A Spring Walk

My Granny and I recently went on a walk around a local park and I couldn't wait to take my camera with me and take a hell of a lot of photographs! That is exactly what I did and so wanted to share some of them with you!
The park we went to wasn't far away yet it was honestly so beautiful, so picturesque, peaceful. It was as if time stood still whilst we were in there and it would be very easy to lose track of time. We wandered around for a while, snapping away at the flowers, pretty woodland scenery and buildings before ending the day with a bite to eat.
I wish I was able to go on more walks like this and that there were parks like this one closer to where I live as I had such a wonderful day, especially as it was sunny, and already want to go back!
I really hope you enjoy the photos!

Let me know if you liked the photos! What have you all been up to recently? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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