Little Mix 'Get Weird' Tour // Liverpool

Recently, I attended Little Mix’s ‘Get Weird’ Tour 2016, an event which I have been looking forward to since before I even got my presale tickets. I was sat slap bang in the middle, twenty rows from the front and, let me tell you this; it was, single-handedly, the best night of my life.

I have seen Little Mix twice before. Once in 2012 at Key 103 Live, before ‘Wings’ was even released and they were just little cherry blossoms, and again at the ‘Salute’ Tour in 2014, which was unlike anything else I have ever seen. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement at getting my hands on ‘Get Weird’ Tour tickets. I felt as though my whole life had been leading up to this show, so much so I got less sleep the night before than I do on Christmas Eve.

Concentrating in College the morning before the show was a task and a half and, as soon as I arrived home at 2pm, I couldn't get ready fast enough. I did my hair, make-up, changed my outfit and, of course, ensured my bag was packed full of the essentials, including a fully charged iPhone, brand new memory card for my camera and money for merchandise, as well as my ‘Get Weird’ album to listen to in the car on the way there. I also spent too much time annoying my Twitter followers with fangirling Tweets, (as I have been doing for the past few months) about how much I couldn't wait for the show. Far too many people sent me lovely messages to wish me a fun time at the concert, and it really made me smile, so thank you!! :)

Listening to the 'Get Weird' album during the car journey there was both a good and a bad idea, good as it got me pumped (as if I needed any more pumping) for the night but bad because it only made me feel even more likely to spontaneously combust with excitement. All that was going through my head was “OH MY WORD I AM GOING TO HEAR THESE SONGS LIVE IN A MATTER OF HOURS!” As well as many other questions such as “How will I survive Perrie’s high note in ‘Lightning’?” “How will I make it through Leigh’s rap in ‘A.D.I.D.A.S’?” “How will my heart deal with Jesy’s long note in ‘Secret Love Song’?” and “How will I be able to handle Jade’s adlibs in ‘Black Magic’?”

When we eventually made it to the arena (and spotted the tour buses outside!) it still hadn’t sunk in where I was or what I was doing. I still couldn’t comprehend the fact that, within a matter of hours, my idols were going to be within a few rows of me and I would be able to see them with my own eyes, I probably thought this way as seeing Little Mix isn’t an everyday occurrence and, when you love a group of people so much yet are so used to only seeing them on a computer or phone screen, when you actually see them in the flesh, it doesn’t feel real.

We made a few friends on our way over to the arena. Does anyone else find it funny how you can instantly spot who is going to a concert, even when they're just walking down the street and not wearing any merchandise? Haha! The people we spoke to were all so kind and were just as excited as I was! One of the girls was a year older than me, one was six, and the other two were Mums, just showing the variety of people who attend Little Mix concerts and the wide range of people's lives they have touched. Aren't concert-goers just the friendliest people you could ever meet?

We were twenty rows from the front and had such an amazing view, I could almost touch them! (In my dreams lol). We were also some of the first to be seated so that meant plenty of time to take selfies and photos against the amazing 'ARE YOU READY TO GET WEIRD?' curtain without being stared at, although, to be honest, even if I was being stared at, I was taking absolutely no notice of anyone staring at me as I was just so besotted with the moment I was in, I didn't care.

The atmosphere in the arena, even before the support acts performed, was electric. There was such a buzz in the air and excitement was bouncing off the walls. You could really sense that so many people just felt so truly happy to be there. Music videos played on the screen throughout the process of getting everyone into their seats and, every so often, an advert for the girls' perfume, 'Gold Magic' popped up, causing the arena to erupt with screams and my heart to skip a few more beats.

The first support act was Jagmac, a group made up of siblings. One thing I love about concerts is that they allow me to discover new artists in the form of support acts, for example, 5SOS when they supported One Direction. I wasn't aware of Jagmac previously; however, I have since checked out their music and think they are amazing! I loved every song they sang at the Get Weird Tour, they knew how to get the audience dancing but also waving their flashlights in the air for slower songs too. They even performed some martial arts on stage, something which I didn't expect but loved! They are a super talented group and one which I reckon you should all go and listen to! <3

The next support act was Nathan Sykes, a name you may be familiar with. The former member of boyband 'The Wanted,' turned solo artist, performed his most well-known songs, as well as a cover of Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud' and the crowd went absolutely wild for him! I was super excited to see Nathan and think he (and Jagmac too) was a perfect choice of support act for the girls! I especially loved when he sang 'Over and Over Again,' which is my favourite song of his, which he also played on the piano. His vocals are so beautiful live and he was also just the sweetest guy when talking to the audience! If you weren't aware of Nathan before, I think he will certainly be worth checking out now!

After an interval which seemed to last a lifetime, it was time for the main event, the act everyone was waiting for, the girls I spend every day obsessing over and looking up to, Little Mix. Of course, Little Mix being Little Mix couldn't simply walk onto the stage and start singing now, could they? Oh no.

They entered in style, flying down from the ceiling on harnesses in a cloud of smoke with the tensest music in the background. When they were suspended in the air at a height which I definitely wouldn’t like to be suspended at, it was difficult to make out who was who, as all I could see was four shadows wiggling about up there, which only made my heart beat even faster, as they didn't half create some suspense!

When the angels finally landed in an explosion, the silk pyjamas they were wearing were ripped from them by their ever so talented dancers, to reveal the most majestic pink, red and silver outfits underneath. As soon as my eyes saw the girls, I burst into tears. I couldn't stop myself. I cried when I saw them twice before, but not like this. I had tears streaming down my cheeks and didn’t give two hoots about how much mascara was running down my face. I was shaking uncontrollably, my legs felt like they were about to fail me at any moment and I was sweating like a pig in a butchers' shop. I screamed so loud I'm certain Mixers all the way over in China could hear me and, I struggled immensely to remain upright. I sobbed so hard because I couldn't believe my idols were stood there, right in front of me. I am sure many of you have experienced this at concerts yourself. Nothing will ever compare to that feeling you get when you witness the people you adore walk out on the stage in front of you, the moment just doesn't feel real. My tears just would not stop. These were four girls who I save photos and videos of onto my camera roll every day, whose songs I listen to from the moment I wake to the moment I go to sleep at night and the girls whose videos I watch on YouTube when I am in need of a cheer up. I could not adore four ladies more and that moment when they arrived on stage is one I shall never forget. It was so special and, for those few minutes, it was as if time didn't even exist. No one else in the world existed apart from me and those princesses. I was in a trance and I wanted to stay in it forever.

The tears continued to fall when the girls proceeded to sing their first song, 'Grown,' one of my personal favourites (although, who am I kidding, every Little Mix song is my favourite!) and one which I think was the PERFECT song to open the show with. It is energetic, gets everyone dancing and has the most amazing dance routine!

Every song the girls performed sounded even better live than it does on the CD, and I didn’t think that would be possible. I am listening to 'Get Weird' as I write this blog post and I just cannot listen to it in the same way anymore after hearing it live!

It would be impossible for me to pick one stand out song or moment from the show as the whole thing, from beginning to end, was pure magic, however, I shall talk you each individual song!

After 'Grown,' the girls went into 'Hair,' which I knew was going to be one of the sassiest Little Mix songs ever when I first heard it and, live, it is even more sassy! The way the girls flip their hair and shake their bootayyys showed how fierce and strong they feel, without that guy who they want to get out of their hair!

Next was 'Change Your Life,' which is old but gold and one which I will never tire of hearing, especially as it has such a positive message. The way the crowd sang along to "You're untouchable when you realise, OHHH!" gave me so many Goosebumps and you could really feel that the whole arena felt, in that moment, they could achieve anything.

'A.D.I.D.A.S' was just something else. It was one of the songs I was most excited to hear as I was fully prepared to be popping and locking on that floor when Leigh Anne went into her rap, and boy did she not disappoint! Not only was the performance one of the hottest things I have ever seen, but the girls looked so confident and it was amazing to see them loving themselves and celebrating their bodies.

'Wings' came next and, even if you're sick of that song (which I don't see how you could be!) you will sing along to it live! The girls got the audience to start the song and it’s always one of my favourite feelings when I listen to the crowd screaming back the lyrics of someone I love. All the Goosebumps! Once again, 'Wings' has such an uplifting message and, when you hear it live, you just feel unstoppable!

After a costume change, we went into 'Lighting,' a song which I just knew was going to have the most amazing live production! The girls’ outfits, the set and the tour screens in particular created a really mysterious atmosphere, a rather drastic change from the purple sparkly backdrop and colourful leotards that we saw only a few moments ago. It felt like a totally different show - only showing how versatile Little Mix are! Their dancing and vocals to 'Lightning' made me feel like I had been struck by Lightning! Perrie's high note in particular, which everyone was waiting for, blew my mind.

Surely it was only right that the girls sang 'DNA' after 'Lightning,' right? They're like sisters! They began with an amazing ballet-style dance routine and then delivered the fiercest performance! 'DNA' will always hold a special place in my Mixer heart!

After instructing us to wave any sort of flash we had in the air, the girls sang 'Secret Love Song Part II.' 'Secret Love Song Part II' was one of the most stunning things I have ever heard. If you went to the 'Salute' Tour, then you'll know how special the girls' performance of 'Good Enough' was and, for me, SLS was the 'Good Enough' moment of this tour. There were no dancers or special effects, just the girls stood together in the centre of the stage, singing their hearts out. Their vocals were beyond faultless, plus, they did the most amazing note changes! I would do anything to hear them sing that again live! And yes, it made me cry.

One song which I loved live was 'OMG,' I mean, it is a JAM anyway, however, live, it gets the whole audience feeling sassy and the dancers performing in ridiculously oversized rabbit heads just made it complete. I didn't think that was what 'OMG' needed until it happened.

After 'OMG' came the most incredible cover section, featuring 'Jump on It,' Crazy in Love,' Where Are You Now?' and 'Ring the Alarm.' It got the whole audience in the party mood and I have never jumped so much in my life! I remember the girls performing 'Can't Hold Us' at the 'Salute' Tour and I went absolutely WILD, that is what this was like for this tour! I felt so alive in those few minutes and felt even more alive when the girls started booty shaking to 'Crazy in Love!' Little Mix and Beyoncé are the best combination. I was really looking forward to discovering what covers the girls would do on this tour, as they always choose the best ones, and they didn't let me down.

Leigh also performed a rap which hyped up the whole arena and, I've never been to a party but, if all parties were like Little Mix concerts, you wouldn't be able to keep me away from them.

After this, we barely had time to catch our breath before the girls went into 'Salute,' a song which always makes me feel empowered and I felt even more empowered when I saw the women who I feel inspired by on a daily basis, sing it right in front of me. It is the perfect girl power song and I loved seeing how strong the girls felt when they sang it!

After all that jumping and booty shaking, it was time to slow things down with 'Little Me,' which Jesy gave an emotional speech before performing about how the song was written for their Mixers and how it contains all the things they wish they could say to their younger selves. Like a lot of Little Mix songs, 'Little Me' has a very poignant message and I feel like people really take it in when they hear it live. It is a beautiful track and their vocals made it even more beautiful. Perrie also went for it with the high note at the end, totally bringing the house down and just proving why she deserves all the success she has. Her vocals are off the scale!

A costume change then occurred before 'Move,' a song which the girls switched the intro to up. They slowed things down, really showcasing their vocals, before going in with the hard-core dance routine and upbeat music. Jesy also left the audience to sing the first chorus and I love seeing the smiles on the girls' faces when their fans sing their lyrics!

The girls then smoothly transitioned into 'How Ya Doin'?' which is a song I could listen to every day and never get bored of. It is the perfect pop song! Another thing I will always be a massive fan of is their dance break during Miss Elliott’s rap. They don't hold back with their choreography! Yet, their vocals were still incredible straight away afterwards!

Halfway through HYD, they surprised us with a little cover of 'Hotline Bling,' something I would like played at my funeral, please! They nailed Drake's iconic dance moves and facial expressions and it is a song which nobody other than Drake should be able to pull off, yet they did it with ease. It only made the show even funkier! (Does anyone even use that word anymore?) Plus, the girls wore the coolest sparkly hoodies.

'I Won't' was the next song on the set list and I, personally, think it is such an underrated Little Mix song! I absolutely love the message behind it and it is clear that it means a lot to the girls as it was written in a very dark time for them. I felt such positive energy flowing through the air when they sang it, especially during the chorus. There was just something so special about hearing thousands of people screaming "I won't let anybody tell me no!" at the top of their voices.

The sparkly hoodies were then removed to reveal black ensembles for 'Love Me Like You.' LMLY is a beautiful single which really shows of the girls vocal abilities, plus, it has a simple dance routine which the whole arena joined in with!

Another quick change now and the girls returned wearing some crazy coloured outfits, so it was obvious what we were going to be treated to next, yes, 'Weird People!' I love having dance parties around my bedroom to this song so I went even crazier when I heard it live! Even if you hadn't let your hair down and danced like a weirdo for any other song during the concert so far, you could certainly do it to this song! A hilarious VT was also played beforehand where Jesy taught us some key 'Weird People' moves, so we all officially became Weird People when we did them!

Nothing could have prepared me for what came after 'Weird People.' The arena was blessed by the girls' performance of 'The End' a song which makes me emotional when I listen to it alone at home, so you can only imagine how I felt hearing it live, with thousands of other Mixers all waving their glowsticks in the air. It was the perfect song to show off just what the girls can do with their voices and, another thing I love about the song is, it gives each individual girl a solo chance to shine. It is something which I feel truly blessed to have heard and a moment I will always treasure. Plus, they sang it wearing the most beautifully designed, sequin covered outfits!

There was, sadly, only one song left after 'The End,' which was both a sad occasion, as I didn't want the night to end, but also a happy one as we all knew which one song hadn't been performed yet. Leigh Anne, in her speech before the song, claimed she knew we had all been waiting for this final song and she was right. The girls raised the roof with 'Black Magic,' closing their first Liverpool show in style. Confetti fell from the ceiling (which I totally picked up off the floor and kept afterwards) and the whole arena danced like crazy! It was certainly the best end to the best show.

I adore Little Mix as a group, however, I also adore each individual member equally and I loved being able to see each one of them having the time of their lives on stage that night.

Perrie's vocals were out of this world. Even after perfectly performing each hard-core dance routine, she still managed to deliver her high notes with ease. She also made the audience laugh by being her usual, silly self and smiled throughout the whole concert, and Perrie's smile is not one I want to see fade any time soon.

Jesy was so fierce on stage, as always! She seriously goes for it when it comes to the dance moves and her facial expressions give me all the life I could ever need. I love seeing her giving every song her all and you can tell she is so passionate about what she does. She also gave us some humorous moments and was always on hand to reassure the audience that the girls loved them and are so thankful for everything their Mixers do. She also looked so confident on stage and showed what a strong woman she is, something which I admire every day.

Jade was her usual ball of sunshine! She was so determined to make sure everyone had the best time and ensured everyone was dancing during the upbeat numbers, showing how much she cares about the fans being happy. Her vocals also did not disappoint, although let's be honest, when do they? She did, however, hurt her knee and I wanted to hug her so badly! Jade, if you're reading this, I hope you feel better now and you are such a trooper for continuing with the show! Not many people would do that.

Last but not least, we have Lee Lee. I am so glad that she got so many chances to shine during the concert, for example, her solo rap where she absolutely tore up the stage and showed what an amazing performer she was, plus her rap in 'A.D.I.D.A.S' and her beautiful note changes - the one in her 'Secret Love Song' solo was the death of me! She proved what a talented lady she is and I feel like she really has come into her own!

I would give anything to be able to go back to this night. The 'Get Weird' Tour was the highlight of my life and I am struggling to put into words how much it meant for me to be there. I feel so blessed to be able to say that I witnessed my idols doing what they love with so much strength and passion that night, as I know many would have loved to be in my position. I remember voting for the girls on The X Factor back in 2011 and to have attended their third tour was a very special experience for me. I wanted to burst with pride, especially when I heard how much their vocals have developed and saw how confident they were now in their own skin. Also, knowing that every single person in that arena was there to see those little muffins put on a show was really heart-warming.

For me, my Little Mix concerts have always happened during rather dark times for me, and the 'Get Weird' Tour was no exception. It came at a really, shall we say, 'not so good' time in my life, a time of unhappiness, and a time of being in a miserable place with not so nice thoughts, yet, none of that mattered for those couple of hours of being in the presence of the girls I could only dream of being like. At the start of the show, Jesy stated that the show was all about us and she wanted us to "let our hair down and forget all about our troubles" yet I didn’t even have to think about doing that. The moment those girls came onto that stage, I felt weightless and free and I sobbed throughout the whole concert because A) I was so in love with these girls and B) I was so in love with the feeling of being there. They took me to a very happy place outside of reality for a little while and no words can express how grateful I am for that. They made me feel a way which nobody else is able to and, to say I was on cloud nine at the 'Get Weird' Tour would be an understatement. I was on cloud nine thousand and nine and, when I left the arena to go home, I couldn't quite comprehend how amazing the night was, nor did I actually want to leave. I am unable to thank them for what they do for me on a daily basis and for what they did for me that night. I am proud to say they absolutely destroyed my mascara and pushed me to the point of feeling like I was about to collapse! They are my source of happiness.

I adore Little Mix with all my heart and am a firm believer that everyone should attend one of their concerts at some point in their lives. Even if you aren't a Mixer, just get tickets and go to a concert. If you are a fan of good music which will either make you dance your socks off or make you cry as it has a deep message, you'll love their shows. Their vocals live are second to none, better than on their albums in fact, and you are guaranteed to get Goosebumps. We also mus6t address how much work the girls put into their shows. Every one of them. This isn't just a girl band that just walk on stage in jeans and t-shirts, mime a few songs and then leave. This is a girl band who rehearse for months before, ensuring their vocals are tip top, spend hours recording the best tour screens and videos and designing sets and arranging songs in different ways to make the show the best it can be, so everyone leaves feeling like they had the best time. They chat to their audience constantly throughout the show, so, although you have paid to see these girls, you feel like you're on their level and you're just at a gig with your mates. They are truly dedicated to ensuring their fans are happy and, if you look up the word 'show' in the dictionary, you will simple see a photo of these four girls, as they know what one is, for sure.

I am not entirely sure that Little Mix themselves have any idea how insane their concerts actually are. Being in the middle of all of it, I witnessed people of all ages and genders, screaming their heads of, singing at the top of their voices and dancing like crazy to their songs and these are all people who have never met and come from all types of different backgrounds yet chose to congregate over their love for the girls, and I think it’s beautiful. I left that concert with a new outlook on life and feeling like a new person. Yes I was tired because it was very late, but I had also never felt more alive or awake.

I shall now leave you with the things that you have probably been waiting for, the photos! I am very happy with how they came out and would also be more than happy for you to repost them and save them if you so wish, just as long as you give me credit, please. Thanks! :) ENJOY....oh and there are rather a lot, don't say I didn't warn you...

Thank you very much for reading my rather soppy blog post, I hope you take something from it!

I doubt any of the girls from Little Mix are reading this, however, if you are, I would very much like you to know that I would give anything to spend even a minute with you, to meet you, cuddle you and say thank you in person for all that you have done for me. I shall be eternally grateful for the 'Get Weird' Tour and simply for the existence of you beautiful people. I adore you. 
Now, I'm off to wear my tour merch with pride!

Love, Emily :) xx

PS: let me know if you've been / are going to see the girls this year! If you haven't been yet, I hope you have the most amazing time; you deserve it more than anything. <3

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