A Rather Fabulous Few Days

In October last year, I finally had the pleasure of meeting one of my online friends, Lydia, (read the blog post on it HERE) and, after our first get-together, I could not wait to start planning our next meeting, so that is exactly what we did.

Lydia and I arranged to see each other again during our Easter break. She came to stay at my house from Tuesday until Friday and I was beyond excited to see her lovely face again and it still didn't feel real that she was actually at my house, even when she graced me with her presence when my Mum opened the door!
Despite feeling like a toddler on Christmas Eve the night before Lydia arrived, I felt super nervous, with questions floating around my head such as "Will she still like me?" "What if she doesn't like my house?" and just generally "WHAT IF IT ALL GOES WRONG?" Thankfully, nothing went wrong and we had the most amazing few days together.

Our time together, I would say, consisted mainly of the following things: Selfies, fangirling, Little Mix and food. Now, does that sound like the perfect four days or what?
Our first day was a relaxing one, as we both just wanted to catch up and so spent a lot of time chatting and, of course, watching videos of our favourite bands on YouTube. We also had far too much fun playing around with Snapchat filters!

Wednesday was a busy shopping day. We woke up early and headed into town on the train. Once there, we browsed every shop, spent more than enough money on make-up...well, I say we but I think one of us spent more than the other *cough cough Lydia.* No, in all seriousness, do not leave her alone for more than three minutes in a store as you will turn round and she will say the words "I couldn't choose which I wanted to I just got them all! I had to get a basket!" We ate pizza for lunch, (which automatically makes it the best day ever) and took a hell of a lot of selfies during out Big Wheel ride because A) The lighting was incredible and B) Did you really go on a Big Wheel if you didn't take selfies?

We also totally took advantage of Urban Outfitters, abusing their photobooth (not literally) as that was the only reason we even thought to go in there. Although, we did struggle to find it and ended up asking somebody for help, only to find we were already stood directly outside of it. *Facepalm.*

It was a sunny day too and we were so sleepy afterwards, however, I did find time to teach Lydia how to play Scrabble, my favourite board game until the day I die, and, although I won (excuse my modesty) she still did a great job!

Thursday was cinema day and we chose to take our lunch into the cinema to eat whilst the movie was on. I think it's safe to say we are probably the only people in the world to have eaten grapes and an apple in the cinema! Thursday too treated us with glorious weather and so we chose to be all 'friendship goals' by wearing our matching Little Mix tour t-shirts! We ended the day by unleashing our inner seven year olds when we watched some of our favourite childhood TV shows (and yes we sang along) and had a good old marathon of 2008 TV show 'Britannia High.' If you watched that show, we are officially best friends.

Friday was Lydia's final day but we still had plenty of time to chill out together before she left! During the evening, Lydia's Dad made the long journey down to my house to pick her up, but not before treating us all to dinner, which was far too kind.
Friday night was the time when we all said our goodbyes, hugged, and when I gave Lydia her birthday present to take home with her.

I had such a lovely few days with Lydia and am already looking forward to seeing her again! We are extremely similar and so it was great to spend time with someone who really gets me and someone who I can actually have proper conversations with about the things I am interested in. I have never had a friend who I can fully Fangirl with or talk about my favourite celebrities so comfortably with. If you have an Internet best friend who you are dying to meet, I would more than recommend it as I feel Lydia and I are really close now and have a very strong connection, she has simply become one of my best friends, not just an online friend.
Thank you to Lydia for choosing to take four days out of your life to spend some time with me! We had a lot a lot a lot of laughs and it made me very happy to feel like I could completely be myself around somebody and talk about whatever I wanted to talk about.

Be sure to let me know what you have been up to during your Spring Break! I would love to know if you have an Internet friend, or if you have even met them! Like I said, Lydia is now one of my closest friends and it is simply down to social media!
And, to Lydia, I really hope you enjoyed your stay with us and we haven't put you off coming back haha! I love you lots. *Insert virtual hugs here.*

Love, Emily :) xx

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