we want to wear, spend time with the people we want to, regardless of what anyone says. He teaches us to be thankful for everything and use our power and positivity to help others. He taught me not to worry about getting things wrong, to live in the moment but also be sensible. Harry Styles has simply taught me how to LIVE and that being different isn’t a bad thing as it shows you are brave enough to be yourself.

One Direction spend their lives thanking their fans, but I only wish they would start realising how much they have done for us, for me. Yes they are attractive and yes they have the voices of angels but their personalities are golden and you can tell they genuinely care about their fans and making the world a better place. The relationship we have with them is second to none and it warms my heart to know we have such an unbreakable bond. They are always just as happy to meet fans as the fans are to meet them and nothing will ever compare to the smiles on their faces when they hear the crowd sing their lyrics back to them on stage. I am obsessed with the inside jokes we have which people think crazy from the outside. The One Direction fandom is the most hilarious, sassiest thing in the world and I freaking love it!! Personally, I believe One Direction and Directioners are the true definition of squad goals.

I have seen One Direction in concert four times. Once in 2012 at Key 103 Live, twice at the Take Me Home Tour and at the Where We Are Tour. I feel incredibly blessed to have been there and experienced those moments as I know many would give up everything to have been there too. If I could have any superpower, it would be the power to make sure everyone who has ever wanted to see their favourite artist in concert gets to see them in concert. One Direction concerts are an extraordinary thing. Once again, they help you escape. My concerts have always been during really dark times of my life but for those couple of hours when I am singing, dancing and screaming my socks off, none of that matters. Anyone will tell you that it’s like your whole mind goes blank and the only thing that’s important is the amazing time you’re having with the people in that room. You all come together because you share a common interest of the band which you have adored for years and you do not care who is judging you for shaking your booty! Nothing will ever compare to that feeling when you see the boys walk on stage. Your legs turn to jelly, you start to sweat and your natural instinct is just to scream. You forget words ever existed and shrieks are the only thing that can escape your lips. The flashes lighting up the venue during the slow songs, the sound of the audience singing the boys’ lyrics at the top of their voices never fail to give me Goosebumps. I truly believe a One Direction concert is one of the most enchanting places on earth, somewhere I would refer to as my safe haven and somewhere I would call home.

In every family, there is drama, and the One Direction family is no exception. I read some Tweets recently that said “being in the One Direction fandom is like looking both ways before you cross the road and then getting hit by an aeroplane” and “being in the One Direction fandom is like playing a new video game but skipping the tutorial so you’re just running around with no idea what’s going on.” They made me laugh so hard because they are so true! (But I do love it!) We have experienced our fair share of Twitter spats and controversial newspaper headlines but we still stand strong as a unit and support our boys through thick and thin, which is one thing that can be said about our fanbase, despite everything, the teasing we receive, the drama, the hate, the controversy, we still stick together and our boys know that we are always there for them. One Direction aren’t perfect and neither are we, we all know that, but that’s why it works. We all make mistakes, sometimes, things don’t go to plan, but that’s okay. Everything always works out in the end. 

One Direction will never be just a boyband. They are way beyond that. One Direction is an empire. A part of history. One Direction is the reason for the happiness of millions of people across the globe. They are heroes in the eyes of those who created them and can I just say I ADORE what we have created.

Love, Emily :) xx