Burberry Fall 2016 // LFW

I want my entire wardrobe to be made up wholly of Burberry at the best of times but, after seeing the latest Fall Collection at London Fashion Week, its safe to say that I have a new crush, not on a person, but on their clothes.
I can't be the only one who went all heart eyes when they first caught a glimpse of the new Burberry Fall Collection, or the only one of goes all heart eyes when they see anything made by Burberry in general.
Their Fall Collection is classic Burberry and you would be able to tell if someone was wearing it in public. Of course, there has got to be some tartan in there, especially in coat form. There are some heavy, checkered printed jackets which scream 'British' to you, some of which have a faux fur collar.
This collection also heavily consists of the classic Autumn colours of deep reds, khakis, blacks and some gorgeous rich blues. Burberry have also gone with some metallic pieces this time, perfect for party season and there were quite a few printed pieces in there, including dresses with some lovely floral designs and shirts made up of colours that shouldn't work together but definitely do.

Burberry's models kept it natural with minimal make-up and the bed-head hairstyle, however, when you've got a Collection as amazing as this one, you want all of the focus to be on the clothes, for sure!

Check out my favourite looks from the runway!

Which Burberry items were your favourites? <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. Their collection is always so elegand and still perfect for everyday. It can inspaire you in so many ways I love it ♥ amazing post.

    1. Yes, I agree! Burberry is just such an amazing, iconic brand! Thank you very much for reading, lovely! :) xx