What We Can Expect From PLL Season 6B

Can you believe it has already been almost five months since we came fAce to fAce with A? I know I can't! The PLL timejump is fast approaching and with trailers, episode sypnosises and behind the scenes photos flying around here, there and everywhere, I, for one, could not be more excited to find out what 6B holds....
WARNING: If you aren't caught up with Pretty Little Liars, I would advise you to click off this blog post now, as I would hate to spoil anything for you!

This time next week, we will all be sat on the edge of our seats, popcorn in hand, eyes glued to the TV as the commercials before the first episode of PLL Season 6B are airing. The theme song we all know and love will then start to play and we will lose all of our inhibitions and it will feel like Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Alison never left. However, when the liars return this time, things will be slightly different.
As you will probably know. PLL is about to jump five years forward and we will no longer be watching our baby faced girls chase A around Rosewood High. The girls will be older, have careers, relationships, new haircuts, new clothes and a new mystery to solve. A new 'big bad' is out to get them, but this villain has much more up their sleeve than nasty text messages and playing with dolls. They mean business and lives will be on the line,

Having read spoilers and stalked the PLL social media accounts since Summer, my excitement for the new season to begin could not be more real. Despite the fact that people will have changed and my OTPS may no longer be together, I am most intrigued to see how everything pans out and get my sleepless nights back as I spend every minute of every day trying to come up with theories as to who on earth is out to get the girls!

Below are things we can expect to see in the upcoming season of PLL...

1) We get to see Spencer with a FRINGE!! Well, 'bangs' as she's American, which sounds way better than 'fringe'

2) Ali will finally be included in the opening titles!

3) We will get to see all of the girls do the 'SHH!'

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4) The girls all look even hotter than ever before! Just look at the photoshoot photos!

5) Hanna will be engaged but not to Caleb :( 


6) Aria will have a new boyfriend (*sobs* Ezria)

7) According to Tyler Blackburn, there will be "a lot more skin...." *raises eyebrows*
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8) Aria will work in writing/publishing

9) There will be more deaths/funerals
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10) Ali asks the girls to come back to Rosewood to help her get Charlotte released
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11) Alison stayed in Rosewood and became a teacher

12) Emily has the biggest secrets and lies about her life whilst she was away
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13) Spencer and her Mom will be working in the world of politics

14) Spoby are no longer together as they "really fell apart" :(

15) Radley was turned into a hotel
Pretty Little Liars Season 6

16) The girls go back to the Dollhouse!

17) The texts will be displayed in a different way, on screen, and will still be used to torture the girls

18) Ezra wrote a book during the five years everyone was apart
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19) Spencer and Caleb will be close friends after meeting up in Spain
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20) Ezra is in a really bad place as something tragic happened to him in the five years

21) Ali becomes involved with Dr. Rollins, who is also a psychologist for Charlotte, it is rumoured they will be married

22) Hanna works in the fashion industry

23) Sara (Shower) Harvey will be back...

24) Emily's Dad will have passed away :(

25) Aria looks suspicious and, supposedly, has a secret

26) The girls are there for one another and still have a strong bond

27) The girls will still have flashbacks to the days of A and the Dollhouse

28) Melissa is BACK! (I really love Melissa for some reason haha!)

29) Everything will move at a much faster pace

30) The new 'Big Bad' will be related to someone and we will pretty much know who by the end of 6B

So, there was 30 things to expect for certain from the upcoming season of PLL! I have no idea how I have managed to survive this long without new episodes each week but knowing that in seven days time my favourite humans from my favourite TV show will be fulfilling my needs once more makes me very very happy indeed!

Let me know your thoughts on the new season! Will you be watching?

What are you most excited for this season? <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. I love the fact that Radley has been turned into a hotel! Imagine staying there and then finding out what it used to be... *shivers*

    1. Ah me too! I don't think I could ever go in there again if I was one of the Liars haha! I cannot wait for 6B though!! Xx