Danielle Peazer 'Peace, Love & Happiness' Products Review

Dancer turned blogger and vlogger Danielle Peazer announced in February that she had been secretly working on creating her own range of fragrances and eyeshadow palettes for the past year and I knew as soon as I heard the announcement that I. NEEDED. TO. BUY. THEM.
I have been a loyal Danielle fan (or 'Peacer' as her supporters are more commonly known - which is just the most adorable name ever) since 2011, when she was just a wee cherry blossom with curly hair who danced on The X Factor every weekend, and so to see her evolve into the successful businesswoman that she now is, with her own range of products for anyone to buy has been really heart-warming. I mean, its one thing to be having your make-up done backstage by a professional and think "Wow I really like these shadows he's using on my eyes" but its another thing entirely to be able to create and name your own shades and then use them on your own eyes before a big event, right Danielle?
Never in a million years did I think I could one day go into an actual shop and hold a product in my hands which was produced solely by her and had her name on it, although I had always dreamed of it, therefore, when I did go into The Fragrance Shop to purchase Danielle's products, I struggled to contain my excitement and pride.

My Fragrance Shop had their own little stand, especially for Danielle's products, with testers on top and her beautiful face plastered on the side. I even stood back from the shop at one point and just watched on as people wandered over to it. I saw such a variety of people walk over to Danielle's stand, showing a genuine interest in her products. I saw mothers and even grandmothers, not just teens, swatch the eyeshadows and smell the fragrances. I had one of those moments of pure pride because this lady has managed to create beauty products which can be used by anyone of any age and such a wide range of people are actually interested in using them, just showing how successful she is. I mean, I see it all the time online, thousands of people like Danielle's Instgram photos and comment on her YouTube videos but it really puts it into perspective when you see someone in real life taking an interest in her work, someone who doesn't even know who she is. They don't follow her on Twitter or read her blog, they just saw her products and thought they were worth the money, proving that this range isn't just Danielle Peazer merchandise for her fans, it is an established range of good quality products which could easily compete with the top brands.

Another moment which made my brain scream "OMG" was when the lady who served me in store said "I think I've heard of her before. Isn't she a dancer?" which led me to respond with "Yes! Now she's a blogger too!" trying to keep my cool whilst dying inside at the fact that another human knew who my favourite person was.
I was able to get my hands on Danielle's products the weekend they were officially released into stores and, as soon as I got them home, I just wanted to shove every eyeshadow onto my eyes and bathe in the perfumes. I totally splurged but it was totally worth it as I now use the products every day without fail and don't even hesitate to reach for them over most other eyeshadow palettes and perfumes that I own. My Granny also picked up some perfume too which proves A) Danielle's range really is very successful and B) My Granny is awesome.

So, let's get onto the reviews of the products, as I know that's what you all want to hear about and see! First, we shall talk all things eyeshadows....

Each eyeshadow palette contains a variety of matte and shimmery shades, ranging from dark to light. It isn't possible to put into words how pigmented and high quality each shadow is, however, despite being pigmented, the colours are still buildable, allowing you to easily tap off any excess and apply a little amount of shadow at a time until you have the intensity that you want, meaning you can create both some really natural or vibrant looks.
Additionally, each palette contains a primer to use prior to adding the other shadows, which evens out the skin and helps to make the colours last all day. I love this feature of the palettes as, firstly, the primer does actually work and isn't just there for the sake of it and, secondly, it saves you money as you aren't having to fork out for a separate eyeshadow primer, and not many eyeshadow palettes think of this.

Peace Palette

This is probably my most used palette and, as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the first one I wanted to pick up, as the shades are very 'me.' I love wearing neutral colours on my eyes, simply because I feel they open up my eyes more and just suit me better, plus I find them a lot easier for day-to-day wear, and so I am sure that this palette already feels well loved.
You can create some natural looks with this palette yet can also create some brown smoky eyes too.
My most used shade in this palette is certainly 'Nude' and I know it will be the first one I need to repurchase. It is the perfect nude eyeshadow, which I am very happy to have finally found. I use this most days and it's super simple to just brush all over your lids for a natural look, therefore, it's great for College! I also love using the brown shades, such as 'Wooden' and 'Golden Syrup' in this palette along with 'Nude' as I drag them underneath my eyes for more definition and a slightly more heavier look.
Oh and, as you can probably tell from the photos, my 'Deep Trust' shadow has a dent in from where I accidentally dug my nail into it - whoops, typical me!
If you're perhaps just starting out with make-up or haven't really experimented with your eyeshadow before but are looking to start creating smoky eyes, I would definitely say this is the palette for you.

Love Palette

This palette contains the darkest shades out of all the palettes in the range and really captures that darker, more mysterious, side of love perfectly. It's great to either create a really dark eyeshadow look, which would be perfect for the evening time, or you can use the brighter shades, such as 'Denim' to add a pop of colour.
My most used shades from this palette are 'Denim,' a shade which I was sceptical about at first as I wasn't sure how I would be able to incorporate it into my everyday looks, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use! I also love 'Purity' as I use it as an inner corner highlight and get a lot of wear out of 'Silver Lining,' which adds extra sparkle.
This is the perfect party palette, I would say. Its great for a night out if you're looking to create sultry, smoky eyes with a hint of sparkle. It has every shade you could possibly need for a look that oozes passion and makes you look like you mean business. If that wasn't enough, it even contains the perfect matte black shadow, which I feel everyone needs in their lives.

Happiness Palette

This palette is the reason why I waited to upload this blog post as it was a very kind gift from my friend Lydia, who I saw in March (read the blog post on her stay HERE) and I will be eternally grateful for her generosity!
This really is happiness in eyeshadow palette form. If you threw smiles, sunshine, rainbows, cupcakes and unicorns into a cauldron, this is probably what the end product would look like. It contains some of the most beautiful pink, purple and champagne toned shades, which I reckon are perfect for the Spring and Summer months, as well as Autumn as there are a couple of gorgeous rusty and plum colours in there too!
This palette is great for anyone who loves a bright look and really likes experimenting with their make-up, or just, generally, anyone who wants to portray their happiness through their make-up. Plus, if you're perhaps not feeling too great, a little under the weather, I reckon going out with a bright eye look created from this palette, will make you feel a hundred times better as you will simply radiate joy.
The shades I reach for most often in this palette are 'Blushing Pink,' which looks rather scary at a glance but is totally buildable and makes your look just that little bit more fun, 'Copper,' because I am obsessed with copper shadows and find them really easy to work into my everyday looks, and 'Darker Nude,' which I would recommend if you're looking for a nude which isn't as light as the one in the Peace palette but is still compatible with most lipstick combinations.

Another great feature of the eyeshadow palettes is the fact that each shadow is magnetic. In no time at all, you can remove each pan from the palette and rearrange them into any formation that you like, yet the shades are still written underneath so don't worry, you won't start blending 'Calming' onto your lid, thinking its 'Lifted.'

This is a good feature if you have more than one of the palettes as you can practically create your own palettes! For example, you can put all of the shimmery shades into one palette, all of the mattes in another, all of the dark shades or all of the light shades, the possibilities are endless! Or, you can just shove all of your most loved colours into one palette, which is super handy when travelling!

I choose to use these eyedshadow palettes over my more expensive ones, for example, my Urban Decay Naked Palettes, most of the time as I find the colours so usable and have a lot of fun experimenting with different combinations, mixing and matching from each palette. You would not believe that these palettes cost less than £15 each and, considering the fact that you get seven shades which are highly pigmented and long lasting, as well as a primer, I would say that is incredibly good value for money.
A final thing which I find very sweet about the eyeshadow palettes is how they have a really personal touch. Yes, they're cosmetics, but I feel as though a little piece of Danielle has been poured into each shadow. For instance, the colours were all chosen by her and she worked tirelessly, sending them backwards and forwards, until they were perfect. Additionally, the names were all chosen by her and its clear that they all mean something. Shades such as 'Ballet' represent her love for dancing, names like 'Denim' represent her interest in fashion, 'Silver Lining' represents her positive attitude, 'Chocolate' represents her love of food, 'Plum Sparkle,' (AKA the most adorable name ever) represents her fun personality. She has really captured the colours perfectly within the names. I mean, just look at 'Golden Syrup.' If golden syrup was an eyeshadow, it would look like that! Genius Danielle, genius!
Oh, and shoutout to her for including a huge mirror in every palette AND a blending brush! Yes, you heard my correctly, not one of those foam applicators which you always get given in eyeshadow palettes and which made you feel like an absolute boss when you were eleven years old, but an actual blending brush, which is double sided! The brush has a fluffy side as well as a denser end, which is great for underneath your eyes. Well done Danielle, this is a woman who knows what the people want!

Time to talk all things perfume! Now, I am not afraid to admit that I have the worst sense of smell. You could stick a burning match right underneath my nose and I probably wouldn't be able to smell it. Plus, everything that I can smell practically smells the same to me, meaning that, whenever I buy perfumes, I tend to just go for the ones in the prettiest bottles or with cool names, either that or I just opt for one that a really famous person wears so I can try and be cool. I did, however, pick up Danielle's 'Happiness' perfume and, okay I'll admit it, I chose this one because I liked the name and pink is my favourite colour, nevertheless, from what I can smell of it, it smells divine! It has a slightly sweet smell and it is definitely happiness in a bottle. It isn't too heavy, making it perfect for the day time and especially for the warmer months. Plus, the smell lingers all day and is bound to get you some compliments! Plus, the perfumes have the most satisfying magnetic lid and gorgeous packaging.

My Granny also picked up the 'Peace' fragrance and here is what she had to say about it:
Its my favourite daytime perfume at the moment. Every time I go out, even to Tesco, I spray it on me! People compliment me on my perfume and ask "What perfume have you got on?" or say "Ooh I like your perfume, what is it?" I also like the magnetic top of the perfume bottle. Honestly, I've got to say that I do genuinely love the perfume and use it daily!
Rollerball Set

Finally, I just had to get my hands on the rollerball perfume set. I would suggest trying these out if you aren't sure which perfume you want to buy, particularly if ordering online, so want to try each one first before you make a decision. They are also amazing to just throw into your bag in the day. They're small so don't take up much space but are extremely handy to have just to freshen up!

So, that wraps up #PeaceLoveHappinessDCP review! I would just like to end by saying the biggest congratulations to Danielle on her beyond amazing range. I could not love the products more if I tried and you really deserve every success that you have had and are sure to have in the future. I cannot wait to see what other projects you work on and myself and thousands of others are very proud of you!

You can purchase Danielle's products instore or online HERE! Happy shopping!

Be sure to let me know what you have from Danielle's range or what you would like to try! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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