Reasons To Stay Alive

I don't want to give this post an unnecessary, convoluted introduction, as I don't think it needs one as the title is so self explanatory. This post contains just one hundred reasons why you should stay alive, 'just' being the operative word as there are far more than that.
I hope you take something from this post and please feel free to come back to it at any point when you need to. Also, please seek help if struggling with mental health issues. I know that is far easier said than done, but admitting you need help is the bravest thing you can ever do. My Twitter and Instagram messages, blog post comments and email inbox are always open if you fancy a chat, okay?

So let's get started....

  1. There are people you haven't met yet, friends you haven't made.
  2. There are countries you haven't visited.
  3. There are foods you haven't even tried.
  4. There are parties you haven't been to.
  5. There are friend's and family member's birthdays which you haven't celebrated.
  6. There are concerts you haven't been to.
  7. There are songs yet to be released which you haven't heard.
  8. Things aren't going to get worse. You're feeling like you can't live any more and it can't get any lower than that. There is only upwards from here.
  9. You still are yet to meet your idols.
  10. There is new technology yet to be invented. How will you know what the iPhone 78 looks like if you aren't here to see it?
  11. If you leave us now, you will never know if robots do really exist in the future.
  12. Life may be discovered on other planets.
  13. There are rainbows and sunsets which you have not witnessed.
  14. There are thunderstorms which you have not heard.
  15. Nothing lasts forever, this pain you are feeling will not last. The pain will tell you it's going to last. Pain lies.
  16. You have friends and family members who would fall apart without you.
  17. There are beaches you have not walked upon and oceans which you have not heard the sound of.
  18. There are cures for terminal illnesses not yet discovered, and you could be the one to discover them.
  19. There are jokes which you have not yet told which will put a smile on someone else's face.
  20. You could walk outside tomorrow and save somebody's life. You could save someone from being hit by a bus.
  21. There are still so many more times when you are yet to cry with laughter and howl until your sides hurt.
  22. One day, you are going to wake up in bed, roll over and see the love of your life lying next to you.
  23. Likewise, one day, you are going to wake up to hear the sound of your baby's cries coming from the next room, your baby which you created and loves you very much.
  24. You still haven't been to the top of so many famous buildings! The views are amazing up there and you will be able to admire them without assessing the likelihood of dying if you were to fall.
  25. That shirt you bought last week and shoved to the back of your wardrobe because you're saving it for a special occasion? You won't get to wear it!
  26. There are so many things you have to learn, not just about life, but about yourself.
  27. Your friends still have so many crazy stories to tell you.
  28. You might win the lottery one day.
  29. That puppy you've always dreamed of owning? Your parents may tell you soon that you're allowed to get it.
  30. There are movies unreleased which you need to watch.
  31. You'll never get to enjoy that feeling of sleeping in a fresh bed sheets on a soft pillow.
  32. There's a chance you could win awards in the future, trophies, medals, certificates, but you won't be here to receive them.
  33. What about that road trip you've always wanted to go on?
  34. More Harry Potter books could come out and you won't know.
  35. Your favourite TV show that ended may decide to come back for another season.
  36. People really do care about you.
  37. There are amazing hugs and cuddles needed to be had.
  38. Have you had your first kiss yet?
  39. Your life has a purpose and it's your mission to discover it.
  40. There are snowball fights waiting for you, snow angels and snowmen you need to make.
  41. Have you ever built a tree house?
  42. If you have the ability to be this unhappy, it means you have the ability to be happy.
  43. The world would not be the same without you.
  44. You will be missed.
  45. The little things you do that you think go unnoticed would not get done. 
  46. Everyone wants you here, even that lady who you held the door open for this morning or that guy you smiled at on the street last week.
  47. You have bubble baths to enjoy after stressful days.
  48. Have you finished school? There are qualifications waiting for you to achieve!
  49. You will be able to look back at this dark time in your life in sixty years and feel proud of yourself for getting through it.
  50. There are relatives and friends who you haven't spoken to for years to get in touch with,
  51. Ever thought that you could have a long lost sibling? Cousin?
  52. You would not be given this life if you were not strong enough to live it.
  53. What about that wedding you have always dreamed of?
  54. Your future grandchildren need you.
  55. You haven't met all of your Internet friends.
  56. There are drunken nights with your friends which you are yet to experience.
  57. Your dream job is waiting for you.
  58. I don't even know you, yet I care about you.
  59. I don't even know you, yet I love you.
  60. There is someone on this Earth who is your soul mate.
  61. There are still going to be people who fall over in the street and you will be able to laugh at them.
  62. There are going to be times when you attempt to 'push' a door that says 'pull' and you're going to laugh.
  63. You are absolutely beautiful.
  64. There are books you haven't read.
  65. What if you favourite celebrity couple who split up decide to get back together?
  66. There are Starbucks drinks that you haven't tried.
  67. You still have to learn to drive or own your dream car.
  68. There are firework displays that you would be missing out on.
  69. Leaving us would hurt you and those around you.
  70. You won't be able to order pizza at silly o'clock in the morning.
  71. Likewise, you won't be able to raid the fridge at midnight for snacks.
  72. There are Tweets you have not sent.
  73. There are YouTube videos you haven't watched.
  74. There are Emojis which are yet to be created.
  75. One day, you are going to feel a great sense of joy, it could be in any situation, anywhere, and it will match this pain.
  76. There are dances you have let to learn.
  77. You still need to go on a massive spending spree and spend hundreds of pounds in one day.
  78. There are thousands of words you don't know the meanings of.
  79. There are amazing smoothie combinations yet to try.
  80. Those seeds you planted in your garden last week? You won't get to see them grow.
  81. You still need to find out your Grandma's secret recipe.
  82. This feeling of sadness, pain, depression, it operates within you, you do not operate within it.
  83. You existed before this feeling of pain inside of you, proving you were able to live without it once so you will be able to live without it again.
  84. You haven't learn to play that instrument you've always wanted to. What is it? Piano, the guitar, drums...?
  85. I thought you always wanted to go on a cruise?
  86. Have you ever skydived? I thought that was on your bucket list?
  87. Speaking of bucket lists, you have one to complete!
  88. You shall be missing out on that feeling of lying in bed in the morning with the window open and listening to the birds chirping outside.
  89. You will never get to experience the hilariously annoying things in life again, such as missing your bus by one minute or going to the fridge to eat that piece of cake you were saving, only to discover someone else got their first.
  90. Once you have lived, you have forever to be dead.
  91. There are so many beautiful cakes and cookies for you yet to bake.
  92. You are the only person who your best friend told their deepest secret to, so who will they confide in when you aren't here?
  93. There are bruises and scars on your body yet to fade.
  94. There both daydreams and nightmares which you have not had.
  95. Do you keep a diary? If you leave the world now, you won't get the chance to write in it tomorrow.
  96. Caterpillars become butterflies so why can't you change into a happy person?
  97. You won't get to smell your favourite smell again.
  98. There are handwritten letters which you have not yet received.
  99. Nobody knows what the future holds. Seriously, we have no idea, just give it a go!
  100. You've made it this far, so why not keep going?

I shall end this post with a quote from Matt Haig...

Life is waiting for you. You might be stuck here for a while, but the world isn’t going anywhere. Hang on in there if you can. Life is always worth it.

I love you and I think you are amazing.

Love, Emily :) xx 

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