How To Make Other People Happy

We all know how amazing it feels when someone attempts to try and put a smile back on our face when we're feeling down and how warm and fuzzy we feel inside when someone pays attention to us when we feel like nobody is paying attention to us at all. So why don't we try to make others feel this amazing more often?
There are a lot of little things which you can do to make somebody else happy, whether that's a stranger in the street who you may not even know is having a bad day, or a close friend who has seemed a little blue lately. Whether someone is going through a rough time or not, it's always important to try and make an effort to make their heart smile, because who doesn't want to feel even better than they already do?

Here are some tiny things which you can do to make a big difference. None of them cost an arm and a leg, nor do they involve you putting your life on the line, they are all simple acts of kindness, some of which take seconds to carry out, which can potentially make another person's life a little better.

1.     Hold the door open for someone 
2.     Let someone go in front of you in a queue in a shop
3.     Buy someones lunch
4.     Lend someone the extra 10p they need to buy something
5.     Pick something up if someone has dropped it
6.     Call someone up unexpectedly just to chat about nonsense
7.     Send someone a text to ask how their day is
8.     Lend someone your phone when they have no signal or credit on theirs
9.     Offer someone a lift rather than having them fork out for a bus or taxi
10. Offer to take a photo of someone if you see them taking a selfie
11. Tell someone you like their outfit
12. Ask someone about their favourite band or musician, let them talk about their music!
13. Smile at someone rather than walking past them with your head down
14. Buy someone a present
15. Leave a nice comment on someones Instagram selfie
16. Reply to a Tweet on your Timeline from someone who is feeling a bit sad
17. Encourage someone to keep talking in a group of people, even when they get interrupted
18. Allow someone to stand underneath your umbrella when its raining
19. Give up your seat on the bus
20. Smile at the person who is stopped next to you at the traffic lights
21. Tell someone a funny story in an elevator
22. Ask someone if they need anything from the shops when you're going anyway
23. Let someone purposely win when playing a game
24. Ask an elderly person to tell you a story about their past
25. Simply ask someone how they are
26. Woken up to snow all over your car? Brush it off your neighbour's car too
27. Offer to mow your neighbour's lawn
28. Tell someone you love them
29. Post a collage with someone and Instagram and accompany it with a cute caption
30. Offer to go somewhere with someone if they have no one to go with, they may really want to go and see a new movie at the cinema but no one will go with them
31. Just give someone a compliment on something that isn't their appearance
32. Give someone a tip, whether that be a waiter, a shop assistant or a hairdresser
33. Offer to make someone a cup of tea
34. Tell someone when they have lipstick on their teeth
35. Bring up an old, happy memory you have with someone so you can sit and reminisce about the good times and laugh for hours
36. Go and sit with someone who's sat on their own
37. Write someone a letter (yes those do still exist!)
38. Send someone a text with a link to a funny YouTube video
39. Offer someone a hug
40. Tell someone that you hope they have a nice day

   These are all small things which could have a much bigger impact than you think. Let me know if you do any of them and, also, which little things make your day!

When you wake up in the morning, do so with the intention of making someone else happy <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. Very lovely basics, kept reading till end. Literally smiley worthy tips. Thanks for sharing
    Love, Sia l

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment, Sia! Thank you for reading too, I'm glad you enjoyed. :) xx