Cbeebies TV Shows I Watched When I Was Younger

One of my favourite pass times is watching episodes of TV shows that used to be nothing less than my actual life when I was younger. Although, when you watch old TV shows back, they're never quite the same as you remember them to be, are they? And the camera and acting quality aren't all your brain thought they were cracked up to be.
However, that doesn't stop me from watching my childhood TV programmes for hours on end whilst sat in bed until the early hours of the morning until I am lost in my own little world and go to sleep convinced that I am actually 8 again.
I also love having conversations with my friends about TV shows that we used to watch, even if most of their favourites aired on Disney Channel, whereas I was more of a Cbeebies girl.

Time to get your nostalgia caps on as I take you on a trip down memory lane and show you some of my favourite TV shows which I used to love as a small child on the Cbeebies channel. I will also be uploading a part 2 tomorrow, featuring shows from CBBC which I became obsessed with as I got slightly older - so keep your eyes peeled! These blog posts involved a lot of rewatching of old kids' TV shows on YouTube and I defiinitely had a lot of fun bingewatching them...for research purposes only of course.

You may not have even heard about some of these if you aren't from the UK, in which case, A) I totally recommend you check them out and B) please let me know what shows you loved as a child!

Weren't these four just the original squad goals? I think so, even if Milo did annoy me at times and I loved nothing more than watching him get slayed by Bella! My favourite was always Fizz, as I definitely saw a lot of myself in her. Isn't it strange how you look back at old TV characters you used to love and suddenly realise why you loved them so much? I also spent a lot of the time wanting to hug Jake as he was just the loveliest ball of sunshine! I always wish I went to a nursery like the one this lot went to because 1) they always had the most fun and 2) there only ever seemed to be the four of them there (with the exception of Max, Judy and the dogs - who I always wanted to cuddle) although it was never clear how old the Tweenies actually were, or why, in fact they were named 'The Tweenies' haha! Finally, here's some Tweenies Trivia for you. Did you know that the man who provided the voice of Jake was Justin Fletcher, you know, that guy from Something Special? Also, did you know that Max and Milo were voiced by the same person?

Now, I'll be  the first to admit that, at first glance, these eyebrow-less creatures do look rather terrifying but, when you're a child and hear that sunshine giggling and the intro song start to play, you could not be more excited, plus, looking back at them now, I am struggling to contain myself because just look at how adorable they are! They also look super cuddly and I would not object to being squished inside a Teletubby sandwich...now there's a sentence I never thought I would write. Teletubby land always looked like such a magical place and oh the things I would do to hang out with Po, because she always was my favourite, eat Tubby toast and borrow Tinky Winky's handbag.

Come Outside
Ahh, Auntie Mabel and Pippin! Two beings who actually taught me a lot about the world when I was younger and 'Come Outside' was probably a lot more educational than we think! I know I personally learnt a lot about how systems worked and the process things went through for them to be made. The episode I always remember is the one where Aunt M and Pippin took a trip to a toothpaste factory, it was probably my favourite haha! I always loved their relationship and would've killed for a ride in that epic spotty aeroplane! 

Postman Pat
Don't lie, I know you're already singing the theme tune in your head! Honestly, children's TV shows used to have the best intro songs! Who doesn't wish they had a postman like Pat? He was the perfect friendly, country Postman who always went out of his way to resolve the problems of his fellow villagers, Plus, I don't think I ever realised that he had a personalised registration plate! 'PAT 1?' this guy was so cool and I didn't even know! I think we all need a guy like him in our lives! Also, fun fact, did you know that Pat's surname was Clifton? Because I didn't!

Fireman Sam
Fireman Sam's appearance has changed a lot over the years, but this guy will always be the OG "hero next door." Sam was always on hand to help when things went wrong and, once again, is the kind of guy everyone needs in their life. I always looked forward to seeing what this wonderful Welsh man got up to in each episode. Did you know that Pontypandy, the name of the town in which the series is set, is actually a combination of Pontypridd and Tonypandy, two actual towns in Wales?

I remember having a Noddy doll with a little bell on top of his hat and being in love with it! Noddy's Toyland Adventures will always be a classic and I don't think anyone could ever tire of seeing him drive around in his red and yellow taxi, which I always wanted a ride in. Also, who else wishes they had a BFF like Big Ears? I do! I was always glad when him, and Noddy's other friends, were on hand to help when he was tricked by the wicked goblins! Noddy always remained happy though and, hence his name, always ended up laughing and nodding his head to ring his bell on his hat! Definitely a very happy programme of mine. 

Definitely the cutest car in existence, right? Although, I have never thought about how mischievous Brum was until now, sneaking off to have adventures around the city when his owner wasn't looking! What a rebel! Even this tiny car is more hardcore than I will ever be. Despite not speaking, Brum still managed to express himself in a number of ways, such as opening and closing his doors and flashing his lights. The penny has also only just dropped that this little guy was named 'Brum' as the show was set in Birmingham (Brum is a more colloquial name for the city). You don't half realise a lot about children's TV when you get older! 

The Story Makers
"The sun is down, the stars are bright, Story Makers come out at night!" I always looked forward to seeing what tales Jelly, Jackson and story maker would recite from the story machine, otherwise known as your ordinary desktop computer. My favourites just had to be the blue cow stories, they were best! This show certainly encouraged my creativity and expanded my imagination and was one which I always got excited about before bed. It was always a shame when dawn broke and the story makers had to leave the library! 

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
I would go as far as to say that this was my favourite TV show when I was younger. I loved nothing more than catching up with Maggie, Hamilton and Beast's adventures before I went to bed! Maggie was always so positive and knew how to make the best of a bad situation when Hamilton, bless his cotton socks, and Beast were having trouble. Although, it did always baffle me how she managed to fit her map inside her hat or how Hamilton managed to squish all of his belongings into that box he lived in! This was such a heart-warming, feel good show which I don't think enough people watched!

The Shiny Show
You don't quite realise how bizarre the shows were that you used to watch until you rewatch them when you're older, do you? Although, to be honest, I still find it hard to look at tin foil without referencing The Shiny Show in my head! I always played along with the quizzes and enjoyed being entertained by Tigs, Dogsby and Mukka!

Blue's Clues

To say that I was obsessed with Blue's Clues would be the world's biggest understatement. I had multiple teddies of Blue, three of which are still in my bed now! (Don't judge haha) The show was so fun and took viewers on a journey of discovery as Blue jumped from one animated scene to another, eventually leading to the presenter sitting in The Thinking Chair, wearing his striped green sweater, to try and solve the puzzle. Blue's Clues will always be one of my favourites and Blue will always be the best TV dog in my opinion!

Bob The Builder

I know you're already singing the theme tune! Wasn't it always a great feeling at the end of each episode when Bob and the team had completed their job and worked as a team to overcome the obstacles? I loved the relationships the characters had, my favourite machines being Lofty, as I often felt a great deal of sympathy for him and wanted to hug him, and Scoop, because he was just lovely. I feel like most of the population grew up with Bob and he was just an all-round great guy who everyone loved. Every town needs a Bob the Builder. Don't worry, we won't talk about the 2014 Bob the Builder who has had a makeover. It breaks my heart too.


What I love about Pingu now is actually the lack of language in it, showing how it is a show suitable for any country and I also love how the character's babbling was so bewildering to adults yet made perfect sense to children! Pingu's adventures were a highlight of my childhood and I loved seeing him get into mischief with Robby the Seal!

Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy was just an absolutely lovely show. Plus, Andy just looked the sweetest in his blue and white striped pyjamas! I loved watching him, Looby Loo and Teddy play together and it was a show that always put a smile on my face. Why he was called 'Andy Pandy' I still do not know, but what I do know is that it is a programme I will always remember.

Big Cook Little Cook

I remember feeling as though my whole life was a lie when I discovered that Small wasn't actually as tiny as the show made him out to be, I mean, childhood ruined or what? Nevertheless, I loved seeing him fly around on his little wooden spoon and always thought Ben was the nicest cook you could ever come across! Although, I was disappointed that we never got to see who they were cooking the food for haha! The show was fun, but also educational as Small showed us where ingredients were made as he travelled to the factories on his magic spoon and the songs accompanying activities such as washing up were always good. Isn't it ironic how the actor who played Small is actually taller than the actor who played Ben?


I have actually been to Balamory (or Tobermory, where it was actually filmed) on holiday and I can safely say that it is just as magical in real life as it is on screen! I saw all of the character's houses and went in the shop! Balamory was one of the best TV shows, I think, my favourite characters being PC Plum, because he was just an Angel yet always seemed to be in some sort of sticky situation, and Spencer, who was just way too cool and who I totally shipped with Miss Hoolie (before shipping was even a thing haha!) I was Balamory obsessed and always wanted to eat the cakes that Penny and Suzie had in their cafe and ride around in Edie Mcredie's bus! Plus, I wish I actually went to nursery there! I could still sit and watch this programme all day long!

64 Zoo Lane
Okay, be honest, whenever you hear anyone say the number 'sixty four' you still sing the theme tune for this show! This was another show which I loved watching just before bedtime, but I was always jealous of the fact that Lucy lived next door to a zoo! Life goals or what? The show dealt with a variety of issues such as caring for others, friendship, and emotional issues but a good tale always came out of it in the end. Great, now I definitely have the intro song for this stuck in my head...

These lovable, hippo like creatures were surely a part of most people's childhood. The question is though, who was your favourite Fimble? I was always torn between Fimbo and Baby Pom! I did always wish that I lived in Fimble Valley though as it seemed so magical and full of happiness! Like many old fictional characters, these guys probably look nothing less than creepy, but I can assure you they were the most cuddly, happy things to watch!

Lazy Town
If you're a girl and didn't just want to be Stephanie, I will assume you are lying haha! This was another one of my favourites and Stephanie, to me was just goals. She had pink hair, could sing, dance and do the splits, what's not to be jealous of?! Plus, she had the cutest relationship with Sportacus (who was just too fit and sporty for his own good). It also always filled me with a great sense of happiness at the end of the episode when the characters slayed Robbie Rotten, who got on every nerve in my body. I wish I lived in Lazy Town and had a friendship like that between the characters there! Did you know the show was filmed in Iceland and starred actors who were from Iceland too?

The Koala Brothers
Frank and Buster always made my day, not only with their epic theme tune but with their sweet relationship and desire to help others. There were no villains or troublemakers in this show, just a bunch of friends who often ended up in predicaments and wanted to help one another out. Each character was so lovable and the show was one I refused to miss! Still wanting a ride in their aeroplane though!

So that was just 20 of the TV shows I used to watch as a small child. although I know I was obsessed with so many more! Keep an eye out for the second instalment!

I would love to know what were your favourite TV shows as a kid?
Also, if you have younger siblings, what TV shows do they watch now? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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