Little Comments

Today, I went Christmas shopping wearing a ridiculous Christmas pudding hat which is so stupid its brilliant, plus, if you can't dress like a fool at Christmas time, when can you?
My day was made when five people complimented me on said hat. You'd usually love for a stranger to tell you that they like your hair, or ask you where your coat is from because they really like it, but the fact that people took time out of their day to notice my hat (well, it wasn't hard to spot, let's be honest) and say things that were really small made me smile.
Perhaps there was a lot of Christmas cheer in the air today!

The first comment came from a man walking around, shaking a bucket for people to put charity donations in. I approached him, put some money in the box and he said "thank you very much! I like your hat!" and that was that.

The second comment came from a lady working in Forever21. I walked over to the till, placed my items on the counter and before even asking me whether I would like a bag or if I found everything I was looking for in store today, she said "hi, I like your hat!" and that was that.

The third and fourth comments came from two ladies working in a cafe that I went in to for a drink. They called me over as I was next in line and before even thinking to ask what I wanted, they rather enthusiastically said "hey where did you get your hat from? Its fab!" and that was that.

The fifth and final, and also my favourite, comment came from a man walking past me on a busy street. As he was walking past he said "nice hat!" and, as I turned around, I noticed this middle-aged guy was wearing exactly the same ridiculous Christmas pudding hat as me...and it was brilliant.

These comments, although about something silly, are some of the best things I have heard all week.
I strongly urge you to take just a few seconds out of your day to compliment strangers as, you never know what kind of impact your tiny utterances may have on them. They could have just received some really bad news, had a stressful week or feel down about the fact that nobody ever takes notice of them. Even if they have had the best week ever, what's stopping you from making that week even better?
Compliments are something the world needs more of and they don't always have to come from those closest to you. 
You need no excuse to tell someone they look nice or you like their outfit. Even if you don't necessarily love their outfit, tell them that you do anyway! You never know, they could be feeling really self-conscious and not having feeling at all confident so your minute remark of "hi, I like your outfit" could be just the boost they need.
We are all guilty of walking past people in the street and thinking "omg I love her skirt" or "his shoes are so nice" or "I wish my hair looked like that" but why on Earth do we keep these thoughts to ourselves? I am pretty sure many people will have had thoughts like these about you, so wouldn't you like them to tell you? Exactly. Giving out compliments takes no thought at all and seconds to do, so why not do more of it? You know how good it feels to receive a compliment, so why don't we start making others feel good too, hey?

Make it your Christmas mission. I challenge you to compliment ten people in the next week and I promise it will make party poppers explode in your heart. :)

What is the nicest compliment a stranger has given you? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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