104 Things The 1D Fandom Experienced In 2015

Any devotee of One Direction will know what 2015 has been quite an eventful year for us, to say the least. It has been drama, headlines and fights galore, but was also filled with many happy times and memories and friendships were created that will last a lifetime. Personally, it has been my favourite year as a 1D fan.

I have decided to compile a post of 50 things that the 1D family had to endure in 2015 which certainly wasn't hard as this year was anything but quiet! Although, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Congratulations to each and every 1D fan for surviving this year. Hey, we made it! Applause all round!

1) Start of the OTRA Tour

2) Harry's gold boots

3) Rainbow Bondage Bear

4) Niall and Melissa drama

5) AIMH Tweet hitting 1 million ReTweets

6) 'Stockholm Syndrome' getting added to the tour setlist

7) Zayn cheating rumours

8) Zayn taking a break from tour

9) Louis and the mystery girl

10) Elounor break up :(

11) Zayn leaving One Direction :(

12) Louis vs Naughty Boy

13) Party animal Louis

14) #OhNoNiall

15) Louis' charity football match

16) Great Gatsby Ball

17) Harry's thigh tattoo

18) Zayn at the Asian Awards

19) Liam the pool cleaner

20) zaynmalik1D to zaynmalik

21) "Remember when you had a life...."

22) Lilo pranking Niall

23) 'No Control' project

24) Corden's Angels playing dodgeball

25) Winning 2 Billboard Music Awards

26) Liam's speech getting cut off (#OhNoLiam)

27) Louis' fights with paparazzi

28) Coca Cola commercials 

29) Niall's hat

30) Capital Summertime Ball

31) Harry making the crowds moan and scream

32) Liam's Dubsmash videos

33) 'No Control' and '18' getting added to the tour setlist

34) Zayn's 'No Type' cover

35) Lilo water fights

36) 'Between Us' fragrance

37) Harry supporting LGBTQ+ community :)

38) Nouis at Glastonbury 

39) Sophiam in Orlando

40) #Action1D

41) 'Spaces' and 'Act My Age' getting added to the tour setlist

42) Harry's iconic fall on stage (#OhNoHarry)

43) Harry vs Seaworld

44) Zayn vs Naughty Boy

45) Babygate

46) Niall's fractured foot

47) One Direction joining Snapchat

48) Apple Music Festival

49) Harry's (beautiful) pink polka dot shirt

50) Harry Tweeting 'Hey Angel' Tweets, making us all believe it was a sad, emotional song

51) Harry's broken accessory navicular

52) 'Perfect'

53) Belfast show getting cancelled 

54) 5 years of One Direction

55) Louis ripping Liam's shirt

56) Naughty Boy pinata 

57) 'Drag Me Down' dropping whilst the world was asleep

58) Zerrie split :(

59) Louis hosting the Cinderella Charity Ball

60) 'Drag Me Down' music video

61) Split rumours

62) Louis changing his bio from 1/5 to 1/4

63) Larry meet and greet photos

64) 'Perfect' music video

65) 'Home'

67) Harry in WHITE JEANS!!!!

68) Crazy amounts of voting

69) Dan Wootton's articles

70) Sophiam! :(

71) Louis as an X Factor judge

72) End of the OTRA Tour

73) Larry hug!

74) 'Made In The A.M.'

75) 1D Live Lounge

76) The boys singing 'Torn'

78) OT4 selfies! (Thanks to Nialler)

79) London Session

80) Ellen

81) 1D potato

82) MITAM charted at Number 1 in the UK

83) Harry's robot app. Genius.

84) Jonathan Ross Show

85) Zayn and Gigi Hadid

86) The Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction 3

87) Niall's glasses

88) Niall and Selena

89) Lottie joining the boys hair and make-up team

90) Tattoo roulette 

91) Louis the cat

92) Harry's white, floral suit

93) Harry's hair growing insanely and beautifully long! *heart eyes*

94) Alan Carr Chatty Man

95) X Factor Final (I'm saying no more because it was too emotional!!!!) 

96) Start of the hiatus

97) Hary's red, Gucci suit

98) 'History' replacing 'Infinity' as the next single

99) The boys in Christmas jumpers

100) 1D Carpool Karaoke 

101) Louis and Danielle :)

102) Louis' bum tattoo

103) Harry covering his 'Things I Can' tattoo
Showing off his new bird! Harry Styles has revealed a brand new inking on his right forearm, of an eagle, during a snap with fans on holiday in the Caribbean

104) Liam's shirtless selfie 
Abs-tastic: Liam Payne showed little sign of festive over-indulgence as he shared a shirtless selfie on Tuesday, quickly gaining over 100k likes on Instagram within minutes

You don't realise how busy this year has been until you look back on it, do you?
Thank you to One Direction for filling this year with happiness for me and so many others and thank you to the 1D family for being as amazing as ever. I love you!

What was your 1D highlight of 2015? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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