My Top Tips For Writing

I live to write. I have a huge passion for it and dream of pursueing it as my career in the future. I wonder if any of you want to be writers? A writer isn't just someone who writes stories, a writer is simply somebody who writes, anything.

Opinion pieces, articles, stories, reviews, scripts, poems, the list is endless. I would love to know what you guys enjoy writing, personally, I love writing journalism and, of course, blogs!
I wanted to share my top ten tips for writing with you in this post, which I have discovered throughout my short writing life.
These tips apply to writer writing any genre so I hope you find them helpful! I think they are useful things to remember if you are an aspiring writer!

  1. Read. Every writer is a reader first. It doesn't have to be books! You can pick up tips and tricks from any genre.
  2. Keep a journal. Always be sure to keep a notebook and a pen handy or, if you prefer, always be sure you have your phone with you to type in any notes. You never know where ideas for your writing may come from, sometimes inspiration can be found in the strangest of places and even the smallest of moments can trigger you to write. You don't want to forget your initial ideas!
  3. Always keep your eyes open. Like I say, you never know where inspiration may come from. Always be oberservent, no matter where you are or who your with. Keep both your eyes and ears open as it may only take hearing one line of someone's conversation or seeing one person walk past you in the street to give you everything you need to craft a masterpiece.
  4. Write. Whenever you get the urge to write, do it, write! There's no better feeling for a writer than having those moments when they feel so inspired that they have so many ideas flying around their head and their pen can't move fast enough across the paper or their ffingers can't type quicky enough on the keyboard.
  5. Have a writing space. Whether it's a desk in a study, a corner in your local library, a table in a cafe or simply your bed, create a space especially for writing.
  6. Draft. Don't be afraid to write drafts upon drafts upon drafts. It's okay for your piece not to be perfect the first time, or even the first ten times. Just keep working on it until you get it right.
  7. Allow your imagination to run wild. There are no rules to writing, nothing is off limits. Just get down whatever is in your head onto paper and you can tidy it up later.
  8. Steal style features from other writers. Honestly, all the best do it. If you like the way somebody has written something, ask yourself how they thought to do that and try to include similair features in your piece. Don't copy, but be inspired. Everyone picks things up from other people in every aspect of life, it is how we learn.
  9. Keep going. It can be very easy to start writing a piece and then feel as though it isn't going anywhere so you just shove it to the bottom of your pile. Don't do that. Keep writing and trying things until you come across something that fits, no matter how many times you have to scribble things out. You'll have that lightbulb moment eventualy. 
  10. Take breathers. Go for a walk, get a bite to eat, visit a friend. Take little breaks in between your writing and do things which will inspire you. Sometimes, locking yourself in a room for hours on end does no good and the writing becomes forced.
Let me know if you found this helpful!
Also, please pass on your top writers' tips for me! I'm always looking to pick up new ones! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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