Celebrities You Need To Add On Snapchat

Like with most things, I was very late when it came to jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon but I eventually gave in and decided to give it a go and find out what all the fuss is about. It isn't half bad, I will admit, I mean, I could go a week without posting on it, but I can see the hype, for sure.
Despite being in love with the filters and waking up each day wondering whether I will be able to turn myself into a screaming rabbit or change the shape of my head to look like a piece of toast, I am rather obsessed with watching other people's Snapchats, probably because they have much more eventful lives than I do and their Snapchat game is much more on point.

I thought I would recommend some of my favourite celebrity Snappers to you. This post features all the famous faces who you need to be following on Snapchat. Some of them have such a strong Snapchat game, it's ridiculous.

Selena only recently joined Snapchat but it is clear that she has been loving it and I never want her to stop, perhaps that's just because I am obsessed with her anyway so if anyone gives me the chance to get a further glimpse into her life, I am going to take it. Selena posts snaps of her backstage, behind the scenes of events and messing around with her friends, so add her if you want to get all the goss on the things you don't see in the media!

Someone who I like to refer to as 'Snapchat Royalty.' Shay posts multiple snaps every day, in fact, she posts so often that you feel like you're practically living the life of Shay Mitchell yourself (if only, right?) Even when she's busy on a photoshoot, she's got someone snapping on her behalf. She loves a good filter, loves to update us on when she's eating pizza and takes us along on her crazy vacations with her. Shay never misses a Snapchat opportunity! She was one of the first people I added on Snapchat.

Everyone knows Miss Jenner practically runs Snapchat. I love seeing what she gets up to in her day-to-day life, whether that be photoshoots, filming, working on her make-up products or just hanging out with her friends, who pop up so often that I feel like I am friends with them myself! I particularly love Kylie's jam sessions in the car with her pals and going all heart eyes over her posey selfies! Plus, it's always great when she features her sisters in her snaps!


As a die-hard Gigi Hadid fan, I refused to not have her on Snapchat. She loves getting us involved in all the backstage action from fashion shows and killing us with her gorgeous selfies. She also frequently posts snaps with her fellow supermodels, especially Kendall Jenner and her sister, Bella, plus, I often see snaps of junk food popping up in her stories and find myself wondering how she can eat so much yet still have the most insane body. Gigi loves a good funny video too and is definitely the model you need on Snapchat.

Alexa has a fab sense of humour, which is definitely portrayed through her snaps. She will take you on fun nights out with her pals, backstage at photoshoots and also to fashionable events. Oh, and she loves a good funny filter too! Who doesn't love Alexa C?

If you're looking for one of the most down-to-Earth famous faces in existence, you've found him! Radio 1 DJ Mr. Grimshaw loves showing his Snapchat followers what his days at the 'office' are really like, I especially love it when he shows us the things which we have no idea are happening when we listen to him on the radio! Plus, he'll take you along to wild parties and share snaps of his dog, Pig.

Even if you wouldn't consider yourself a Fifth Harmony fan, I am sure you would love Ally's snaps. She makes me laugh so much though, so I would not recommend watching her stories alone in public! Her funny accents and playing around with filters are always hilarious, plus, she'll give you sneaky behind the scenes 5H action!

I love the fact that Demi isn't afraid to be an absolute nutter on Snapchat, but hey, isn't that what Snapchat is for? Although, it does annoy me how she can go from a filtered-up square-face to a filter-free goddess in a matter of seconds. She shall treat you with plenty of selfies, silly videos, cute snaps of her dog and general life-ness!

Keegan is a sweetheart and, if you didn't think that already, you will by the time you have watched his Snapchat stories! He loves to post snaps with his cat, Minin, but, if you aren't a cat person, you can still enjoy watching his daily life, behind the scenes of PLL videos and just his general adorable clips of him talking about whatever he wants to talk about. Plus, you may get to see some of the awesome photos he takes, as we know Keegan is an amazing photographer!

If, like me, you just can't get enough of Ashley Benson and stalking her on Instagram 24/7 isn't enough, you need to add her on Snapchat, even if you aren't already obsessed with her, add her and I know you will become obsessed. She snaps every single day and not only treats her followers to LOL worthy moments between her and her nearest and dearest, but she also posts behind the scenes clips from projects she is working on, plus, she is gorgeous so who wouldn't want to watch her?

I feel like everyone and their dog is obsessed with Ariana's Snapchats. She treats her fans to multiple snaps every day, showing how good to us she is. She'll give you behind the scenes footage from interviews, share cute clips of her dogs and tell you her embarrassing stories. She also wears some pretty cool onesies and will make your heart melt with her deep chats about how thankful she is for her fans. Ariana, for me, is one of the Queens of Snapchat!

I love watching Paris Hilton's Snapchat stories simply because they give me sneak peek into how the other half live and, for a good thirty seconds, make me feel like I am on that private jet or cruising on that yacht with her. Her stories highlight the insane opulence that surrounds her pretty much 24/7 and will certainly make you green with envy but may also inspire you to rethink your career choices. In a way, her Snapchat stories are a more modern version of MTV Cribs. So, if you're after fancy dressing room tours, endless photos of sickeningly large shoe collections, videos of insane views from five star hotels or mansion tours, you need Paris on Snapchat.

This beauty is someone whose Snaps (and Instagrams) I'm obsessed with! Her snaps are nothing totally out of the ordinary as she just loves to document her chill days, journeys to the gym and nights out to dinner with her mates, but you feel as though you are watching your best friend and she is sure to make you laugh.

This lovely Little Mix star may not be the most active Snapchatter but she is getting better, plus, when she does post, it will make your day. Perrie loves to document her jam sessions to the radio whenever she is in the car, cooking meals at home, playing with her dogs and is also a massive fan of ridiculous filters, although she will manages to look gorgeous with dog ears or purple eyes! Perrie also treats us to backstage snaps with her Little Mix girls, which is surely enough to make anyone want to add her on Snapchat.

Fleur East is a babe and I cannot get enough of her Snapchats! She posts so often her stories may as well be mini movies, but I am not complaining! She documents all of her trips, behind the scenes of every single interview and backstage of every show, plus, she treats us to selfies with her glorious hair on display! Fleur is a ray of sunshine!

Let me know who are your favourite celebrities on Snapchat! <3

My Snapchat: EmilyBashforth.

Love, Emily :) xx

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  1. I've recently only just got snapchat but actually love it! Definitely becoming obsessed, I'm just so easily entertained by it! Looking for more people to follow so I'm definitely going to give them a follow! :) http://coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.co.uk/