Primary School Memories

I don't know about you, but my years spent in Primary School were some of the happiest years of my life. How amazing was it when you were only a toddler, still yet to discover things about the world, made new friends every day, played pretend games and was able to enjoy school because every day was just one, big, new adventure?!
There are many things which a lot of us associate with Primary School and there are a lot of memories which we all have in common from those Reception up until Year 6 years. So, go grab your nostalgia cap and get comfy, because its time for a good old trip down memory lane to look back on the things we all remember from Primary School....

Being absolutely beside yourself when you walked into a P.E Lesson and saw that the teacher had this set up

You knew your teacher had planned a good lesson when she whipped out a worksheet with this snazzy border on it

Going swimming with your class and always wondering why the floats had chunks bitten out of them

Buying your wardrobe from here
Being the centre of attention in class when you came in with these bad boys

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Not being able to hear the number '64' without singing the theme tune to this

Spending the entirety of your time in Primary School balancing one of these on your head or throwing them into a hoop

You knew Christmas was coming when the teacher did Christmas activities

This being the absolute soundtrack to your life

It wasn't a good music lesson unless the trolley came out

Life's hardest decision

Every P.E Lesson involved at least one of these three things

Absolutely peeing your pants with excitement when the Book Fair arrived and you got a free book

The most fun thing you ever experienced

Always wanting to be top of the class on the Star Chart

Being jealous of the one person in class who was a boss at making these and always getting them to make you one

Being convinced you were the next world class gymnast after demonstrating your talents in P.E

Having your own tray and loving the lessons at the end of term when you sorted through them and got to reminisce on the past year

Walking into assembly like a boss in Year 6 because you got to sit on the benches and the peasants had to sit on the floor

Every lunch box contained these

Being an absolute genius on Microsoft Paint

These made for the best Maths lessons
You knew it was a good day when the Dinner Ladies put this out for pudding

Every single Year 5 boy had a pair of these fresh kicks

Being everyone's Woman Crush Wednesday when you came back from holiday with your hair like this

Having an absolute blast on The Life Bus with Harold

When your teacher said she needed someone to take the register down to the office

Feeling like you'd just won a Grammy when the teacher put your work on the wall

Practically screaming when your teacher got this guy out of the cupboard

Being the envy of all your friends when you got one of these for Christmas

Loving life when the teacher opened a new box of felt tips

The only time life was worth living was when you got to watch TV in lesson

Always trying, and failing, to push all of the colours down at once in your magical pen

Pretending to go and sharpen your pencil just so you could talk to your friend at the bin

You knew you'd made it when you got to use one of these

This needs no explanation 
The free milk

The elastic ties

Having your lunch on one of these

Having your feet measured on these when you bought new school shoes

Always having to listen to your teacher telling the story of the kid who swung on his chair so hard he fell backwards and cracked his head open

Learning to play the recorder

Having your shirt signed when you left

Let me know what you thought of this post! I had so much fun putting it together! I would also love to know, if you aren't from England, what was your experience of lower school like? 

What were your favourite Primary School memories? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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