'Little Mix Are Too Sexy!'

The inspiration for this blog post comes from biting my tongue for the past few days after reading numerous articles, comments online and listening to TV personalities and people in my own lives criticising Little Mix’s current ‘Get Weird Tour.’ They haven’t been slating their vocals, chemistry on stage, choreography or production, which I guess is a bonus, but have been voicing their, rather uncalled for, opinions on Little Mix’s stage outfits.
Personally, I think it seems rather ridiculous for me to even be writing this article, but people, (note the word people as, although it has been predominantly adults, teens have got in on the action too) are claiming that the girls’ tour outfits this year are “too sexy.”
If you’re a devout Mixer, like myself, or are just a decent person, you're probably thinking the words “Little Mix” and “too sexy” just don’t function in a sentence together, and I would agree.

I first read the claim that Little Mix’s outfits are provocative on the Daily Mail website, one which I check every day, despite the fact that I only agree with about 10% of what they write. I saw an article explaining how “revealing” the girls' outfits are and then proceeded to read the comments (and we all know Daily Mail commenters do not hold back and are savager than savage) and saw people saying things such as “these girls perform at children’s parties yet wear things like that” and “too much skin on show” and other pathetic things which I have wiped from my memory.
Since then, I have seen several Tweets regarding their outfits and how they are “too skimpy,” because, apparently, if you weren't aware, wearing a leotard and a pair of boots on stage is just absolutely uncalled for. *rolls eyes* 
My Dad, who isn't someone I would say takes a great deal of interest in Little Mix, even said to me “Their show looks really rude! I've seen the photos.” And by photos, he means he saw one snap of Jesy in a chair singing ‘A.D.I.D.A.S’ in her leotard, making a sultry pose. ‘A.D.I.D.A.S’ is a promiscuous song anyway, so if Jesy can’t unleash her inner firey woman in those three minutes, when can she? Plus, I would like to point out that he hasn't seen any videos from the show, nor has he ever attended a Little Mix concert yet still feels he is able to comment on how their concerts are “really rude.” If he thinks this way about Little Mix, I would love to see his reaction to a Miley Cyrus concert.

It is, sadly, mainly adults who are calling Little Mix’s stage outfits “too revealing,” and all I would say to those making these stupid claims are A) please get with the times and realise people don’t perform in boiler suits B) you haven’t been to a Little Mix concert so I think it is very immature of you to judge what the whole show is like from a few photos and C) I think you need to grow up and stop bitching about successful women, just because you aren't in their position.

Although, I have seen teens my age attacking the girls on social media over their outfits, those who I have seen are girls themselves, which does baffle me, really, it does. Please don’t preach about feminism on International Womens' Day and then, a week later, slate a girl band because their outfits show too much skin. It really isn't cool. Plus, teens on Twitter, of all people, are people I would expect to be accepting of how times are changing. If you think Little Mix’s outfits are inappropriate, there really is no need to Tweet them to tell them that. Do you think they are going to throw away months’ worth of fittings, dress rehearsals and a whole rail of handmade costumes just because someone who isn't going to their shows and isn't a fan of their music doesn't like them?

Personally, I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with Little Mix’s stage outfits. In fact, I only envied them and their beauty when I woke up the day after the first GW Tour show and saw all the HQ photos online. I did not even think about how much skin they were showing until I came across articles, written by people who supposedly have degrees in journalism, slating them online. I, as I know many others thankfully do (as it reassures me that there are still some sane people left in the world) reckon Little Mix are owning that stage in those outfits and, therefore, have a few points to make against the “Little Mix are too sexy now” argument...
  1. The eldest member of Little Mix is 24 (which only makes me feel even sicker when I think about the age of the adults slagging them off) so I can assure you that they are more than ‘old enough’ to be showing skin on stage.
  2. The girls clearly feel confident wearing these outfits. You only need to look at the way they shake their booties and wiggle their hips during their dance routines to understand that they feel amazing, so why wouldn't you want people to feel good about themselves?
  3. The girls spend their lives being criticised for their bodies by the media, not just because they are celebrities, but simply because they are women, and they are showing how they do not give two hoots about the negative things anyone is saying.
  4. The girls work out and have amazing figures, why would they want to hide that? They are showing off what they are proud of – their best assets. You enhance your best assets every day, maybe without realising it, whether that is your lips with a bright lipstick or your waist with a belt, so why shouldn't Little Mix have the right to do that too?
  5. It gets very hot on stage. Whenever I attend a concert, I am dripping in sweat after dancing to two songs, and I'm just in the crowd, so I can’t even imagine the temperatures on stage, especially with bright lights burning over them constantly, plus, their hard-core dance routines contain some really energetic moves. To me, it makes perfect sense for the girls to want to wear as little clothing as possible so they don’t overheat.
  6. The girls are not the same girls as the ones who sung ‘Cannonball’ on The X Factor stage five years ago, as much as you would like to believe that they are. Despite the fact that they haven’t changed for the worse and are still the girls next door, Little Mix, like anyone, have grown up and their fashion sense has changed. Have you thought about the fact that maybe they don’t want to wear leggings and t-shirts on stage anymore? Their clothing will obviously mature as they mature as people.
  7. Following on from the feeling confident thing, the girls are happy and liberated in their outfits, which means they can put on a good show. Would you rather them wear something they hate just because it’s more suitable for everyone else, and then put on a miserable show?
  8. The majority of Little Mix fans are female, with the odd Dad/Uncle/Brother/Boy Mixer in the audience that is. I think they are setting an amazing example for their female fans, showing they don’t need to hide their bodies and should be proud of them, no matter what size they are or what people say about them. They are encouraging people to feel confident in their own skin. Plus, the fact that most of their fans are girls shows they aren't wearing “revealing” outfits to impress boys, they’re doing it for themselves, another important message.
  9. When Justin Bieber (who I love too) takes his t-shirt off on stage, everyone goes wild and praises him for getting his abs out, yet, when Little Mix walk on stage wearing a leotard or two piece set, everyone is suddenly outraged. “OMG THEY GOT THEIR THIGHS OUT WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?” Can we talk about the double standards please?
  10. If gymnasts can perform to small audiences in leotards, why can’t Little Mix perform to thousands of people (who, if they sit at the back, probably can’t even see them) wearing leotards?
  11. It’s acceptable to wear a bikini to the beach or the swimming pool yet not to wear a leotard on stage? Makes perfect sense.
  12. The show is called ‘Get Weird’ and there are numerous outfit changes throughout the show, all outfits are colourful and unique, only emphasising the weirdness and allowing the girls to express themselves.
  13. It is not even as if the girls wear “revealing” outfits for every song, and choose their choreography depending on the song. For example, ‘A.D.I.D.A.S’ is a sensual song so yes, they are going to perform more mature dance moves wearing more mature costumes, however, songs such as ‘Secret Love Song’ are slower and have deeper meanings, therefore, they will stand in one spot and sing them with passion, wearing more reserved outfits.
  14. Surely, as long as Little Mix’s outfits aren't preventing them from putting on the best possible show by hindering their vocals or obstructing their dance routines, I don’t really see why anyone should have a problem with it?
  15. I feel like people who judge Little Mix on their stage outfits need to A) think about what that says about them and B) simply have a Google to see what inspiring things Little Mix have done for the world and realise that they are admirable, strong women.
  16. Women are more than their bodies and, if that’s the only thing you are focusing on at their shows, then I feel sorry for you.
  17. Little Mix are weirdos. They post selfies with double chins, go out in their pyjamas and are always putting on silly accents. They set out into the music industry to be themselves, not to “be sexy.”
  18. Just as I was writing this. Leigh Anne posted an Instagram photo of her on stage, wearing her totally outrageous costume with the caption “on stage, living.” And that is exactly what these girls are doing. They’re enjoying the moment and grabbing every opportunity they get with both hands. They are very lucky to be in the position they are in and want to enjoy it without worrying about what people think.
  19. Speaking about worrying about what people think, I know Jesy in particular, has had to deal with extreme cyberbullying in the past so seeing her and the other girls on stage, feeling confident and dancing without a care in the world makes me so happy. Not only is this setting a good example for young fans, but it is amazing to see they have learnt to love themselves.
  20. Finally, if you really want to see a “sexy” show, there are plenty of other artists who you can buy tickets to go and see. I mean, at one point in the show, Little Mix’s dancers literally come out with rabbits on their heads for goodness’ sake.
So there you have it, my take on Little Mix’s stage costumes. In summary, I think they look fierce and they should not have to apologise for feeling good about themselves and knowing it. Little Mix are four beautiful girls who always put on an incredible show.
I am going to see Little Mix on Tuesday next week and, personally, I cannot wait to dance my socks of and scream at the top of my lungs whilst I watch them do what they love on stage, wearing their absolutely outrageous, skimpy, disgusting, revealing, inappropriate, sexy outfits. :)

Let me know your opinions! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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