Things That Make You Beautiful

Oh hey there lovely people! I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but you are a very beautiful human being, not just in appearance but simply in who you are, both inside and out. If you are not in fact aware of this, I would strongly recommend that you start to realise it, as it is no word of a lie.
I simply wanted to tell you just a few things which make you, yes that's right, you, beautiful. Enjoy, gorgeous humans....

  1. Your smile - it lights up a room.
  2. Your laugh - you may hate it, but we all think it's infectious.
  3. Your eyes - they sparkle like diamonds.
  4. Your hair - whether it's long and blows in the wind or short and spiky, I am jealous of it.
  5. Your arms - you may think they're too flabby, too toned, or too bony, but they're just right.
  6. Your legs - honestly, you're leg goals! Thigh gap or no thigh gap.
  7. Your eyebrows - they're always on fleek.
  8. Your nose - it's cute as a button!
  9. Your hands - they're perfect for anyone to hold.
  10. Your style - your fashion sense is out of this world! Every outfit that you wear is on point!
  11. Your generosity - you treat everyone with such kindness.
  12. Your sense of humour - it puts a smile on everyone's face.
  13. Your respectful nature - you're always polite and treat every situation appropriately.
  14. Your confidence - your confidence is so admirable, seriously.
  15. Your taste in music - it makes you unique!
  16. Your love for your friends and family - they always come first.
  17. Your accent - I could listen to it all day.
  18. Your belief in others - the way you encourage others is so uplifting.
  19. Your ability to make everyone feel good about themselves - the world needs more of that.
  20. Your ability to make mistakes and learn from them - we all get things wrong but that only helps us grow.
  21. Your height - no you aren't too short or too tall - you're lovely!
  22. Your glasses - specs rock!
  23. Your freckles - they are adorable! There are so many people who wish they had them!
  24. Your determination - you may encounter obstacles, but you never let them stop you in your tracks.
  25. Your loyalty - people know they can trust you and you will always be there.
  26. Your ability to share your problems - baring your soul to someone is a true act of beauty.
  27. Your singing voice - never stop singing like nobody is listening!
  28. Your crazy dance moves - they ROCK! We should totally have a dance party together some time!
  29. Your ambitious nature - you have dreams and are going to achieve them,
  30. Your manners - you know that 'please' and 'thank you' costs nothing.
  31. Your handwriting - whatever it looks like, I wish I wrote like you!
  32. Your ability to forgive - you don't hold grudges and you're able to move on.
  33. Your ability to take criticism on board - you don't let it hurt you, it betters you.
  34. Your ability to accept change - you realise that change is necessary sometimes.
  35. Your ability to accept everyone  - you realise we live in a diverse society and you love it.
  36. Your passion - you find something you love and you let it consume every inch of you. It's beautiful when you talk about the things you love.
  37. Your patriotism - you love your country and aren't ashamed to show it!
  38. Your ability to see everyone as your equal - you never see anyone as subservient.
  39. Your silly little comments - those things you say that you think are pathetic and pointless? They aren't!
  40. Your talents - you are so talented when it comes to so many things. You are amazing!
So, now do you see it? :)

Go and stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself all of these things that make you beautiful. <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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