One Direction Songs That Deserved More Recognition

It's no secret that One Direction have some pretty damn good songs, even if you feel like it ruins your reputation to admit it, I know you love jamming to their tunes in front of your mirror or sobbing to their ballads when you're feeling down, however, we all have our personal favourites.
I spend a lot of my time listening to 1D songs and thinking "UGH, I WISH THIS ONE GOT MORE RECOGNITION!" and so wanted to share with you the One Direction tracks that I don't think got quite the amount of appreciation that they deserve. I mean, pretty much every 1D song is underrated and none of their hits can ever truly be praised enough, however, there are a handful which I think could have easily been singles and were just so incredibly written yet no one seemed to take any notice of them so they just got forgotten about...

1) Something Great
This is one of my favourite 1D songs of all time, a bold statement to make, yes, but you only need to listen to it once to understand why. Plus, Louis' "You're all I want, so much it's hurting" solo at the end breaks my heart every time.

2) Why Don't We Go There
This one is amazing live and I reckon it could've easily been a single - what an absolute tune!

3) Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Once again, definitely single material, especially as all of the boys loved this one so much, Harry and Niall even claimed it as one of their favourites from their album 'Four.' I think it really shows another side to the boys' music, a more rocky one.

4) Happily
This is one of those songs which always puts you in a good mood. I remember hearing it live and it was one of the best songs of the night. It's really just amazing.

5) Better Than Words
I feel like this one sort of just got brushed under the rug, so to speak. Upon hearing it, I feel a lot of people just think of it as another cheesy pop song, yet they feel to realise how genius it is. The lyrics to 'Better Than Words' are actually made up of a load of other song titles! It is so clever!

6) Over Again
A track penned by none other than Ed Sheeran. I think 'Moments' and 'Little Things' (also tracks written for the boys by Ed) got a lot of recognition, yet people failed to see how utterly brilliant 'Over Again' is! The lyrics are perfect.

7) Walking In The Wind
My other favourite 1D song of all time and I honestly do not think anyone realises how stunning it is. I seriously urge you to just listen to the lyrics and really take them in, that's all I shall say. It's faultless.

8) Last First Kiss
During the 'Take Me Home' era, the boys always said how much they loved this track. It's got such a nice beat to it and it's one I can never tire of. By far one of their best songs.

9) Back For You
The 'Take Me Home' era was a such a pop era and I consider this to be one of the boys' most poppy songs. I am forever jamming out to it as it's the perfect song to have a dance around your kitchen to, which I don't think enough people do!

10) Stand Up
One of the boys' earliest songs from their debut album, 'Up All Night,' but it really is a pop classic. You simply cannot help but jump around when you hear it!

So, those are the top 10 1D songs which I, personally, think deserve to be appreciated way more than they were because they really are works of art!

Which One Direction songs do you think are underrated? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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