Something exciting has been happening over the past few days, well, I think it is exciting! As you know, I love writing and I am always on the hunt for opportunities which will allow me to do so and, therefore, I was extremely happy when I was given the chance to get my writing out there recently.
You may or not be aware of the website CelebMix. They publish celebrity news daily and it is a website which I, personally, love. I especially love the style in which they write as it is chatty, relatable, light-hearted yet still informative. When I knew it was possible to apply to become a writer for their website, I seized the opportunity instantly and sent my application off.
If you were wondering how the process works, in a nutshell, you email them explaining why you would like to write for them, which celebrities you would like to write about and what makes you suitable. You are then asked to produce a news piece about something current, if they like it after reviewing it, they publish it and welcome you to their team and then tell you everything you need to know about being a part of their website and you're free to write whenever you like!

I applied the day Little Mix began the Australian leg of their tour and so thought that would be the perfect thing to write about! I sent it off and heard back from them shortly afterwards. They told me that they really liked my article, were going to publish it and would like to have me as a writer for their site! How amazing is that? You can only imagine how excited I was!
So, I am now officially a contributing writer for CelebMix! My first couple of pieces are up on the site already and I have also created a profile over there so you can view all of my articles in one place and find all of my social links! Click HERE to view that.

I really hope you like my first articles! I am utterly over the moon and cannot wait to continue to write for them. It feels so surreal that things I have written have actually been published onto a real website! I keep going onto the site simply to take another look at my pieces on the homepage haha! This is such an exciting thing for me as I really want to write for a career and so this will not only look fancy on my CV but is also a great way for me to gain experience. Plus, it allows me to write about my favourite celebrities and news which I am interested in!
Thank you all very much for the support and love that you have shown upon hearing the news when I first broke it on Twitter! I was overwhelmed by the amount of messages I received. My heart well and truly melted at how excited and proud you said you were! I hope that you will like my pieces as much as I am going to love writing them!

Let me know your thoughts on the whole situation and also, if you fancy being a writer for CelebMix, simply click HERE to apply! I would love to have some of you on the writing team with me!

So, once again, thank you ever so much for your kindness, it means so much to me! <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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