Problems Every Fangirl/Fanboy Can Relate To

Now, don't get me wrong, I love being a Fangirl. I would even go as far as to say that I spend a solid 90% of my life Fangirling and freaking out over things my favourite celebrities have either said, done, worn, etc, plus, I know that I am a dedicated fan of an excessive amount of people, however, as great as being part of a fandom may be, it doesn't come without it's problems.
Here are some issues which you'll surely be able to relate to if you're a Fangirl or a Fanboy. It's a hard life!

1) Having to try your hardest to remain cool when you your fave them on a poster or hear their songs in public so people don't think you're weird

2) When your fave announces a tour yet they're not playing in your city

3) But even if they were, you have no money to buy tickets anyway

4) When you run out of storage to save photos of your fave on your phone so have to delete photos of your family to make space for your babes

5) TIMEZONES - waking up in the morning to either A) drama in the fandom B) a new album C) a huge tour announcement or D) all of the above
fire surprised pizza delivery burning room

6) When new fans join the fandom and get a Twitter follow from your fave straight away

7) Likewise, your fave doesn't notice your deep, emotional Tweets yet always replies to spam

8) Although, sometimes, your fave doesn't even do follow sprees and you have to cope with them being really inactive on social media

8) Having to cope with the media spreading lies about your faves and getting annoyed by constant rumours because you know your babies better than anyone

9) Knowing you will always just be seen as 'a fan' to your idol

10) Feeling jealous of the people who can literally just run into your faves on the street yet you can't even find your own Mum in the supermarket
jealous green rage dave

11) Forever feeling tired because you need to stay up late to watch TV performances, awards shows and livestreams

12) Never being as stressed in your life as you are when you're trying to frantically buy concert tickets before they sell out

13) Missing out on practically everything because you have to go to school and can't spend every waking moment on social media
ScreamQueens sad crying emma roberts chanel oberlin

14) Comparing every girl/boy to your fave and never having any real crushes because your fave has set the bar too high

15) Coming to realise that your faves totally lied when they said they would "totally date a fan!"

16) Not being able to Fangirl with your friends because they don't like the same people as you
mindy kaling the mindy project sunday martini no one cares

17) When someone you know starts talking about how much they love your fave and you instantly start to hate them, yet when someone online talks about your fave, they're instantly your BFF

18) Failing every subject at school because you spend more time on the internet than you do revising

19) Trying to explain slang words such as 'Shipping' to your family

20) When you read so much fanfiction about your fave and are in so deep that you literally run out of fanfics to read

21) Physically not being able to find words to describe your emotions when you see new photos of them because you're just past that point now

22) The pain of your OTP not being together

23) When your fave gets a girlfriend/boyfriend and you have to act like you're happy for them when you're dying on the inside

24) Having to cope with your parents thinking your obsession with your faves is "just a phase"

25) Whenever anyone insults your fave, you actually feel like they just hit your own child or something

26) Losing internet connection during an important livestream 

27) Being annoyed at the fact that your favourite songs never got enough attention
not fair disney ugh parents little mermaid

28) Not being one of those talented members of the fandom who can draw cool pictures of your fave or cover their songs, etc.

29) Listening to people saying silly things to you such as "You only like them for their looks!"

30) The tiny things kill you, physically and emotionally, literally, even something small like your fave cutting their hair makes you scream

...but apart from all of that, being a Fangirl/Fanboy is pretty awesome, right? ;)

Let me know which problems you can relate to the most! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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