Ashish Fall 2016 // LFW

Excuse me, but can we just take a minute....this is a show which needs to be talked about! This Fall Ashish Collection was popping like popcorn all down that runway and I think it would be impossible for you to take a look at the photos without having a smile on your face!
Despite being showcased on a Monday, the Ashish Collection certainly had Saturday night party vibes to it! It's bright, colourful and unlike anything I have ever seen (in the best possible way!)
Ashish Gupta said he was initially inspired by a box of crayons as he thought it would be lovely to have each girl head-to-toe in one colour, and I think it as a genius idea! Don't you just love the wigs? They almost take the attention away from the model and really make you focus on the pieces themselves, plus, the add the fun factor x100!
There are a lot of sequins and sparkles in this Collection, a lot of fringing and a few bows here and there. There are no quirky prints or crazy cuts, everything is very simple yet vibrant and beautiful.
I first saw the photos from this Collection on Instagram and it almost gave me a heart attack as I couldn't believe a fashion show could be so vivacious and dazzling! You really would only get a show like this at LFW!

It was very difficult to narrow it down, but here are some of my favourite looks from the Collection.

What are your thoughts on this eccentric style of fashion show? Personally, I would love to wear one of those wigs! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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