Features That Instagram Should Have

We all love Instagram, even those of you who don't want to admit it, I know it's the first thing you check when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you check before going to sleep at night. Since it was born, Insta has blessed us with a variety of features, adding more every time we update it, however, I can't help but think there are some missing...
Let me tell you the features which I reckon Instagram need to include in their next updates to make life a little easier for Insta addicts.

1) Editing our photos after posting them
We've all been there. We've posted a snap and it's just ever so slightly too dark for our theme or the saturation just isn't high enough to make our feed, so Instagram, why not allow us to make these subtle changes after posting, rather than making us delete our post and re upload it multiple times until it's just right?

2) Rotating photos videos
It's great that we can now post photos and videos, however, does it not frustrate you when some posts something in landscape and you're forced to view it in portrait because Instagram doesn't allow you to rotate it the way Twitter does?

3) Enlarging profile pictures
You know when your favourite celebrity's profile picture is an unseen snap and you just have to make do with the blurry version because you can't actually click on their display pic and make it bigger? That needs to change.

4) Seeing who has scrolled past your post
Ooh wouldn't this one be a good 'un? Who doesn't want to see who has viewed their selfie on their home feed yet chose to scroll past it rather than liking it?

5) Zooming in 
I reckon this one would actually benefit Mums more than most of us as we've all experienced the struggle of handing your Mum your phone to show her something on Instagram and she tries to zoom in only to find she can't, however, I'm sure it would come in useful for us too!

6) Disable the 'like' button
We've all experienced the heart attack moment of almost accidentally liking a photo from 56 weeks ago when stalking through someone's Instagram, some of us have been less fortunate and have actually clicked the like button, however, I reckon we should be able to turn the 'like' button off to reduce the risk of this happening.

7) Favourites and lists
We ought to be able to create lists, like on Twitter, of our favourite accounts and put them into groups so we can see their posts in one place, once again, like good old Twitter.

8) Uploading from a non-mobile device
Anyone else feel like they've been waiting for this feature since the day they were born? It would make life so much easier if we could upload Instagram posts from our computers!

9) Deleting multiple photos at once
Have you ever wanted to delete all of your photos to start your theme over again? Or just wanted to delete more than one post at a time? Instead of having to suffer the boring task of deleting snaps one by one, we should be able to select several and then just press delete!

10) Being able to 'like' comments
Ever seen someone comment something incredibly witty on someone's photo and just really wished you could 'like' it? If only we could do that!

11) Better spam filters
Let's be real, 90% of Instagram comments these days are spam, which is a real shame! Although many do get reported and removed, it would still be nice if we didn't have to scroll through so many spammy comments on celebrities' posts.

12) Saving photos without screenshotting
This is a must for me. Every time you want to save someone's Instagram photo directly to your camera-roll, you have to screenshot it. Why not just have a 'save' option like every other app?

What features do you wish Instagram had? <3

Love, Emily :) xx