Beauty Hacks You Need To Know!

If I ever come across the chance to make my life a little bit easier, then I will, who won't!? That's why I'm a massive fan of beauty hacks and I always have my eyes peeled for new ones that I can try out which will either reduce the amount of money I need to spend, allow me to have five minutes extra in bed in the morning or allow me to leave the house looking a little more acceptable.
There are many beauty tips and tricks which I have picked up from various places online over the past few years and I now swear by quite a few so, I thought it was only fair for me to compile a big old blog post filled with 50 beauty hacks which you may find useful. You may never have even thought to use some of these, as I know I didn't! Be sure to let me know which ones you try out and love!

  1. If you run out of shaving cream, use conditioner! It works just as well, if not better!
  2. If you run out of eyeliner and are in desperate need of some, dip your brush into your mascara and use that!
  3. If you accidentally get mascara on your eyelid or anywhere else on your face when applying it, instead of trying to wipe it off instantly, wait for it to completely dry and you'll be able to just flick it off with a cotton wool bud.
  4. If your eyes are looking tired, use a white liner on your waterline to make them look more awake.
  5. Use a moisturiser to lighten your foundation if its too dark for your skin tone.
  6. Use a bank card above your eyelashes when applying mascara so it doesn't go onto your lid.
  7. Also, another way to prevent mascara on your eyelid is to simply look down and hold the mirror below you as you apply it.
  8. Dust a translucent face powder over your lipstick to make it matte.
  9. Apply a white nail polish before your coloured one to make the colour pop.
  10. Don't have a dotting tool to create cute nail art? Use a bobby pin!
  11. Spray bobby pins with hairspray before putting them in your hair for better hold,
  12. Apply a small amount of Vaseline to your wrists and neck before spraying perfume there to make the scent last longer.
  13. Speaking of Vaseline, put some into your eyebrows before plucking them to tame the hairs down and help you see which ones need to be plucked out!
  14. Apply bronzer in the shape of a number 3 over your forehead, cheekbones and jawline to get it in the right places.
  15. Apply concealer in a triangle shape underneath your eyes to brighten dark circles.
  16. When testing a foundation shade, do so on your neck, not your face, to ensure its the right colour and matches the rest of your body.
  17. Apply foundation before concealer, otherwise, you risk rubbing your concealer off when you blend foundation, plus, this means you won't need to use as much concealer.
  18. Use concealer around your lips to sharpen the edges of your lipstick.
  19. Make your nail polish dry faster by dipping your nails into cold water after painting them.
  20. Use shaving cream to remove foundation stains from your clothes.
  21. Warm up your eyelash curlers slightly with a hair-dryer to make your lashes curl easier.
  22. Dampen your eyeshadow brush slightly before applying eyeshadow to it to make the shadow more pigmented.
  23. Use Vaseline and sugar to create your own lip scrub to remove dry skin.
  24. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to your lipgloss to make your very own lip plumper.
  25. If you accidentally apply too much blusher, dust over it with your face powder to tone it down.
  26. Apply some make-up remover to a cotton wool bud and use it to remove any foundation from your lips or eyebrows.
  27. Apply a light shade of eyeshadow to the centre of your lips on top of lipstick to make your lips appear larger.
  28. To ensure you don't get lipstick on your teeth, after applying it, put your finger in your mouth and pull it back out again.
  29. Use two thin coats of clear nail polish to remove old nail polish if you are out of nail polish remover!
  30. Apply some PVA glue around your nails before attempting nail art, then, it doesn't matter if you get your finger covered in nail polish as you can just peal the glue off afterwards.
  31. Use a thin layer of concealer as an eyeshadow primer if you do not have one.
  32. Put on your eye make-up before concealing underneath your eyes as you can do it afterwards to clean up any fall down.
  33. Spray your spoolie with hairspray before brushing through your brows to help keep them in place.
  34. When you run out of your favourite mascara, keep the wand! You can then use the wand in any other mascara as it is usually the brush you like, not the actual product.
  35. Smashed your favourite eyeshadow? Blusher? Powder? Bronzer? Break it up as much as possible, smooth it over with some rubbing alcohol and leave it to dry - it will be as good as new!
  36. Try and make sure you apply your make-up in daylight or check it in daylight before leaving the house just to be sure it doesn't look a mess!
  37. Mascara is a lot harder to apply when its cold so run it under some water to warm up the product first, or, put it in your bra or in between your legs whilst doing the rest of your make-up.
  38. Run out of powder? Grab a bobby pin, break up what's left and dip your brush in. Tap off the excess and it will work as good as new!
  39. If you can't squeeze any more out of a bottle of moisturiser, shampoo or anything in a squirty tube, cut it in half and you will be able to access any product still inside!
  40. Add clear nail polish to either end of a ladder in your tights to prevent it from getting any bigger.
  41. Blowdry your hair with your head tipped upside down to add extra volume and make your hair appear more thick.
  42. Apply your eyeshadow with your finger, rather than a brush, to make it appear more pigmented as it will pick up the product better.
  43. When overlining your lips, only overline the Cupid's bow and, for the outer corners, follow your natural lip line. This will make your lips look more naturally large.
  44. After washing your make-up brushes and they are wet, tip them upside down and roll them between your hands. Water will probably shoot out everywhere but it will help to preserve the fluffiness!
  45. Apply some sellotape or masking tape to the bottom of your eye to act as a guide for eyeliner and to give you that perfect flick!
  46. When blending foundation, try to use downwards strokes with your brush. This will flatten down any natural little hairs on your face and make your skin appear more natural and soft.
  47. Add a couple of tiny drops of contact lens solution or eye make-up remover to a dried up mascara to help you get away with using it a few more times! 
  48. Spray your hairbrush with perfume before brushing your hair to give it a lovely scent!
  49. Does curling your hair take forever? Tie your hair into a ponytail THEN curl it. This saves so much time as you are just curling chunks of the pony, not each individual section of your hair.
  50. To create a gradient, ombre lip, apply some matte, white eyeshadow to the centre of your top and bottom lip and pat your lips together.
What are your favourite beauty hacks that I should try? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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