Alexander McQueen Fall 2016 // LFW

The fact that the designer Sarah Burton is about to have her third baby in two weeks didn't stop her from creating the most breathtakingly beautiful Alexander McQueen Collection for Fall 2016 and she can start her maternity leave knowing she crafted something dreams are made of.
This Collection glided down the runway with ease and I can imagine jaws dropped multiple times as spectators clasped eyes on the sheer beauty of the pieces. But the Collection wasn't just glittery and feminine as there were some harsher pieces in there too in the form of chunky black coats and androgynous style suits.
However, sheer fabrics made regular appearances and floral prints were popular, showing we can still rock the pretty pieces in the colder weather, plus, these pieces were often teamed with faux fur duvets.
The Collection began very dark, full of black pieces but, as the show went on, it progressed to white and became more delicate, consisting of lace, jewels and hand-drawn flowers.
Despite not being your typical Autumn Collection that features burgundy jackets and black boots and instead incorporating open toe shoes and butterflies, this is definitely a very fine Alexander McQueen Collection as each item is simply a work of art.

Shall we take a look at some of my favourite looks from the show?

Which of these Alexander McQueen pieces do you want in your Autumn wardrobe? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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