Problems Only People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

I have worn glasses since around the age of eight and, over the past eight years, I have discovered that, although wearing glasses is a necessity for me and I am very thankful that they were invented, their blessing doesn't come without its problems, like most things in life, to be honest.
Without my glasses, you could place a dog on my lap and ask me what animal it was and I would still probably answer with "an octopus," which is my way of saying that I am blind as a bat without them.

There are many problems I am sure glasses wearers encounter so, to all my fellow spectacle wearing siblings, this post is for you. I have devised a list containing the problems I, personally, have come across during my lifetime.

1) When it rains, you may as well just not be wearing any glasses as they get so soaked that you can't see anything anyway. Umbrellas and coats don't even make a difference.

2) When drinking a hot drink, you have to wait until it is at least half the temperature, otherwise, your specs steam up like nobody's business.

3) It's impossible to look at yourself in the mirror without your glasses on to try and imagine how amazing you would look without them, because you only end up staring at a blur. Unless you're wearing contact lenses of course.

4) Make-up wearers find it impossible to wear false eyelashes or apply a decent amount of mascara because your lashes only end up sticking to your lenses.

5) You also don't even bother to attempt applying eyeliner because you can't see to draw it so it would only end up all over your face.

6) Applying any form of make-up is just a task in itself, to be honest. You have to stand really close to the mirror and it never looks half as good as what you thought it did when you put your glasses back on anyway.

7) You simply have to suffer in any type of sunny weather as you can't wear sunglasses.

8) Being on pins every time you play any form of sport that involves a ball as you're terrified its going to smash your glasses. I used to play Netball and I can safely say that I had a heart attack any time the ball was within five miles of my face.

9) Its impossible for you to look pretty when you cry, as your tears just go onto your glasses. rather than down your cheeks.

10) Daily, you have to deal with the struggle of everyone asking you "can I try your glasses on?" You can't see with my glasses and I can't see without them, so why waste both of our time? It really isn't going to improve your vision.

11) Thank God it's dark in the cinema because wearing the 3D glasses over the top of your ordinary glasses just makes you feel like the biggest idiot.

12) You have to clean your glasses more often than its probably normal too, which also means you have to keep a tiny piece of cloth on you at all times.

13) Speaking of cleaning your glasses, whenever you don't have a piece of cloth, you have to make do with your clothes and, when wearing anything made from wool, you just know it isn't going to end well. Can I ask that guy in that silk shirt to wipe them for me? 

15) Showering is impossible. Literally, impossible.

16) When buying new glasses, you have to hold the mirror really close to your face to try and see what any possible new frames look like but, in the end, you give up and just opt for any random pair and hope they look as nice as your Mum says they do.

17) Buying new glasses is also very stressful as those frames will literally define you as a person until you buy your next pair.

18) Always trying to avoid taking your glasses off in front of people to prevent them from making comments such as "OMG you look so strange without your glasses!" Like, I literally took my glasses off not my entire face.

19) Likewise, you have to cope with the "WOW you look so pretty without your glasses!" comments and yes people really do mean that as a compliment.

20) Somehow, your glasses always manage to have fingerprints on them, even when you haven't touched them.

21) Lying down whilst wearing your glasses is too difficult as they push halfway off your face, plus, you get scared that you will break them.

22) Having to deal with people automatically assuming you're some sort of scientist who knows everything about everything ever, simply because you wear glasses.

23) When you put your glasses down but then can't remember where you've put them so spend hours feeling around the place, searching for them like poor Velma from Scooby Doo.

But hey, at the end of the day, glasses are fab. Embrace them. :)

Let me know if you face the same struggles as me and what other problems your glasses cause you! <3

Love, Emily :) xx


  1. Glasses are great! <3 (Thought I'm a traitor and I wear contact lenses when I go to the cinema...)

    1. They are great! I wouldn't be able to see my hand in front of my face without them haha! They do have their annoying problems though. Thank you very much for reading. :) xx