YouTubers You Need To Watch

I am a YouTubeaholic and will watch it over TV any day. Well, unless Pretty Little Liars, The Chase or The Apprentice is on, but I definitely watch YouTubers far too often, but have no shame in saying so. I am always on the hunt for new YouTubers to get into and think there's nothing better than finding a new YouTuber and binge-watching them for hours on end.
I thought I would recommend some of my favourite YouTubers to you, some of whom don't have the world's biggest subscriber counts but have massive places in my heart. Some are also relatively new to YouTube too, YouTube babies if you will, and so I think it would be lovely for you to be able to get to know them so early on and watch them grow!

I watch YouTube videos of all varieties from fashion hauls to make-up tutorials to challenges to vlogs and have become so invested in the people that I watch so religiously that I am now able to watch any content that they produce and thoroughly enjoy it.

Without further a do, here are some YouTubers that you may not have heard of but which I most definitely think you should watch as they always brighten up my Subscriptions list!

Daisie Smith // Beauty's Big Sister
I have been subscribed to Daisie since day 1 and followed her even before she created her YouTube channel! If I remember correctly, I was around her 600th subscriber and I remember the evening on which she uploaded her first video and I struggled immensely to contain my excitement. Daisie regularly posts make-up tutorials, celebrity get the looks, vlogs, favourites videos and the cutest chatty videos with her cousins Harry and Sophia. Her make-up knowledge is second to none and you know that, if Daisie tells you you're going to love a product, you're going to love it! She doesn't half know what she's talking about! Also, she uses many drugstore products and shows you how to work with them to achieve the best possible look, meaning you can recreate everything she does at home and still get the same flawless results. Daisie's videos put a massive smile on my face every Sunday. She never misses an upload and, as her name suggests, you really do feel as though she is your big sister! Daisie Smith, one of the most underrated make-up connoisseurs with the most amazing eyelashes!

Em Ford // My Pale Skin
Em is someone who I love and admire to pieces. You may have seen her 'You Look Disgusting' video, which got an astronomical amount of views, or spotter her on Kylie Jenner's Instagram as part of her #IAmMoreThan Campaign. Em's make-up tutorials are. without a doubt, some of my favourite to watch and I often just sit and watch them for hours when I have nothing to do. Her application skills, particularly with eyeshadow, blow my mind and, as someone who suffers with severe acne myself, I find great comfort in Em's videos. She certainly makes you feel as though you are not alone with your skin problems and shows you how to work with them to make yourself feel amazing again. She is honestly loveliness personified and is someone I could watch all day without getting bored. Em Ford, the lady who deserves trillions of subscribers and needs to stop being so perfect!

Jake Boys
Jake is by far one of my favourite male YouTuber. His videos are really well edited, they are short, snappy, straight to the point but oh my life does he make me laugh! Its rather difficult to put into words, however, he has given me physical stomach pain from laughing so hard at his videos, he is so naturally hilarious and is someone I would love to spend a day with! His vlogs in particular are my favourites and him and his beautiful girlfriend Emily (featured below) are my absolute favourite couple. He is truly dedicated to his channel and I cannot bring myself to not watch his videos. He is always so happy and smiley on camera and is a YouTuber who clearly cares about his audience and wants to make their days as bright as possible. Jake Boys is a true sweetheart and is the type of person that the world needs more of. He is caring, adorable, has the most infectious laugh and just try watching one of his videos without LOLing, I dare you.

Emily Canham
Emily and Jake are my two favourite YouTubers and daily vloggers and are two people who's videos I will watch a thousand times and still want to watch again. Emily's make-up is always flawless, even when she believes it not to be, and I spend my life screaming at my screen "TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!" Her application skills are insane and I think she has some of the best tutorials on YouTube. I love her vlogs too as they are so relaxed and comforting to watch. She isn't always running around doing photoshoots, having meetings or going out to parties, but that is why I love her, probably because I feel as strong connection to her as she is very much like me. Her vlogs are so chilled out and always give me the biggest Jemily feels! Emily is gorgeous, both inside and out and with or without make-up, and is also another person who strives to make her viewers happy. She is a lovely soul with the prettiest smile and warm personality.

Corrie // DizzyBrunette3
Corrie is a ball of sunshine. Her videos are calming and make you feel as though you are watching your best friend! Not only is a she beautiful, but she has a massive heart and knows how to make you smile. You know you can trust her opinion and her make-up tutorials are always informative and she sure knows her stuff. I love her vlogs too as they are very relaxed and are perfect to get into whilst curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate! If you're looking for someone always upbeat and totally concerned with you enjoying their content, then Corrie is for you. Oh and if you're after footage of an adorable dog or an amazing Instagram feed, Corrie is your girl!

Hannah // FabulousHannah
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Every day I find myself asking the question "why on Earth does this girl not have more subscribers?" I feel like Hannah is the type of person everyone needs in their life and she certainly is the most fabulous one I have ever come across! I strongly believe that Hannah is totally like me, not only due to her interests and opinions, but also her humour. Her dry sense of humour and quick wit make my life complete and she is forever using my favourite puns, love a good pun I do. She is always bubbly on camera, never misses an upload, nor does she upload videos that are just adequate. I also will not be able to rest peacefully until I know Hannah has created a baking channel as boy could I watch her baking videos all day long. She's young, in the know, has a wise head on her shoulders and is someone that you will find it impossible to regret hitting 'Subscribe' to.

Jasmin // JazzyBum

If you're after a YouTuber who is a rainbow in human form, Jasmin is the one for you. I have watched her for the longest time, since she was only a YouTube newbie, and I can safely say she hasn't uploaded a video where she isn't beaming the whole way though or laughing at herself. She's one of the most down to earth people I have come across online and her videos are always of the highest quality. She has the best top knot skills you will ever witness and you only have to hear her "OH HEYYY" at the start of her videos and you're already in a good mood. Plus. her beauty and life hacks will honestly save your life! She is the true definition of 'the girl next door' and always aims to make other people feel a little bit better about themselves. Jasmin, AKA the Primark loving, story telling bundle of joy.

Sophie // Sophie Belle

Never did I think I would find a Disney Princess in YouTuber form, but now I have in the form of Sophie. I have never stumbled across someone so sincere, kind-hearted and who honestly wants nothing more than to put light back into other people's lives. Watching her videos, I find, is a great way to relax, and even her voice is incredibly soothing. I especially love her vlogs, she has the best hauls (particularly her Primark ones!) and gives helpful advice. I think everybody needs a Sophie in their lives and I can't believe she doesn't even 100,000 subscribers! Just one of her videos is enough to make you feel rejuvenated and ready for the day!

Amy Pocock // HeyAmyJane

I remember subscribing to Amy when she barely had subscribers. I remember her transforming from 'TheCameraLiesBeauty' to 'HeyAmyJane' and have watched her blossom over what feels like a matter of moments. I loved Amy when she featured on DailyMix's Beauty Bootcamp competition and always thought her make-up tutorials were amazing. She often voices her opinion and spreads positivity on her channel, which is another reason to love her, and speaks very openly about mental illness, giving some great advice. She's loyal, kind, funny, always wants the best for everyone and, even when she was kicked down, has never given up on her channel. Plus, she always has the best hair colours! If you're after after a princess living in her own little fantasy world with a heart the size of Jupiter, head over to Amy!

Lucy & Lydia

Lucy and Lydia's channel just keeps getting bigger and seeing them succeed makes my heart want to explode! I have loved them for so long and I am so glad the world is finally learning about them! I often feel like they are me in twin form. We love the same music, YouTubers, have all the same obsessions, its scary! I remember when I found out they got to meet Little Mix and One Direction and I have never been happier for anyone in my entire life. Not only are they amazingly talented at make-up and hair, but they have the singing voices of Angels and their 'Get The Look' videos are some of the best on the Internet! They spend hours editing to get everything looking perfect, it's impossible to find a mistake in a Lucy and Lydia video! They're bubbly, smiley and you only have to hear them say "HI EVERYONE AND WELCOME BACK TO OUR CHANNEL" and you're sucked into a world of happiness and rainbows! Their Instagram feeds are so on point too, its a joke.

Lily Melrose

Lily is so real, she literally is the realest. She says it how it is but is still always kind and lovely. Her fashion sense is incredible and you only have to watch one of her 'Get Ready With Me's' before you want to watch thousands! Her editing is slick, professional and you know that you can trust her opinions. She makes you feel as though you are watching someone you have known for years as her videos are so chilled. I am in love with her vlogs too, oh and her love for her cat! The only thing I don't like about Lily are her Haul videos. Why? Because she makes me want to buy EVERYTHING! BE WARNED: Do not watch Lily's Topshop hauls because she will buy all of the nicest clothing and force you to spend ALL OF YOUR MONEY! ;) Lily Melrose, not only does she have a cool surname, but she's one of the coolest ladies online.

Roxi // Roxxsaurus

In my opinion, Roxi is one of  the most underrated YouTubers. Whether you're looking for make-up tutorials, hair tutorials, routine videos, hauls or tags, her channel has everything you could ever need and more. Not only do I love the quality of her videos as they are so bright and consistent, but she's probably one of the sweetest girls you will come across on YouTube. She also has some of the best DIYs and her hack videos have changed my life in so many ways, so you NEED to take a look at those! I spend most of my life, since discovering Roxi, questioning how she could possibly be so gorgeous and I still haven't found the answer so, if any of you do, please let me know, oh, and her cat is a beauty as well!

Lex // Tyrannosauruslexxx
If you don't laugh at least 73 times throughout one of Lex's videos, I'm not sure you're watching them correctly. Her sense of humour makes my life and I still do not understand how one lady can be such a comedy genius. Even when her videos are more serious, for example her make-up tutorials, she always puts her own stamp on them and makes them comical. If you're having a bad day, Lex is certainly the person to watch, or if you're having a great day and just want it to be even better! Her videos are random yet relatable and she is honest yet says everything you are probably thinking. Lex is a babe, period.

Mark Ferris
I cannot tell you how happy I am that I discovered Mark. First of all, we just have to address the fact that he has one of the most amazing laughs you will ever come across and, even if what he's laughing at isn't funny, I know you'll laugh once you hear his cackle. He is friendly, kind and is always looking to spread positive vibes. I love his collaborations and how down to Earth he is. Plus, his hair really is just on another level (the best kind of level of course). His videos are fun and he is someone who you just want to hug forever when you watch them. Mark Ferris is definitely the best friend you wish you had in your life. Ooh, and Mark, can we do awful car singing together? Thanks.

Danielle PeazerEmbedded image permalink
And last, but never least, we have one of the biggest babes of all, Miss Danielle Peazer. I have been a Danielle fan since 2011 and so have had the pleasure of watching her blossom over the years. She has now ventured into the world of YouTube and is still finding her feet so you definitely should show her some love! There's something for everyone on her channel, beauty videos, Q&As, even fitness videos! She's funny, witty, happy and she really is the girl next door so you know that everything that comes out of her mouth is her own, honest opinion. She gives great advice and has always stayed loyal to her supporters. I, personally, cannot wait to see what Danielle's YouTube future holds for her, although, one thing I do know is that she will only get more beautiful by the day, if that's possible! If that hasn't induced you to check out her channel, I reckon you should do so purely for her amazing facial expressions. ;)

Who are your favourite YouTubers? As I said, I am always on the hunt for new ones! <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. We definitely have a similar kind of taste when it comes to watching YouTube. There are so many of these youtubers that I loveee and the ones I've never watched before I'll definitely be checking out! Ellie xo

    1. Yay twins hehe! :) thank you so much for reading, Ellie! You'll have to let me know who you start watching! Xx

  2. I also follow Daisie since her first video because I'm Andy's follower and they used to date, she's so cute. I LOOOOOOVE Lucy and Lydia, they're so so cute!


    1. Yes I remember that! I can't believe how far she has come! :) LucyAndLydia are AMAZING hehe! Thank you very much for reading, Rita! <3 xx