Celebrities' First Instagram Posts

We've all done it, you're lying in bed, just browsing through social media and, before you know it, it's 4am and you've scrolled right to the bottom of at least 53 different celebrities' Instagram accounts. I have a habit of stalking my favourites online and always love going through their old Instagram photos to see how much they've changed or how many times they used the iconic old school filters back in 2011.
In this post, I am sharing with you the first Instagram posts of some of our favourite celebs to save you the hassle of having to go and scroll through thousands of posts to find them yourself and to also allow you to take a look at what they were like when they were new to the world of Insta.

Enjoy the gallery!

Whose was your favourite? What was your first Instagram post? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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