My Favourite Fictional Character // SPENCER HASTINGS

'Pretty Little Liars' is, without doubt, my favourite TV show and, not only am I obsessed with the show, I am obsessed with the characters! Spencer Hastings, played by Troian Bellisario, is my favourite fictional character from any book, TV programme, movie or play.

Here are 24 reasons why she is my Queen. ;)

1) Her friends always come first 

2) She even looks perfect whilst crying

3) Her smile is life

4) She is me in fictional character form

5) Can't beat her family's uplifting motto

6) She's always on hand with a reality check

7) She's learnt it's always okay to not be okay

8) She speaks fluent sarcasm

9) She is responsible for one of my favourite lines in any TV show ever

10) She just comes out with the best lines...which I often steal

11) I feel like this GIF explains enough by itself

12) She has the best facial expressions

13) She's always on hand with advice & a shoulder to cry on, even when she's losing it herself

14) She makes me laugh out loud SO hard

15) She's a strong, independent woman

16) The way she always corrects Hanna gives me life

17) She's gorgeous

18) She's one smart cookie, always figuring out the mystery



21) She knows how to rock a good hat

22) Her Halloween costumes are the best things in existence

23) She wears the nicest outfits. I'm obsessed with her preppy, collegiate style!

24) She gives me major hair envy!!

Troian Bellisario is, not only one of my favourite actors, but also just one of my favourite people in general! I love her and definitely see a lot of myself in Spencer!

Who is your favourite fictional character? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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