My Top 10 Spring Lip Products

I am such a lipstick person and so get very excited whenever the seasons change and I have the chance to add to my lipstick collection and bring certain products out of hibernation! Spring is now here and that means its time to push the deep berry shades to the back of your lippy draw and bring the peach, pink and coral shades back out!
I thought I would talk you through my current favourite lip products for Spring this year, some of which are recent purchases of mine that I have already fallen in love with! I have included a variety of products, not just conventional lipsticks, such as lip crayons, balms and glosses, and have also included products which leave a variety of finishes, for example, matte products and frosted finishes.
Plus, the following list is made up, predominantly, of Drugstore/Highstreet products, which are both great quality and affordable, but there are a couple of more pricey items in there too!

Be sure to let me know which products you are wearing on your lips this Spring!

Tanya Burr Lipgloss // 'Daydream'

If you prefer lipglosses to lipsticks and are after a good quality yet affordable one, then I would always recommend the Tanya Burr ones, 'Daydream' in particular is a good one for Spring, especially if you're looking for a nude shade to wear with any eye make-up look. I would suggest checking out the rest of the range too as she has created some vibrant colours which will be perfect for the warmer months. The glosses are not sticky and feel really smooth on the lips.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Max Lipstick // 'Silencio'

These products are still rather new and this was a recent purchase of mine, however, I have already decided it is one of my favourite lip products! I shall definitely be repurchasing it and want to try more shades. This isn't like your typical lipstick, firstly, as the product is actually situated in the lid and the applicator is like a sponge, making it a really easy to use lip pen. Despite being matte, it feels like velvet on the lips and does not feel dry whatsoever. It claims to last for eight hours and I would certainly vouch for that! It doesn't smudge and can be used to either create an ombre lip or you can build up the colour for a vibrant look.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm // 'Mischievous' 

Orange shades are perfect for Spring and I would recommend this one from Revlon. Their Colorburst range is great if you're looking for products to create a bright, matte lip, and, if you're a fan of lip crayons like I am, then you will love these ones. The product is fool-proof, it's easy to apply, long lasting and popping, yet can also be blotted down for a more subtle hint of colour. They will also last you quite a while too as the crayon itself contains a lot of product.

Ted Baker Red Lipgloss

If you love a red lip then don't worry as it is still more than acceptable to wear them in Spring - red lips are for life, not just for Christmas! However, it may be nice to wear a brighter red shade in the warmer months, as oppose to a darker, berry shade. This gloss from Ted Baker is very vibrant and would complement all skin tones. Once dry, it stays in place all day, even through eating and drinking I have found, and even longer than a lipstick. The applicator makes the product easy to apply as it gives you a neat finish, plus, allows you to build up the colour. I couldn't recommend this gloss enough! Especially as the finish isn't sticky yet feels soft without being matte and you even forget you are wearing anything on your lips!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss // '38'

I could quite easily just have Rimmel lipsticks in my lipstick collection, as I am the biggest fan of them! The shade '38' is a pink, peach shade which can be used to create a nude lip or can be built up for a more coral look. These lipsticks honestly just glide onto the lips like you wouldn't believe and, even when they begin to wear off, they still leave behind a nice tint. They are creamy, in no way drying and feel comfortable on the lips, allowing you to get on with you day without having to worry about what it looks like!

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick // 'Blush Fever'

If you're still wanting to wear berry shades on your lips in Spring, then I would suggest this shade from L'Oreal. Its a pinky-red colour yet isn't too bright. The L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks are some of my favourites and they definitely have something for everyone. The lipsticks feel so soft and, once again, can be build up for a bolder look. Also, they don't feel sticky and don't flake as they start wearing off. I love this shade and it is a perfect way to incorporate a pop of colour into your make-up look, if you aren't brave enough to go for a bright red lip!

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick // 'Androgyne'

I couldn't help but include another L'Oreal lipstick in this post as, not only are their colours to die for, but I have been wearing them a lot myself recently! This shade is perfect for those of you who love a really bright lip as this is the most vibrant pink I have ever come across! It is matte yet feels extremely smooth on the lips and leaves you with a natural pink stain once worn off. This lipstick can also be blotted down a lot so you can wear a more natural pink shade if you prefer. Definitely, 100%, would recommend any L'Oreal Paris lipsticks for any occasion!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick // 'Tantalizing Taupe'

If you prefer to wear nude lips, then this one is perfect. The Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks have a glossy texture, without being sticky and can be patted down to look more natural, especially this shade. 'Tantalizing Taupe' is the perfect natural lip colour and is very easy to wear with any make-up look and it is not a pain to reapply during the day, as it just glides on. 

MAC Lipstick // 'Angel' - Frost Finish

Here is another slightly more pricey option for you. If you're like me and wish you owned every MAC Lipstick in existence, then I would suggest adding this one to your collection for Spring! 'Angel' is a very popular shade, it's a pink yet isn't too 'in your face.' It's frost finish means it is smooth yet slightly sparkly on the lips, with a subtle shimmer, almost like a gloss but without the wet gel texture of an actual gloss. This shade is perfect for those days when you just want something simple on the lips that isn't too high maintenance yet still adds a nice colour.

Maybelline Dr. Resue Baby Lips // 'Pink Me Up'

Finally, we have a lip balm for those of you who perhaps prefer them to lipsticks or glosses or just for those days when you don't really fancy wearing anything heavy, yet still want a hint of colour on your lips. The shade 'Pink Me Up' is very pigmented for a lipbalm and leaves a nice, pink glow on your lips. Its low maintenance and can easily be reapplied when on the go. It is moisturising yet adds colour, so really it kills two birds with one stone. The Baby Lips Balms leave your lips healthier, softer and free of dry skin.

What are your current favourite lip products? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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